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Van "Iveco-Daily": review, specifications and reviews

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Van "Iveco-Daily": review, specifications and reviews
Van "Iveco-Daily": review, specifications and reviews

Perhaps the most popular light commercial truck in Russia is the Gazelle. However, some carriers prefer to take foreign cars. For example, the Mercedes Sprinter. But it sometimes costs fabulous money. What to do if you don’t want to take a Gazelle and at the same time get a foreign car? An Iveco-Daily van comes to mind. Its characteristics and features are further in our article.


The Iveco-Daily is perhaps the only commercial truck designed by Giorgetto Giugiaro. The car looks pretty nice, and in some places even better than the Sprinter.

iveco daily van

Front we see a smiling silhouette with an unpainted bumper and elongated headlights. On the radiator grill - the proud inscription "Iveco". The hood is quite short and the windshield is almost vertical. Mirrors at "Daily" are equipped with repeaters of turns. The van itself has stiffening ribs on the sides and comfortable swing gates at the back. Reviewsowners note the high practicality of the body. Thanks to the unpainted elements (this is the bumper and the "leaves" below), you can not be afraid of damage - chips and scratches.

The Iveco body is very resistant to corrosion - reviews say. The paint quality is high. But in the case of a silver color, it will be very difficult to get into tone during an accident.


The cabin in Iveco is very spacious. The van is designed for three people, including the driver. The front panel is literally littered with various niches and glove compartments.

iveco daily utility van

As noted by the reviews, the Iveco-Daily van has an ergonomic interior. The gear shifter is at hand, and the huge side windows and high seating position eliminate dead zones for the driver. The steering wheel is compact with a comfortable grip. There are no buttons, but everything you need is nearby, on the center console. This is a radio, a stove control unit and a small multimedia screen that can be supplemented with navigation. The steering wheel and seat are highly adjustable. Already in the basic configuration there are electric windows. But air conditioning and heated seats are available only as an option. Also, for a fee, the Iveco-Daily van can be understaffed:

  • Alarm.
  • Parktronic with rear view camera.
  • Digital tachograph.
  • Webasto autonomous heater.

What is good about the Iveco-Daily van inside? Owner reviews note the following pluses:

  • Comfortable seat.
  • Convenient handle positionPPC.
  • Lots of adjustments and lots of glove compartments.

These and many other features allow the Iveco-Daily van to compete with the Sprinter on equal terms.

It is necessary to note the cargo compartment. Almost all versions come with a high roof. The floor is flat, except for the rear arches (the trouble with all minibuses). The dimensions of the Iveco-Daily van may vary. The shortest version can hold up to 7.3 cubic meters of cargo. The long wheelbase van is rated at 17.2 cubic meters.


The Iveco-Daily van has a wide range of engines. However, the line consists entirely of diesel units. The base engine is 96 horsepower. Its working volume is 2.29 liters. Despite the low power, this engine has good torque (240 Nm), which is available from 1.8 thousand revolutions. This unit is equipped with a 5-speed manual gearbox.

iveco daily van reviews

Next on the list is a 116 horsepower turbodiesel engine. Remarkably, the volume of this engine is identical to the previous one. There is also a 136-horsepower unit. The torque is 270 and 320 Nm for the first and second installation, respectively. These engines are equipped with a five-speed manual transmission or a six-speed automatic transmission.

The flagship is a line of three-liter powertrains. "Junior" develops 146 horsepower, and "senior" - 176. Torque is 350 and 400 Nm. Thrust is available at 1.3-3 thousand rpmper minute. Injection system - "Common Rail" of the second generation.

iveco daily van dimensions

The owners respond positively to the power units. The service interval is 40 thousand kilometers. This reduces downtime and reduces operating costs. The only problem is the EGR valve. With our fuel, it starts to clog. Often, owners simply turn off this valve. The cost of the procedure is about 20 thousand rubles. As a result, traction and engine power increase. However, the exhaust standard is drastically lowered. In the factory version, Iveco complies with Euro-4 and Euro-5 standards. Also in the design there is a particulate filter. Over time, it clogs (150 thousand kilometers) and needs to be replaced. But a cheaper option is to remove the filter mechanically and programmatically. The cost of work is up to 25 thousand rubles.

Dynamics, consumption

The diesel "Daily" has acceptable traction. Even with a full load, the machine climbs easily and accelerates quickly. The maximum speed of the van is 146 kilometers per hour. And fuel consumption is from 8 to 12 liters, depending on the selected engine and operating mode (city / highway).


Front, the car is equipped with an independent suspension with hydraulic shock absorbers, as well as a transverse spring. In some modifications, a torsion bar suspension with an anti-roll bar is used. At the rear is an axle and semi-elliptic leaf springs. Remarkably, the Iveco-Daily is one of the few vans that are built on a framedesigns. In most cases, minibuses have a load-bearing body. The use of the frame made it possible to increase the carrying capacity. It can range from one and a half (this is an Iveco-Daily cargo-passenger van) to three tons (long-wheelbase models).

specifications iveco daily van

We also note that the Iveco-Daily can be equipped with a pneumatic rear suspension. It has a very smooth ride and allows you to quickly adjust the loading height if necessary. But usually such a suspension is ordered for on-board modifications and isothermal booths.


So, we found out what an Iveco-Daily commercial truck is. For many, this van has become an excellent alternative to the Sprinter. In terms of reliability, these machines are equally resourceful and hardy. The car has a comfortable and ergonomic interior, as well as a roomy body.

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