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Scooter Racer: specifications and reviews

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Scooter Racer: specifications and reviews
Scooter Racer: specifications and reviews

What is the difference between a scooter and a motorcycle? One of the qualities is lightness. The scooter is easier to maintain, more maneuverable on the road, does not require registration (however, this can be argued if you do not plan to ride only in your own yard). The owner of such a vehicle will name a couple more parameters.

Another plus is the price. If you do not dwell on the super-hyped model, we can conclude that the scooter is cheaper than the bike. But even so far on it, as on a good motorcycle, you will not go either. If you still make your choice not in favor of the bike, we recommend that you pay attention to the Racer scooter. The company is young, but this does not mean that its vehicles are of poor quality. But what they are - we will try to figure it out by considering the technical parameters of several models, as well as reviews from users who have already bought such a scooter.

About company

Racer is one of the trademarks of a large Chinese concern Jiangsu Sinski Sonik Motor Technology Co. Ltd, which produces motorcycles. The company is relatively young - the date of creation is considered to be 1989. Initially, the brand was considered one of the directions of the main concern, but inIn 2006, a separate division was allocated for it. Scooters are by no means the only product of the new plant. Motorcycles, bicycles and, of course, accessories (helmets, jackets, etc.) are also produced under the Racer label. Having its own factory allows the company to produce over 100,000 vehicles a year.


In Russia, the company's products appeared a couple of years after separation from the main concern. At first it was children's bicycles, then - all the rest of the equipment. Any model of the Racer rc50qt scooter, meeting all international quality standards and motorcycle fashion, is distinguished by its own unique design. The pluses also include the fact that the Chinese plant produces not only finished cars, but also original components. Over the 10 years of its existence, the plant's equipment has become widespread.

General Description

Let's start by looking at the main features that a regular Racer 50 scooter has.

  • Any vehicle starts with a motor. The number 50 in the names of most scooters indicates the engine size in cubic meters. see. You can’t squeeze out a lot of power with such a motor, but does a scooter need it?
  • The electric starter allows you to start the engine by pressing a button on the dashboard. But you can run it the other way too. The difference between scooters of this brand is that you can start them even with a dead battery. Instead of the usual starter for such transport, the Chinese installed a kick starter. If the battery is dead, the engine starts from the pedal, like on a motorcycle.
scooter racer rc50qt
  • The presence of an automatic gearbox on a scooter is unlikely to surprise anyone, and the variator, which is also supplied to it, will allow you to accelerate smoothly, without jerks and keep speed well.
  • The volume of the fuel tank on the Racer reaches five to seven liters. But with a fuel consumption of 2 liters per 100 km, you can drive more than 200 km at one gas station.
  • The Chinese put drum brakes on both wheels. This variety does not break from dust and dirt and is suitable for driving even in the countryside. Models with an engine capacity greater than 50 cu. cm basically get a disc brake on the front axle, which gives smoother braking compared to the drum type. The presence of such brakes indicates a more serious class of the model.
  • Other features of such a scooter are standard for this class: rear-view mirrors on the sides of the dashboard, a trunk with a key under the saddle. And unlike its older brother - a motorcycle, the scooter has a relatively small weight.

Now let's take a closer look at several models.

Meteor Model

And the first representative will be the Racer Meteor scooter. All of the above fully applies to this model. It can also be added that this class has a bright appearance, good safety (as far as possible on a scooter) and, with a relatively low dead weight, can lift loads up to 150 kg. It should be noted that this class is equipped with drum brakes and a reinforced rear shock absorber.

scooter racer 50

Consider the basic data onexample of the Racer Rc50qt-3 Meteor model. Note that these are factory settings:

  • The 4-stroke engine (in-house developed by the company) installed on this scooter has a volume of 49.5 cc. cm and develops a power of 3.9 liters. s.
  • The developers keep silent about the maximum speed. But, according to official information, this scooter will be able to squeeze out more than 50 km / h, which is the "ceiling" for most of these vehicles.
  • Dead weight - 78 kg.
  • Fuel tank volume - 4.3 l; consumption - 2 liters per 100 km.
  • The question that interests many owners is the oil filter. In this model, it is located in the engine.
  • Also note a regular 12 V battery rated at 3 amp-hours.
  • Wheels - 13 inches.
  • Note that this model comes in 6 colors versus the usual 4. However, there is no white or black option.

In general, according to information from official circles, "Meteor" is being made slightly lighter. Whether such a unit is needed - the buyer must decide for himself. Note that the described model can sometimes be seen on sale under the name Racer 3 scooter.


This scooter also has an identical 4-stroke engine, but the rest of the parameters will be more powerful. The model is considered more serious, so the brakes here are already different.

It is worth noting that the mass of this model will already be more - 103 kg.

  • The front axle is equipped with a disc brake, and a drum brake at the rear, both axles have reinforced shock absorbers.
  • The battery is rated for 7 hours.
  • Tank - 6 liters at a flow rate of 2.2 liters per 100 km.
  • Other parameters remain unchanged.
scooter racer meteor

This is what the Racer Stells scooter looks like. It should be noted that sometimes the unit may be with a different engine, but its volume is indicated by numbers in the model name. Very often in the reviews it flashes that 50 cubes are not enough for comfortable movement. Therefore, the next model that we will consider will have three times the engine size.

Dragon 150

The main difference between the model that we will consider is the engine size. Because of this, it is classified as a large machine, which is classified as a Racer 150 scooter. The engine in this unit is also 4-stroke, but its volume is 149.5 cubic meters. see

  • A larger engine can develop more speed. The developers indicate 85 km / h. The declared power is 8.7 liters. s.
  • As in the younger series, the battery here is 7 amp-hours.
  • The volume of the tank was 7 liters. Fuel consumption has also nearly doubled, at 3.4 liters per 100 km.
  • Disc and drum brakes, front and rear respectively.
  • The main highlight of this model can be called shockproof headlights. Other parameters include two reinforced shock absorbers at the rear, one at the front. There is a capacious trunk under the saddle and a place for a good big wardrobe trunk. This is one of the few models with LED optics.

This scooter also has larger 16" rims, versus 13" for smaller models.

Flame 125

Thisthe model is not a flagship version, but will be of interest to those who believe that 50 cubes are not enough for comfortable movement. The scooter has a 125cc 4-stroke engine. see Power is 7.6 liters. with., the declared speed is 85 km / h.

scooter racer 150
  • LED-optics and two reinforced rear shock absorbers are the same as the flagship "Dragon".
  • Disc brakes in front, drum brakes in back.
  • Weight is 93kg with 12" wheels.
  • The battery is rated at 7 Ah.


Before moving on to the reviews, it is worth noting the information content of the dashboard that each Racer scooter receives from the developers. In addition to the starter start button, the following components are located on the panel:

  • signal button;
  • clock;
  • battery indicator;
  • fuel sensor;
  • speedometer.
scooter racer 3

With the small size of the dashboard on such a vehicle, all the most necessary data is present.


Let's see what people who have already bought the Racer scooter say. Reviews are very different. There is a lot of talk about bad (thin) plastic. It is not recommended to constantly drive at maximum speed, but this can be said about any motor. When driving in urban mode, 60 km / h, the machine may well hold. Some write that they also squeezed 75.

Many people mention the price, while compared to Japanese models, it is 4-5 times lower. Reviews about the engine with a volume of 50 are a little incomprehensiblecubes. On the one hand, the scooter drives quite normally in the urban cycle, on the other hand, it crawls like a turtle. To ride alone, you need to choose a unit with an engine of at least 70, and if there are two of you, then this figure should exceed 100. At the same time, it is worth remembering that this is China. And although the company is young, you should not forget about it. The developers themselves claim that these scooters are assembled according to all European quality standards and are not much inferior to models produced, say, by Spain. There are interesting opinions about the repair. If it’s easier to find original spare parts for a Racer scooter, then native parts for a Japanese are expensive, and as a result, we also put China.

scooter racer stells

And a little more about refueling. Experts recommend refueling in the garage, and not directly at the station due to the cunning neck on Chinese scooters, where fuel must be poured in a thin stream.


Of course, this type of transport cannot be called a means for long trips, but a small price and low fuel consumption will find its buyer. And if we take into account the high-quality assembly and good components, then the consumer gets a fairly good iron horse. Indeed, in translation from English, the name of the brand can be translated as "racer". And despite the fact that motorcycles are mainly used for sports competitions, the Racer scooter for its owner will surely become a real “fast ride”.

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