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"Audi-A4" 2005: review, specifications

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"Audi-A4" 2005: review, specifications
"Audi-A4" 2005: review, specifications

The attitude towards the Audi brand in the last century was quite bad, as it produced only the most ordinary, unremarkable sedans. Competitors were head and shoulders above, the company did not stand out. However, time passes, the picture changes, and already in the 21st century, the company released a new car that amazed many. They created the 2005 Audi A4, which began to change the brand for the better. Engineers, noticing that it was this car that most people liked, began to improve this model until the current 2019 year.


Image"Audi A4"

Of course, as many motorists know, when buying a used car, you need to immediately start replacing all the "consumables". On "Audi-A4" 2005 release, this rule also applies. Here is a list of materials to be replaced upon purchase:

  1. Spark plugs in the amount of four pieces will cost you 200 rubles apiece.
  2. You can buy an air filter for your "Audi-A4" 2005 for 400 Russian rubles.
  3. Also replace andbrakes. For the front brake pads, you will give exactly 3,000 Russian rubles from your wallet. Buying them, only on the rear wheels, will cost 2 times cheaper, namely, 1,500 Russian rubles.
  4. The oil filter is the last thing you should change when buying a 2005 Audi A4. It will cost approximately 500 rubles.

This list was made without engine oil, the price of which depends only on your choice. Oil prices, in the opinion of many owners, are quite acceptable.


Image"Audi A4"

Salon, of course, is small, but it should be understood that this is only a civilian sedan. Interior finishing materials do not raise questions, everything is done with high quality. However, according to the reviews of the owners of "Audi-A4" 2005, pimply skin is not entirely to their liking. But it is worth recalling that this is only a matter of taste.

In the cabin there are elements of aluminum, it looks quite expensive. It is worth noting that there is a very interesting and unique function for adjusting the brightness of the button backlight.


Audi A4

Yes, the dynamics are quite good in the "Audi A4 2.0" in 2005. As you know, it is quite light, and therefore every turn of the steering wheel sharply brings the car into a turn. It should also be noted that it has an engine with a capacity of 200 horsepower. It seems that this is not much at all, but compared to other cars, it accelerates to 100 kilometers much faster. Many people noted that"Audi-A4" 2005 does it in seven seconds. In general, the weight of the machine is not felt at all.

From the reviews of the 2005 Audi A4, we can conclude that many people lack the maximum speed of a German brand car. The figure on which the limiter stands is 210 kilometers per hour. It can be removed, but the engine simply will not allow you to accelerate more than this figure. But still, at the time of 2019, the car was already 14 years old, and at the time of 2015, the characteristics of the 2005 Audi A4 were considered excellent. The secret to this car's success lies in the handling.

Any movement of the wheel, any desire turns into a change of direction as quickly as possible. At low speed, the steering rack turns as if by the power of thought. However, as the speed increases, it becomes tighter. Reading this information, you do not quite understand how masterpiece it is. However, getting into this car and trying it, it becomes clear that this is a truly unique vehicle.


Audi A4 2005

It's worth noting right away that any engine power combined with excellent handling will not give good results along with bad brakes. Therefore, the engineers and manufacturers of the German car brand Audi, in particular the A4 model, made excellent brakes.

Besides being very effective, they also do not give in to overheating. Even if you drive in Sport mode, brake very often and "hard", they will not even give a hint of overheating. And, of course, nothere will be no smoke and smell after you get out of your German car Audi A4. This is very worthy!


RS4 Audi

Of course, according to the reviews of the owners and the reviews of this car, it becomes clear that the algorithm of the transmission, namely the automatic gearbox, is quite bad. Yes, she had as many as six steps, worked as she should, there were no complaints. However, they have a very big drawback, which immediately makes the car cheaper when sold. If you have not turned on the Sport mode, then when driving from a standstill, the gearbox immediately shifts into third gear. And it makes acceleration from zero to 100 kilometers much slower. No matter how hard you press on the gas pedal, the car will not go faster, and this sometimes leads to a situation where you do not have time to overtake or something else, putting yourself in a very disadvantageous position where you can get into a traffic accident. And yet, if you enable this mode, then your Audi A4 will become better and will not "choke" the engine.

Fuel consumption on a gasoline engine from the German mark for those. the passport will be 14 liters in the city, but, according to many people, it is about 16 liters of fuel. Yes, this is a minus, as competitors have much better consumption figures.

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