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Exclusive Chrysler Prowler

Exclusive Chrysler Prowler
Exclusive Chrysler Prowler

Chrysler Prowler is a retro-styled roadster from the well-known American carmaker Chrysler. This car was produced in small series from 1999 to 2000, and also in 1997. From English, the name of this model is translated as "tramp".

History of the Chrysler Prowler roadster

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This sports car was created thanks to Chrysler President Lutz Bob. In May 1990, a design studio in Carsbad, California, successfully hosted an exhibition called "Marketplace of Ideas". There, among an incredible number of ideas, was a simple three-by-five-inch cardboard with an explanatory note "Retro hot rod style" and a picture. In November of the same year, the studio is visited by Lutz Bob, who comes across this drawing. It is at this moment that the President of Chrysler lights up with the idea of ​​a new unusual car.

Money for the development and creation of the Chrysler Prowler, the price of which was still unknown, was allocated two years later, in 1992. The debut of the new car wasscheduled for Detroit in about six months.

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In October of the same year, purple was chosen for the future car. At the same time, we decided to use a special two-layer paint with an unusual depth effect. Gale's own words: "We used a meter deep paint." Especially for her, specialists developed a special primer (also purple). For this reason, the body of the car, even in places of chips and scratches, remained the same color.

In early 1993, the Chrysler Prowler was already presented to the public at the Detroit Auto Show. It was decided to assemble this unit not at the main production site. However, the release was supposed to remain serial. And now, a year later, the Chrysler Prowler reappears at the Detroit show. It was the same concept car that was already being prepared for serial production.

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Chrysler President Bob Lutz, Eaton Chairman Bob and Vice President Francois Castaigne in 1994 personally test the first Chrysler Prowler at the renowned Chelsea, Michigan test site. Subsequently, Eaton Bob ended his trip with the following words: “Now I want to take the Chrysler Prowler home with me.” By the way, for test drives, this car was carefully disguised as a body from an off-road jeep Wrangler. This version later got its nickname - "prangler".

As a production vehicle, the Chrysler Prowler was introduced to the public at the Detroit Show in early 1997. Thenthe visitors didn't believe it.

In March of the same year, the sixteenth such car was assembled, the last of the pilot series. Chrysler planned to assemble twenty cars a day. The first production car was bought two months later, that is, in June 1997. By the end of the year, 457 Chrysler Prowlers were manufactured, which could be bought at a price of thirty-eight thousand dollars. They were all deep purple. More than eleven thousand cars of this model were manufactured.

The power of the Chrysler Prowler motor was 257 hp. The maximum possible speed that this car develops is 210 kilometers per hour. The car accelerates to a hundred in six seconds.

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