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"Toyota Ipsum": owner reviews, specifications, description

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"Toyota Ipsum": owner reviews, specifications, description
"Toyota Ipsum": owner reviews, specifications, description

From the moment it was launched, Toyota Ipsum has had very good and effective buy ratings. However, at the time of 2019, the Japanese company decided to stop producing these cars. Therefore, after this news, many motorists decided to find out what kind of car it was. The material of this article will contain complete information about it: specifications, prices, equipment, as well as reviews of Toyota Ipsum.

Toyota Ipsum

Beginning of existence

The very first sale of Toyota Ipsum was in 1995. It was then that this neat compact van was introduced to the world and began to be in demand. And all because its body outlines were so smooth and streamlined that in those days it was an innovation. Of course, Toyota Ipsum is loved not only for design, but also for comfort. There was a lot of space in the cabin, various systems for convenience(such as heated and cooled seats) and, of course, the multimedia system gave this car prestige. And all the comfort was complemented by the engine, which was enough for comfortable movement.

There were two modifications of the engine: a two-liter gasoline and a 2.2-liter diesel. Of course, people preferred the second version, as it saves a lot of fuel. The transmission was also offered to choose from: either a 4-speed automatic or a five-speed manual gearbox. In order to save on fuel as much as possible, the owners chose the combination of a diesel engine with a manual transmission when buying. The most interesting thing about this car is that it is called differently in different countries: somewhere Toyota Gaya, somewhere Toyota Nadya. However, the real name of this car is Toyota Ipsum.

Toyota Ipsum stands

New Generation

Already after 3 years, namely in 1998, this car has experienced its first restyling. After the same amount of time, the second generation Ipsum was introduced to the world, which is the last one at the time of 2019. The second generation has significantly increased in size. And all because the Japanese engineers and creators of the car wanted to make sure that there was much more space in the car. They did it very well: the rear passengers became much more comfortable, and the front ones were no worse. The trunk, by the way, has also become a little larger. At the time of 2019, Toyota Ipsum can be bought on the Russian market, and its price is not too high. However, more on this later in the material of the article.


Toyota Ipsum saloon

The interior of the car after the release of the second generation has changed significantly. He began to look more sporty, although this expression is inappropriate in relation to a compact van. And all because she received a new optics, which has become much better and more stylish. And also the dimensions of "Toyota-Ipsum" have become larger, which means that the car has become more "borzoi". The front bumper was equipped with fog lamps. In general, this car began to look menacing, though harmonious.

It is worth noting separately that Japanese engineers made a version of the 240S, which was created with the aim of a sports version of this compact van. The body of the Toyota Ipsum was tuned: a powerful body kit was installed, large wheels, and the color palette when buying from the salon became much more diverse. The suspension, which was lowered, also gave sportiness. On the road, it has become tougher due to the clearance and large discs. However, this was only with one goal - to give the car owner a thrill, a faster and more maneuverable ride. Judging by the reviews of the Toyota Ipsum, the sports version of this car was suitable for use even in urban areas.


Toyota Ipsum exterior

The second-generation Toyota Ipsum interior looks good even at the time of 2019. A photo of the car can be seen below in the material of the article. Due to the increase in the dimensions of the Toyota Ipsum, there was plenty of space in it. And most importantly, the three rows of seats in the car allowedaccommodate the whole family of 7 people. Yes, there is very little space on the third row, but it is quite possible to place children there. And the trunk does not become uncapacious, it easily accommodates the most necessary things. In general, this is a real Japanese car for family trips and travel, which is very reliable. True, according to reviews of the Toyota Ipsum, its trunk is small enough for a compact van, but you can close your eyes to this if there is no one in the rear seats. And all because in their place you can easily arrange the necessary things.

Also, reviews of Toyota Ipsum say that the dashboard is very informative, showing the driver all the most necessary and important information. She, like the car, is very stylish: edged in silver, its functionality rolls over. However, this Japanese car has a big minus. The review from it is quite modest, but for this class of cars this is completely normal. Of the pleasant bonuses, as it becomes clear in the reviews of Toyota Ipsum, this is the presence of many compartments for small items, and also the fact that, if necessary, you can fold the second and third row of seats so that you get a table for food and other things. Stopping and eating on the road is not a problem! This is a big plus if you are going to buy a car of this class.

Equipment with options "Toyota-Ipsum" - another important bonus. Climate control, cruise control, a good music system - all this ensures comfortable trips around the city and on the highway. However, no matter what anyone says, this machine is best suited forroad trips. After all, in the hot summer, you can go to the sea with your family, turn on cruise control and climate control, and drive in complete comfort. If necessary, you can expand the table, make a snack.

If there are many of you, put the kids in the back seats. This, by the way, is the safest place if you get into a traffic accident, where there will be a front impact. So, if you are concerned about the he alth of your children, this is a very good safety car. If you do not have enough luggage space in the back, when buying a car in a car dealership, there is an option that adds roof rails. If you bought a car from the used market, then do not despair, because you can buy non-original roof rails and also put them on your car. They can carry anything, from household items to bicycles.

Toyota Ipsum auto


For calm drivers, this car will not give such driveability as other cars. You will not be able to get a lot of adrenaline, since the maximum speed is very small. However, this is only a plus for families who care about he alth and safety, the engine accelerates very smoothly, not abruptly. The suspension can easily "eat up" all the bumps on the roads, and not cause discomfort. Noise isolation is at a high level, so you will not have problems due to wheel or engine noise. The steering wheel is quite light, the car is controlled by them very well. If necessary, make a quick and confident maneuver - you will do it.

If not, the car will turn very smoothly. From cons totechnical characteristics of Toyota Ipsum - its rolls on turns and long turns, but this is not at all a minus, since cars of this class always have a sort of "roll". It is worth noting the transmission. She deserves special praise. That's because the automatic transmission "Toyota-Ipsum" never kicks, does not make false gear shifts.

Fuel consumption

toyota ipsum car

It is worth noting that this car has a fairly high consumption of gasoline / diesel. All this is the merit of an automatic transmission. The average level in the city is 12 liters. For such an engine size, especially at the time of 2019, this is a very poor result.


According to the reviews of the owners, this car has always been at its best in terms of quality, the driver and passengers on it are always convenient and comfortable. However, there is a slight downside to the fact that the soundproofing cannot cope with the wind that passes through the wheel arches. However, this noise only torments those who always drive at a speed of more than 120 kilometers per hour. Another claim to it is the high fuel consumption, which was mentioned above in the material of the article. Everything else is just virtues that are impressive.

Reliability at the level, and all this is the merit of the Japanese manufacturer. Toyota cars are always reliable, and the engine life is always more than three hundred thousand kilometers. There are no problems with finding parts, since many parts broken on a 2018 car can be found from the first generation, released back in 1995year.


The end of an era for this car was in 2015. Japanese engineers have decided to stop production of Toyota Ipsum. The third generation of this machine never appeared on sale and did not even begin to be produced. However, at the time of 2019, a Japanese car can be purchased on the Russian market for quite ridiculous money.


Toyota Ipsum on the road

How much does a Toyota Ipsum cost? If you look at the car market, then the lowest cost is 250 thousand rubles. And this price is for a car that is more than ten years old, with a mileage of more than two hundred thousand kilometers. For newer models with low mileage and fancy features, the price reaches up to one and a half million rubles. There are cars with a complete set and old ones, but they have a mileage of more than two hundred thousand kilometers. And this is already quite a lot and dangerous, especially since such cars sometimes have more than four owners.

If you are looking for a new copy, then some car dealerships in the Russian Federation can offer you this opportunity. However, it will cost you much more than at the time of the production of this car. The extra charge is due to the fact that the car is no longer produced.

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