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Starter VAZ-2105: problems and solutions, replacement and repair rules, expert advice

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Starter VAZ-2105: problems and solutions, replacement and repair rules, expert advice
Starter VAZ-2105: problems and solutions, replacement and repair rules, expert advice

VAZ-2105 is still popular with Russian drivers. It is distinguished by ease of operation and low cost of spare parts. However, if the car owner wants the car to work without problems, he must regularly check it for various faults.

VAZ 2105

Often breakdowns occur unexpectedly. They can affect the performance of the vehicle. Among such problems can be attributed a malfunction of the starter on the VAZ-2105. In order to quickly perform repairs, you need to understand the device and the technology of this unit. Then repairing the starter will be much easier.


Such a mechanism as a starter plays a very important role in the VAZ-2105 starting system. It is an electric motor that has a voltage of 18 volts. The block consists of the following elements:

  • starter anchors;
  • collector plates;
  • poles, or cores;
  • freewheel (bendix);
  • steel cylinder.

Also applies to the device 4excitation windings located inside the walls of the block housing. The starter VAZ-2105 injector has a similar structure. The resource of this part may be different. Typically, breakdowns do not occur before the car has traveled 80-90 thousand km, and subject to regular maintenance, this figure can be up to 150,000 km.

starter device

Working principle

The overrunning clutch is connected to the flywheel. It is fixed in such a way that its movements are not limited. The VAZ-2105 starter relay, which produces pull-in-pull movements, is installed on the body. Inside this device, power contacts are soldered, which drivers call nickels among themselves. This part is simple bolts pressed into the ebonite cover of the retractor relay. There is also a moving contact in the form of a jumper.

All starter elements are interconnected so that during the supply of torque to the overrunning clutch, the rollers of this element, which are inside the separator, can fix the gear in the cage. The positive and negative contacts of the starter must be connected with the appropriate pole plates. As soon as the retractor relay is activated, the core begins to push the bendix to the flywheel. After that, the anchor spins the flywheel.

During the action of the core on the movable contact and the closing of the power nickels, current is supplied from the battery. If the driver started the engine by turning the key in the ignition switch, then a moment may occur when the engine speed will be higher than the engine speed.starter. Then the overrunning mechanism of the bendix will work.

Electrical causes of failure

If it is established that the VAZ-2105 starter does not turn, or the speed is too low, then it is necessary to check the electrical circuit. Troubleshooting starts with the battery. The driver must ensure that:

  • battery well charged;
  • the wire connecting the terminals of the retractor relay is securely fastened;
  • ignition lock contact group intact;
  • wire between starter and battery is good.

At this stage of troubleshooting, you need to pay attention to how the retractor works and how the armature rotates. Sometimes the winding of the traction relay is damaged, at the same time a short circuit occurs between the turns. Then the VAZ-2105 does not start, but the starter turns. Another cause of starter failure, which belongs to the category of electric ones, is the slow rotation of the flywheel.

device disassembly

If no visible problems are found, then the starter will need to be dismantled for further inspection. Most likely, the collector burned due to the closure of the plates. Other electrical causes of starter failure are:

  • failure of the traction relay;
  • brushes loose on commutator;
  • armature collector wear.

Mechanical failures

If there is a suspicion that the problem is in the mechanics, you need to check parts such as buffer spring, clutch ring, flywheel ring, lever. Usually the driver can dothe conclusion that a failure has occurred in the mechanical system if an atypical sound is heard during the operation of the starter. Then it is recommended to look at it from the engine compartment. Such noise may indicate that the following elements have broken:

  • bearing;
  • starter mounting bolts;
  • pole mount.
problem diagnosis

Also, the teeth may be damaged. Often there is a malfunction when the starter continues to spin without turning off. This is due to a stuck traction relay drive lever or a worn ignition switch return spring.

Preparatory work

Before you remove the starter, you need to carry out a preliminary inspection. To do this, the VAZ-2105 is driven onto a flyover or into a special viewing hole. Then the driver tries to start the car and by the sound that the starter makes, he tries to determine the nature of the damage. At the same time, all contacts of the system are inspected. Sometimes it is enough to clean these elements for the starter to work again.

How to remove the starter

First you need to disconnect this unit from the battery. All conductive cables and terminals are removed from the solenoid relay. Now you can unscrew the mounting bolts. Usually there are only 2 or 3. For this, they take a swivel extension. Removing the starter on the VAZ-2105 is carried out in the inspection hole, since only this method is the most convenient for removing all parts that cover the device. Among the blocks that will have to be dismantled is also the casing of the protection of the motorcompartment.


To understand which part of the starter has broken down, you should thoroughly clean it. First, the retractor relay is checked. If it is correct, a loud click will be heard. Another evidence of the he alth of this mechanism is the movement of the bendix slightly forward. The absence of a click indicates that the relay is broken and needs to be replaced with a new one.

starter check

If the problem is not in this part, then you need to make sure that all the insulation is working. All damage can be repaired with an impregnating varnish, and then checked with special electrical measuring instruments.

When, after a full inspection, all the parts turned out to be in good condition, the insulation of the rotor must be checked. Traces of burning and soot at anchor indicate that this device needs to be replaced. The collector must be clean, without plaque, and in the presence of this defect, you can clean the element with sandpaper. After all procedures, the coupling is checked. It should spin freely in one direction and lock in the other.


After diagnosing starter problems and identifying breakdowns, the defective parts are replaced with new ones. The starter is assembled in the reverse order. Before the unit is installed on the car, it is checked with a battery. The driver must remember that such a procedure is recommended even in the absence of obvious problems, and then the service life of the VAZ-2105 starter will be much longer.

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