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Winter wipers for a car: types, manufacturers and reviews of car owners

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Winter wipers for a car: types, manufacturers and reviews of car owners
Winter wipers for a car: types, manufacturers and reviews of car owners

In winter, the car must be protected from many threats. On the one hand, troubles await the car owner under the hood, on the other hand, in wheels on rubber with insufficient grip. A separate category can be considered the protection of glasses from frost. Obviously, proper visibility is especially important when driving in bad weather. Winter wipers are responsible for this aspect, the task of which is to maintain optimal visibility in all conditions.

Features of winter wipers

The main difference lies in the composition of the material used for the part that is directly adjacent to the glass. The fact is that, depending on the temperature regime, different compositions of the rubber compound manifest themselves in their own way. So, rubber is more suitable for summer use, and special silicone compounds are used especially for frost. At the same time, both summer and winter wipers on a car can have the same supporting structure. As a rule, it is represented by a metal bar with functional mechanisms that actuate the device.

winter wipers

Depending on the complexity of the design, windscreen wipers can be supplemented with heating systems, which facilitates their function inharsh conditions. But, again, the fundamental difference between winter wipers comes down to special rubber compounds that do not harden at low temperatures.

Technical parameters

In choosing, the main attention should be paid to dimensional parameters. The main one is length. This indicator can vary on average from 30 to 60 cm. At the same time, you should not think that the larger the coverage area, the better. Of course, a long brush will increase visibility, but it is important to consider two other aspects. Firstly, it will take more energy to ensure the function of such a wiper and there will be an increased risk of breakage in the event of sudden icing. Secondly, it is these models that most often sin with not completely cleaned glasses.

Also, winter wipers differ in terms of width. The average corridor is 10-15 mm. There is no particular difference in terms of efficiency for models with different widths, since much will depend on the design of the vehicle itself and weather conditions.


Specialists use several criteria to evaluate the consumer qualities of wipers. First of all, it's ergonomics. This indicator includes qualities such as ease of fixation of the device, aesthetic appearance, structural advantages and flexibility in physical handling. The next indicator is wear resistance. To understand the significance of this criterion, it can be noted that, for example, rubber from summer wipers can last no more than two winter seasons. It is obvious that wear-resistant winter wipers show moresolid durability. By the way, this indicator is also affected by the quality of the rubber compound.

car winter wipers

But there is also an opposite effect on the windshield wipers. If frosts are excluded in the summer, then ultraviolet radiation is quite possible in winter, so manufacturers are faced with the task of protecting the brushes from sunlight. Of course, the assessment of performance is not complete without direct cleaning efficiency, that is, the ability of the brush to remove dirt, snow and ice from the glass surface.


There are three variations of modern winter wipers on the market. These are brushes in a case, frameless models and heated devices. The use of the frame is due to the need to protect the metal bar, which plays the role of a supporting element. In other words, a completely rubber protective shell is formed, which allows the wiper to be used in any conditions without fear that the metal elements will be damaged by corrosion. Actually, framed winter wipers are also good because they can perform their function without hindrance, since rubber also does not accumulate snow and ice on its surface.

what are the best winter wipers

Frameless models can do without additional protection for the reason that initially they do not have metal elements - high-strength wear-resistant plastic is used in the manufacture of the bearing part. And the most technologically advanced option is the heated windshield wiper. The design of such models provides for heatingdevices that provide sufficient thermal exposure to deal with inclement weather.


In the production of windshield wipers, there are many nuances due to which developers can distinguish their products from the general range. To identify them, you do not need to make a lot of effort, since each company not only has its own style of janitors, but also focuses on one or another operational direction. For example, Bosch is famous for its innovative solutions, introducing new technologies and not forgetting the basic design quality. The VALEO and MARUENU brands are classic brand representatives for specialized automotive components.

winter wipers reviews

Known to motorists and domestic winter wipers from the firm "Khors". The features of Russian products traditionally include such qualities as ease of installation, affordability and, at the same time, a variety of model range. Now it’s worth taking a closer look at the impressions of car owners from the operation of windshield wipers of different brands.

Reviews of Bosch models

The German manufacturer is not a niche manufacturer. Nevertheless, experience in the development of high-tech household and industrial devices, measuring instruments and construction tools allows specialists to make progress in this segment. Users of Bosch brushes note their durability, mechanical ergonomics and functionality. The manufacturer uses high-strength metal frames that reliably protect naturalrubber. In addition, graphite coating is used in some models for effective cleaning.

Multifunctional devices are also in high demand. The designers provide for both summer and winter wiper modes, switching between which is implemented through a special adapter. Professionals also note the operational flexibility of such models. If necessary, the user can maintain a reliable frame base, as well as update the working part or individual components of the movable mechanics.

Reviews of VALEO models

Perhaps the biggest departure from common wiper concepts is VALEO. The specialists of this company are completely guided by their developments, which attracts many motorists to its products. In particular, the owners of such wipers appreciate their combination of practicality and safety.

good winter wipers

The brushes are based on a combination of a cleaning rubber part and spring mechanisms that provide an optimal fit. If the question is raised about which winter wipers are better in terms of safety for the glass itself, then the choice can be safely made in favor of VALEO. In addition, car owners note the pleasant little things that the developers of this brand provide. The fact is that some versions are equipped with special wear indicator systems - usually it is implemented using a color tint that indicates the need for replacement.

Reviews about MARUENU models

This is a Japanese manufacturer of windshield wipers, productswhich can be found on the Russian market. The owners of such equipment note an effective function precisely in terms of ridding the glass surface of organic compounds. At the same time, the very design of the wipers outwardly seems quite traditional. Designers use the rocker design technique, but in such a way that the need for additional design with a cover is eliminated.

It can be seen that manufacturers are increasingly focusing on providing electromechanical and thermal effects. A striking example are heated winter wipers that are connected to the local electrical wiring. However, the Japanese implemented a less expensive, but also effective way of additional impact on pollution. The composition of the rubber of such wipers contains a special substance - tourmaline. At times of sudden temperature changes, its crystals are activated, as a result of which static electricity is generated, which has a cleansing effect.

Feedback on Horse Acrobat models

The Khors manufacturer does not indulge in technological refinements, so it is worth preparing for a simplified approach to the implementation of brushes from the very beginning. But this does not mean that this product does not have advantages. For example, the owners note an easy-to-install design and a rather tolerable cleaning function, which is carried out in a short time by Russian winter wipers. Reviews of cons are also found, but for the most part they affect minor operational nuances.

winter wiper mode

In particular, we are talking about a loose fit, insufficient rigiditycarrier bar and limited action of the working part. However, the manifestation of many shortcomings can simply be avoided if you choose the right cleaner model for the target version of the car.

Rating of winter wipers

Based on the above reviews on different, but recognized leaders in the segment, we can make the following rating:

  1. VALEO. The first place of this company is due, first of all, to the combination of high reliability and quality of cleaning.
  2. Bosch. German developers are out of competition in terms of the level of technological support of their products, but they do not always fully take into account the automotive specifics.
  3. MARUENU. A strong Japanese manufacturer that also produces good winter wipers, but not all models are intended for mass use even in the passenger car class.
  4. "Horse Acrobat". Although the company uses quality materials, the design is not yet perfect.


Of course, the list of proven manufacturers is much wider, but according to the general criteria of user ratings, these brands deserve the first positions. At the same time, you should not at all focus on these products in all cases without exception.

framed winter wipers

The correct choice of winter wipers for cars should only be based on specific tasks. So, for a budget model with the same glass, it makes no sense to purchase a high-tech cleaner from Bosch. In this case, it is quite possible to confine ourselves to one of the Khors models. Andon the contrary, it is not advisable to purchase inexpensive, even if effective wipers, if you plan to equip a premium windshield.

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