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What is a brake disc for?

What is a brake disc for?
What is a brake disc for?

At the moment, the most common brake system for passenger cars is disc. From the name it follows that the main part of this system is the brake disc. The principle of operation of the system is that the brake pads slow down the rotation of the brake disc, pressing against it. In this case, the brake disc and brake pad heat up during friction.

Brake disk

Types of brake discs

Heating brake discs can cause loss of braking performance. This problem is solved by improving heat dissipation from the brakes. For this, for example, a ventilated brake disc has been created. This ventilation can be represented as a system of internal channels (then the disk is called ventilated) or as a system of through holes perpendicular to the working surface (perforated disk). The advantage of perforation is that, in addition to more efficient cooling, wear products of friction linings are removed from the friction zone. In addition to special disks, they are cooled byspecial rims of a certain shape or various air ducts in body parts (bumpers, fenders, sills, etc.).


The brake disc can't last forever. Due to constant heating and friction, parts of the brake system wear out and become unsuitable for further use. Everyone knows what consequences await a driver with worn pads. Brake failure can lead to an accident or damage to other vehicle parts.

VAZ brake discs

Therefore, it is better to replace the brake disc in time. So, the main cause of the malfunction is the natural wear of the friction surface of the brake disc. However, the block becomes unusable faster. Although this is influenced by many factors. The first is driving style. With an active style (frequent acceleration and deceleration), the brake mechanisms wear out faster. The second is the correspondence of the pad to the disk. With the wrong pad, the disc can wear out much faster than usual. But if any one of these two parts wears out, it is worth replacing both at once. Otherwise, the new pad will not effectively “work” with a disc that has already worn under the old pad. And vice versa.

VAZ brake discs

On most VAZ front-wheel drive vehicles, the rear brakes are drum brakes. Unfortunately, they are not as efficient as disk ones. Therefore, some owners prefer to replace drum brakes with disc brakes. Now it is not difficult. The advantages of disc brakes are that, in addition to higherefficiency, easy to replace, their wear can be observed visually without removing the wheels. You can use the front brake discs of the VAZ 2110, VAZ 2108 (13 inches) and VAZ 2112 (14 inches) models. These discs are ventilated and will fit on the rear axle. It is worth clarifying that the front discs should be 1-2 inches larger than the rear ones in order to avoid “overbraking” of the rear axle.

ATE Brake Discs

Each car owner must take care of the safety of his own and those around him. To do this, he must install quality parts on his car.

Brake Discs

Thus, Continental brake discs are quality high carbon steel parts. The material has a high resource, is prone to less abrasion and brake noise. ATE offers its products to both car manufacturers and parts stores. The products are of high quality and therefore popular.

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