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Auto start car engine

Auto start car engine
Auto start car engine

Autostart of a car engine is quite convenient for the Russian climate: both in sultry heat and in severe frosts. Cars equipped with an alarm with this function are greeted with a hot stove in winter and air-conditioned in summer.

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Remote autostart is very useful in winter. Not having time to get out of the warmth of the house, the motorist finds himself in a warm car. There is no need to wait for mirrors and windshield to thaw. It is enough to open the car door, sit comfortably and immediately go. In addition, some drivers are sure that the engine does not need warming up in the summer. But this is a delusion, even if the car is in the sun. The advantage of automatic start is that by the time the driver arrives, the air conditioner turned on in advance will cool the interior.

Autostart installation and the principle of operation in each of the individual cases are selected personally, depending on the possibilities and wishes. Alarm with auto start can be installed on cars with both diesel and gasoline engines. Fordiesel, a certain delay is set before the starter is turned on. It is required so that the spark plugs have time to warm up, and the system to prepare for launch.

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Due to the characteristics of a diesel engine, it will still be cold inside the car after the engine has warmed up. But it is possible to regulate the operation of such devices as heated windows and mirrors. In this case, by the time the driver appears, frost will not be present on them, and after the movement begins, the stove will begin to supply hot air to the passenger compartment. Compared to autonomous interior heating, auto-start is much more economical and cheaper.

The gearbox also doesn't matter. Whether it is an automatic or a mechanic, the main thing is not to leave cars with manual transmission in gear. This is necessary to secure the handbrake. Otherwise, the car will jerk sharply when starting.

Auto start of the engine can be carried out using a key fob or other device. In some cases, for example, a mobile phone can be used for this purpose. Autostart of the engine can be configured to activate when the temperature drops to a certain value or be assigned for a certain time. For example, you can turn it on in the morning before you need to leave for work.

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In cars that are equipped with an immobilizer, autostart is carried out by a signal from a key hidden in the car. To do this, the owner of the car must submit a request to the official dealer to make a duplicate of it.Naturally, this is reflected in the cost of insurance, because the car is on the street along with a spare key lying inside. In addition, in many alarms, the shock sensor is turned off while the engine is running in autonomous mode, and it turns back on only after the engine is turned off. It turns out that the car at this time becomes more vulnerable to thieves and hijackers.

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