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Metallic (car paint): features, applications and reviews

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Metallic (car paint): features, applications and reviews
Metallic (car paint): features, applications and reviews

Many car owners, when buying another car, read in the ad or in the specification for the car that the body is painted with metallic paint. Sellers and manufacturers indicate that the latter has a lot of advantages. So, cars treated in this way are more expensive than cars in ordinary paint. Why is this happening? Let's find out what metallic (paint) is, why every car owner dreams of it and why you need to pay extra for it.

Composition of ordinary car enamels

Before talking about the features of metallic, it is necessary to remember the composition of ordinary ordinary enamel. It consists of three basic components:

  • dye;
  • link;
  • solvent.

Dye, or pigment, is a composition in the form of a fine powder. This is the component that forms the color of the paint. In addition, pigments can have other properties. Yes, somedyes allow you to additionally protect the surface of the body from corrosion.

Under the link understand the layer that holds the powdered dye on the surface. When the process is completed and the enamel dries, it is due to this link that an even shiny layer is formed on the painted surface.

metallic paint

The main task that the solvent performs is to make the paint liquid. This is necessary for more convenient application of it to the body. After all, as a rule, the paint is applied using sprayers. Although these components occupy a considerable volume in the composition of the enamel, its main function is still the dissolution of the paint. In addition, the composition after the end of staining should quickly evaporate from the surface. And often, car enamel manufacturers use rapidly evaporating liquids as solvents.

We have listed the main components of traditional car enamels, which are used to paint most cars in the basic configuration. And then we will look at how metallic paint for cars differs from them.

Metallic car enamel: composition

The described paint differs from the traditional one in a more complex composition. The standard, as already mentioned, contains three components: a dye, a "base" and a solvent. But in this enamel, along with the named three components, there is one more component - this is aluminum powder.

gray metallic paint

When its small particles are mixed with paint, a metallic sheen effect is created. This is the first reason to choosemetallic, - the paint really looks very impressive.

Particles of aluminum powder reflect the rays of light, and a glow effect is created. However, you have to pay for beauty. The coating technology with such paint is much more complicated than with ordinary compositions. Enamel should lie on the surface in an even layer. If the composition is applied unevenly, spots will appear. And the problem is that on this paint, such spots will be more noticeable.

automotive paint metallic

There is another property that distinguishes metallic - paint, due to the content of aluminum powder in it, protects the color from fading, and the body - from corrosion. The cost of a car painted by her is higher due to the more complex mixture used to cover the body, as well as due to the rather complex application technology.

Operation principle

Metallic paint works based on the principle of light reflection. Small aluminum shavings, which is in its composition, acts as microscopic mirrors. The particles reflect the light that falls on them. This, as we have already mentioned, is what causes the characteristic metallic sheen.

metallic silver paint

In addition to pigments that create similar effects, paints also contain color components that provide shade. Unlike one-color car enamels, where opaque dyes are used, in metallics, translucent substances must be used. Aluminum powder is in the medium of the dye. Thus, only a transparent pigment allows light rays to reachaluminum and reflected in the powder.

The principle of action can be reduced to the fact that light, falling on the surface of the paintwork, passes through a translucent paint, resulting in the formation of rays of a certain color. Then they get on aluminum. Then they are reflected and again pass through the translucent paint to the outside. Therefore, not only the color of the car is visible, but also a special sparkling visual effect is observed. This is how metallic works. The paint is not only beautiful, but also practical.

From bike to car

A similar composition in the USSR was not used at all on car bodies. In the USSR, "Victory" and "Volga" were processed in simple colors - white, gray, beige. Metallic came to a big country on the frames of bicycles produced in Kharkov. The frames shone with aluminum powder, reflecting rays of light from under the thick film of enamel. It was nothing more than a first generation single layer metallic. It differed in that aluminum powder was contained throughout the entire thickness of the paint, which was approximately 50 microns.

Judging by the reviews, such paint was then considered interesting. But many were repelled by her weak resistance to various influences. In the process of operation, besides, it was worn out - the powder oxidized and left with the wind. The surface took on a dull white hue. In order to avoid this, experts have developed a two-layer system. A clear varnish was applied over the paint.

metallic paint numbers

So the two-layer metallic was born. The paint proved to be more durable and strong, as well as effective. The lacquer served as a magnifying glass. Then paintbegan to be used for cars.

Black metallic paint features

Metallic black, like white and silver, is now one of the most popular. By the way, psychologists are sure that people with leadership qualities, respectable and with good taste choose this color for themselves. Due to the special representativeness, black cars are especially popular in Germany, Europe, Russia.

metallic paint for cars

Also, this color is considered the best background for creating inscriptions. Any airbrush looks very expensive and spectacular on a black background.

Metallic car paint, unlike traditional ones, has a higher level of body protection. A car treated with such enamel has better protection against fading, corrosion and chipping. And at the same time, the owners of black cars complain that after a few months of using the car, a so-called cobweb appears on the surface of the body, as well as scuffs. In addition, the black color reduces the size of the car (naturally, only visually). Metallic black bodywork needs polishing more often than any other.

Grey color features

Along with black cars, silver cars are especially popular, regardless of the functionality and prestige of a particular brand. These trends are valid not only when buying a car from the salon, but also when selling it. The main reason why people choose gray for themselves is, of course, high practicality. According to reviews, gray metallic paint is not easily soiled, the car can bewash less often. It doesn't show much dust. And any splashes and drops of dirt merge with the body color.

Silver is the color of high technology, progress and innovation. The driver expects spectacular equipment and attention from others from such a car. Many people associate this color with high cost and presentability.

Metallic Silver Features

According to motorists, if silver metallic paint is applied to the body, the car will not lose its color under the influence of sunlight and will not overheat. In this shade, even scratches are hardly noticeable. This coating, which shimmers in the sun, looks very rich. And as a nice bonus - additional body protection.

Silver color, according to most, looks expensive and prestigious.

metallic paint

If you don't like too conservative black, then, as experts advise, gray or silver can perfectly replace it. This is a neutral shade. It is well suited for both a family car and a purely feminine or masculine car.


One more serious advantage of these paints is good visibility on the road. The shiny surface increases safety. Those who want this unique effect, but did not accept the standard black and gray colors, can choose any other shade of metallic paint - their numbers can be found in the catalog.

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