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"Kia Rio" (hatchback): specifications, model history and reviews

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"Kia Rio" (hatchback): specifications, model history and reviews
"Kia Rio" (hatchback): specifications, model history and reviews

The company "Rio" has been on the market for a long time. Millions of people around the world buy cars from this particular company every day because they differ from the rest in their low price.

Basic information about the company

The Korean company has been on the market quite recently - since 1944. Initially, it was engaged in the production of parts for bicycles.

Company `s logo

After a while, the organization decided to expand and release its first motorcycle, and then a car. It happened in 1972 thanks to the popular Mazda brand.

The Kia Brisa was the company's first passenger car. It was this machine that managed to attract a lot of attention from buyers, as well as potential investors. As a result, Kia managed to conclude a contract with the Asia Motors brand, popular in those years, which produced trucks.

From interesting facts it is also worth noting that in 1981 the company decided to stop the production of cars for a while, taking up the invention of trucks and pickups."Kia" presented a passenger minibus, as well as a truck. All of them were made on the basis of "Bongo".

Since that moment, many years have passed, and at the end of the 20th century, the company decided to start production of a completely new line - "Kia-Rio". Although the history of its origin began in 1987, but then the corporation released a car called "Kia-Pride". This small car was a joint project of several companies, including Kia.

Kia Rio Generations

The very first modification

The first model, released in 1999, was a merger of two previous cars of the company, which were called "Pride" and "Avella". The funny thing is that in the Korean market this new car began to be called in the old way - "Pride". But in the world market - "Kia-Rio". As you know, this model was available in two versions - hatchback and sedan. In addition, the car had only an engine capacity of one and a half liters, and the power was 96 horsepower.

In 2002, the company released a new modification. But there was only a sedan version, the Kia Rio hatchback model was not produced.

In addition, this vehicle has received a new engine, as well as a new suspension and improved brakes.

Second Generation

Image "Kia Rio" blue

The new generation was released only in 2005. Perhaps this is one of the most popular versions. Until now, many people buythis car is second hand. We can say for sure that the vehicle has changed a lot. They say that the new chief designer of the company from Germany, Peter Schreyer, managed to make such magic. He improved the appearance of "Kia-Rio" just beyond recognition. This car had a luxury package. In this version, the car had a factory installed spoiler.

From interesting facts: the car had several different colors.

In addition to external changes, the car has changed a lot inside. She purchased a four-cylinder engine with 110 horsepower.

The next generation was also produced in several versions. The buyer could choose between a hatchback and a sedan. In addition, some trim levels had an automatic transmission. This generation is definitely much more interesting than the previous one.

The car could now accelerate to 188 km/h.

The demand for a wonderful car was so high that the company decided to open a Kia plant in Russia. And since 2010, the assembly of vehicles began in our country. The company, by the way, is located in Kaliningrad. It is from this region that cars are sent to different cities of the state.

In addition to Russia, production began in Slovakia, China, Indonesia, the Philippines, and Ecuador.

Third generation

Image "Kia Rio" third generation

The production of third-generation cars began in 2011 and ended in 2017.

By the way, it is worth noting that thisonly the name was transferred to the model range from the previous generation, since the cars are produced on the basis of the Hyundai Solaris.

In 2011, the company began creating car sketches and presented its development the same year. In March 2011, the cars rolled off the assembly line and sales began. On the day of the release of the vehicle, the plant also celebrated the opening of the Kia showroom in Geneva.

A month after the release of the car, the company decided to introduce the "Kia Rio" for Europe. It had a sedan body and was specially adapted to local weather conditions.

In terms of features, this car has changed quite a lot and was not at all like the previous generation.

The most important feature of the new car was the headlights, which were integrally connected with the grille. This is what gave the vehicle some elegance. The car was released in several bodies - sedan, hatchback, and coupe.

All models were produced in two versions. With an engine capacity of 1.4 liters, as well as 1.6 liters. The power of the first option was 107 liters. s., and the second - 123 liters. s.

Fourth Generation

Image "Kia Rio" 2017 white

In 2017, Kia released a new car related to the Rio. The company introduced it to the general public in November 2017. Interestingly, this car belongs to the type of cross-hatchback. It was called Kia Rio X-Line. The car has quite outstanding characteristics, whichan experienced driver will immediately pay attention.

We will tell you about the budget configuration of the new "Kia Rio" hatchback, the photo of which can be seen above. The new car began to have a maximum speed of 176 km / h, and could also accelerate to 100 km / h in 12.6 seconds. Consumption in the city he has 7.5 liters. On the highway - only 5 liters, and with a mixed version - 6 liters.

As for the motor, the simplest configuration has a hundred horsepower.

The overall dimensions of the new Kia Rio hatchback are quite large. The car is 4240mm long and 1750mm wide.

Car trunk is wide enough. Its capacity is 390 liters.

Reviews of the new "Kia Rio" hatchback

kia rio red

In 2017, Kia launched a fourth-generation car. Many buyers are very satisfied with the price of the machine. Most people take the simplest kit of the Kia Rio hatchback, because it is not much different from the rest. For ordinary family trips, trips out of town, as well as to other cities, this is enough. Of course, most buyers have not yet had time to check the reliability of the car, because it came out only a few months ago. We'll find out later.


It is worth noting that the model range of this production car has undergone quite a lot of changes. A lot of professionals worked on this vehicle, thanks to whose efforts this wonderfulthe fourth generation, which can often be seen on the streets of different Russian cities.

We hope that the article was informative for you, and you were able to find answers to all your questions, including about the Kia Rio hatchback, the photo of which is above. Thank you for your attention, dear readers. We wish you good luck in choosing a car, as well as on the roads!

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