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Tuning "Hyundai Getz": advice from experts and motorists

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Tuning "Hyundai Getz": advice from experts and motorists
Tuning "Hyundai Getz": advice from experts and motorists

"Hyundai-Getz" has earned great popularity among Russian motorists. In addition, the car took part in the rally, which took place in Moscow. In 2005, this model won the honorary title of "Car of the Year in Russia". Demand for Hyundai-Getz tuning has also increased.


DIY tuning

It makes sense to start improving the Hyundai-Getz with the improvement of aerodynamic performance. For these purposes, a spoiler is usually installed on the back of the car. In addition, the installation of a number of other peculiar elements is practiced, for example, deflectors, colorful door sills, front and rear bumpers. They can be bought separately, but it is easier to purchase the complex body kit you like. This Hyundai Getz tuning gives the car a sporty look, makes it more stylish and even aggressive.

Automotive masters recommend choosing a body kit, which is made of modern high-strength fiberglass. Such devices do not weigh down the car. Also fiberglass body kit is beneficialhas a high level of security and reliability. In addition, they give your car excellent aerodynamics, which in some situations can even reduce fuel consumption. Who doesn't like this original Hyundai Getz tuning?

Artistic bodywork

Painting a car body is the most popular and easy way to stand out from the crowd of gray traffic. If the monochromatic version depends on the color range offered by the chemical industry and the factory program, then the combination of two or more shades, taking into account the wishes of the owner of the car, provides ample opportunities for self-expression.

Another way to personalize your car is to wrap the entire body or its individual parts with protective films. Vinyl films are used as the main material, which allows solving three main tasks:

  • make the car attractive and noticeable;
  • protect the paintwork from minor mechanical damage;
  • make invisible traces of cosmetic repairs.

To date, experts have identified two main areas of vinyl tuning "Hyundai-Getz". The first focuses on the pattern, the second on the texture of the film, which can imitate a variety of materials, such as metal or wood. A similar effect can be achieved by using vinyl stickers and installing popular LED strips. Our article provides an interesting selection of photos with Hyundai-Getz tuning.

Interior tuning

soundproofing "Hyundai Getz"

It is believed that the Hyundai Getz car is quite sonorous, so it is important to carry out additional soundproofing of the entire cabin. The machine is easy to disassemble, but it must be done carefully and carefully.

Let's give an example of how much soundproofing material will be needed to carry out the work:

  • You will need 17 sheets for the roof.
  • 32 sheets will be needed for doors.
  • You will need 18 pieces to finish the trunk space and floor
  • For soundproofing the rest of the space: the floor, the bottom in the trunk, you need 28 sheets. It will take about 14 pieces to glue all the places under the feet with the second layer.
  • To insulate the joints of plastic elements and the places where such parts come into contact with metal, you will need one sheet.

Interior design

interior tuning "Hyundai Getz"

Giving personality to the interior of the salon is easy in the following ways:

  • installation on door handles chrome lining;
  • laying cell mats instead of the factory version;
  • installation of LED backlight on the control panel.

It is also proposed to mount a powerful audio system in the car and a multifunctional on-board computer. Technique, for sure, will make the movement on the Hyundai Getz more comfortable. In addition, you can do the Hyundai Getz tuning with your own hands:

  • Interior upholstery. This tuning option will help not only improve the interior of the car, but also create comfortable driving conditions for the driver and passengers.
  • Place in salonsmall parts - gear lever cover or key fobs.
  • Installation of all kinds of electronic devices in the cabin, for example, DVRs and navigators. This technique will help on the road, as well as come in handy in a variety of difficult situations.

Increasing engine power

If you are not happy with the settings of the ECU (electronic control unit) of your four-wheeled friend, try a Hyundai Getz chip tuning. This operation allows you to improve the "mogz" of the machine. After proper chip tuning, the owner of the car gets a more powerful engine as a result, as well as lower fuel consumption, so you can drive more confidently at high speeds and in difficult road conditions.

stickers for "Hyundai Getz"

At the request of the owner of the car, you can improve the dashboard, steering wheel, illumination of various sensors and even the center console. The color palette of the seat upholstery has been significantly expanded. The uniqueness and originality of your "iron horse" will give bright airbrush images on the body.

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