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"Ravenol": reviews, characteristics, tips when choosing oil

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"Ravenol": reviews, characteristics, tips when choosing oil
"Ravenol": reviews, characteristics, tips when choosing oil

Efficient and trouble-free operation of a car engine largely depends on the right engine oil. One of the best lubricants that has collected the maximum number of consumer reviews is Ravenol brand products.

Ravenol engine oil

Types of oils

The manufacturer offers a wide range of motor oils, which include various additives and special substances. Several types of lubricants are produced under the Ravenol brand:

  • Gear oils. Used in automatic transmissions of cars.
  • Universal. Can be used in cars and trucks.
  • Special oils for drive and mechanical transmissions.
  • Improved. Designed for two-stroke and racing engines.
  • Oils for agricultural vehicles.


Experts in reviews of Ravenol engine oil note that it is created using innovative technologies. When developinglubricants, the characteristics of the vehicle, climatic conditions and permissible oxidation are taken into account. Hydrocracking technology is used in the production of oils.

ravenol reviews

Engine oil specifications

According to laboratory studies and reviews, "Ravenol" is considered one of the best lubricants. Additives and substances included in its composition ensure long-term and high-quality engine operation. Engine oil of this brand reduces fuel consumption and protects the main components and mechanisms of the car from premature wear.

Regular use of this lubricant allows you to start the engine at low temperatures. The features of Ravenol oil are minimal volatility, elimination of carbon deposits and soot from combustion chambers and a high level of environmental friendliness.

Gear oils

Semi-synthetic lubricant for diesel engines and hydraulic systems to provide long service life for vehicles. It has a stable and high level of viscosity, does not foam when the temperature rises and does not oxidize.

Ravenol engine oil reviews

Reviews from car owners

The brand "Ravenol", according to reviews, is one of the most popular among motorists. Since the performance of the car depends on a high-quality lubricant, you need to choose it responsibly and carefully, it is advisable not to save on the purchase. cheapmotor oils do not have the required characteristics and can cause increased engine wear.

Motorists in the reviews of "Ravenol" note the possibility of operating the car in any, even the most extreme conditions. To the maximum extent this applies to sports car models. Engine oil consumption is minimal, which indicates a high viscosity and economy of the product.

Proper maintenance and the use of quality engine oil will ensure long-term and reliable engine performance.

Ravenol 5W40

Synthetic low flow motor oil suitable for diesel and gasoline engines equipped with turbocharging or direct injection.

Oil "Ravenol 5W40", according to reviews, provides reliable protection of the power unit from rapid and premature wear.

Because the lubricant hardly evaporates, its consumption is minimal, which is noted by car owners as an immediate plus. In reviews of Ravenol 5W40, car owners indicate its detergent and dispersant properties, thanks to which the oil protects the engine from dirt and sludge, ensuring the cleanliness of the main parts and mechanisms and the ability to operate the car in a wide temperature range.

Lubricant suitable for driving on the highway and in the city with a long drain interval and a high level of protection of diesel particulate filters.

Ravenol 5w30 oil reviews

Oil "Ravenol 5W30"

Syntheticengine oil with excellent properties and technical characteristics. The German company Ravenol is engaged in production, introducing innovative technologies and its own developments.

Engine oil is produced using CleanSynto technology and has a Mid SAPS ash content. Thanks to this manufacturing method, the composition of the material includes a smaller amount of phosphorus, sulfur and sulfate ash in comparison with analogues. The composition and properties of the oil, judging by the reviews of the Ravenol 5W30 oil, minimize the formation of harmful deposits inside the engine, contributing to the cleanliness and normal operation of particulate filters installed on diesel engines.

The oil reduces the wear of the power unit, increases its service life and has a long drain interval. Thanks to its properties and additives, it contributes to fuel economy and eliminates deposits.

Motorists in the reviews of "Ravenol 5W30" note that the oil can reduce fuel consumption when used with engines corresponding to EURO 4 and EURO 5 classes.

ravenol 5w40 reviews

Scope of application

Ravenol engine oil is used in passenger cars equipped with diesel and gasoline engines. It can be used in direct fuel injection systems and turbocharged engines. Reduced ash content improves the performance of particulate filters and cleans them of contaminants.

Has approvals from automotive concerns BMW, Volkswagen, Fiat, Chrysler and Mercedes-Benz.

Handles the high demands of urban operation with regular start-stop cycles as described in Ravenol reviews.

Proper engine oil change

Experts advise to thoroughly warm up the engine before filling lubricants, then wait a few minutes until the oil cools to avoid burns.

Old oil is drained into a prepared container. The need to flush the engine is determined by the color of the drained fluid and the presence of foreign impurities in it: if it is light, then you can fill in new oil without flushing.

Using the dipstick to determine the oil level during filling.

Ravenol 5w40 oil reviews

Engine oil change frequency

The frequency of replacement of lubricants in most cases is indicated by the manufacturer, but there are also general recommendations. For engines of modern cars, it is recommended to change the oil every 10-15 thousand kilometers, but this is realistic under normal operation. The more severe the operating conditions, the more often the replacement is carried out.

Poor conditions mean low air humidity, temperature fluctuations, dusty environment, frequent engine overloads. The properties of the oil are quickly lost when the car is used in extreme conditions, which forces it to be reduced by 20-30%.

Special additives and additives for motor oils are not recommended, since all the necessary substances are included incomposition of Ravenol products. The effect of such compounds is short-lived, while they can cause significant damage to the engine and lubrication system.

Efficient and reliable operation of the car and engine depends on high-quality engine oil. The Ravenol trademark produces lubricants that ensure safe and long-term operation of the power unit, cleansing its mechanisms of soot and creating a strong protective oil film on the surface of friction-reducing parts.

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