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Real fuel consumption of "Lada-Grants" per 100 km

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Real fuel consumption of "Lada-Grants" per 100 km
Real fuel consumption of "Lada-Grants" per 100 km

In this article we will talk about the fuel consumption of Lada-Grants. Let's start with what makes it better. Automatic gearboxes are the culprit. They were created in the middle of the 20th century. Over the 60 years of their existence in the world, much has changed, and this automatic transmission has improved. And all this because innovation must be given a way and not stand still. All over the world, manufacturers are now producing new transmissions that are increasingly adapted to low fuel consumption.

Lada Granta consumption


In the Russian Federation, everything is about the same. However, until 2012, not a single car created by the domestic industry was built on the basis of an automatic gearbox. Only in 2012 did the new Lada Grant come out, which was equipped with just such a transmission. In peoplethere were big doubts about this automatic gearbox, because it significantly increased the fuel consumption rate of the Lada Grants. However, others argued that nothing would change. In order to find out who to believe, this article was created. From the material you will learn what are the disadvantages and advantages of the unit. We will also dwell on the reviews of the owners. And most importantly, you will understand what the fuel consumption of the Lada Grants is 87 liters. s.

Lada Granta black new


It is worth noting that in general the Lada Granta turned out to be an excellent car, but its transmission is not. It is on the gearbox that every driver of a domestic car gets hung up. Some of them claim that such a fuel consumption of the Lada-Grants (automatic) is very large. And someone justifies the model and says that this is normal. This issue is worth looking into.

Features "Grants" with automatic transmission

Lada Granta blue

When the domestic AvtoVAZ created a new vehicle model, the company's specialists did not waste time and effort on developing a gearbox. A ready-made device was purchased from a Japanese company. Perhaps that is why the owners do not like the fuel consumption of the Lada Grants so much. The automatic transmission has its own plus - it is reliable. Japanese automatic transmissions are famous for this. Otherwise, it consumes a lot of fuel, and shifts gears sharply.

It is worth noting that the manufacturerlies says that the installed transmission is much better and better than the car itself. Therefore, if the engine or other parts fail, then most likely the automatic transmission will remain in perfect condition. By the time the engine resource is over, the automatic transmission will have more than one hundred thousand kilometers of potential mileage in stock. In general, there is a lot of reliability in the transmission. Such a knot really benefited all those who really love this quality in cars.


It is worth emphasizing that many car owners argue that having a reliable assembly on a less durable car is dangerous. Experts are ready to argue with this. The only negative is the fuel consumption of the Lada Granta, which is higher than it should be. It is worth noting that for the sake of installing this automatic transmission in a car, the manufacturer sacrificed the clearance of the vehicle. He lowered it by 2 centimeters. And that's not all: because of this transmission, the car has become heavier. This led to two more revisions: increased rigidity and strength of the body and suspension. In total, due to the installation of a new automatic transmission, the manufacturer had to install as many as 30 new units.


Black car Lada Granta

The gear knob inside the car looks very nice. It is massive, pleasant to the touch. Of course, most of the motorists and owners of the Lada Grant will like it. True, she has one drawback - there is no backlight. However, this is not a problem for those who are already accustomed toher location. This can cause some inconvenience to new car owners. The indication of the included modes is visible only on the dashboard. The box has modes "1" and "2". The first is designed for off-road, the second is for the city.

Factors affecting consumption

Lada Granta hatchback

What is the fuel consumption of Lada Grants? The bottom line is that no one will say the exact figure. After all, it depends on various factors. And in any answer, the car owner will use "somewhere", "on average". Therefore, it is worth understanding in what conditions there is a large fuel consumption. Consider the main factors:

  1. The condition of your engine. Yes, for a new car bought in 2019, this is completely irrelevant, because it is perfect. But there is an unpleasant fact: 1% of the power units when buying a new car will already have a bad technical part. And the point is not that the manufacturer supplied the old engine, but that he specially flashed the ECU so that the consumption increased. In this case, it is worth reflashing the device from an experienced specialist. In this case, you will lose the warranty of the official dealer, but the fuel consumption of the Lada-Grants will be as it should be.
  2. A loaded car. If you carry very large and heavy things with you, your car will consume significantly more fuel. This is fine. According to the laws of physics, the more a car weighs, the more energy it needs to move. You have to scoop it from the fuel tank.
  3. Devices-consumers:air conditioning, stove, music and so on. All this consumes the car's gasoline.
  4. Speed. The optimum is in the range of 90-120 kilometers per hour. With this movement at low speeds, your fuel consumption will be small. This mode of movement is considered extra-urban and is used only on the highway / highway.
  5. Gasoline quality. Yes, even this affects fuel consumption. After all, if you fill in very good and expensive gasoline, then it will not just burn out and, one might say, "evaporate". And, of course, this will not have a deplorable effect on the technical part of your motor. This, by the way, is another point of high gas mileage. Learn it. Refuel only at trusted gas stations.
  6. The way you ride. Aggressive driving is fraught with high fuel consumption. And skills are low. After all, if you are an inexperienced driver, you will drive in second gear where others are in fourth.

An experienced car enthusiast drives at low revs and high gears, in this mode, fuel consumption will really become very low.

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