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Suzuki TL1000R: description, specifications, photos, owner reviews

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Suzuki TL1000R: description, specifications, photos, owner reviews
Suzuki TL1000R: description, specifications, photos, owner reviews

In our time, more and more people began to purchase high-speed motorcycles. It is designed for fast driving and a feeling of drive. In this regard, the supply of such vehicles has increased. There are enough varieties on the market today to choose the best option. One of the popular options is the Suzuki TL1000R motorcycle. It has proven itself in terms of quality and reliability. It is he who will be considered in this article.

Creation of the company

The origin of the company began in 1909. The founder is Michio Suzuki in Japan. The headquarters is located in the city of Hamamatsu. Initially, the company was engaged in the production of looms, motorbikes and motorcycles. The company was then called Suzuki Loom Works. Since 1937, she began to produce small cars. With the outbreak of World War II, the company's activities were suspended.

Suzuki TL1000R specifications

To the production of vehiclesthe manufacturer returned only in 1951. He created the Suzuki Power Free motorbike, a feature of which was the presence of a pair of drive sprockets. They made it possible to move with the motor at the initial use of the pedals.

Since 1954, the company has been renamed Suzuki Motor Corporation. At this time, it produced more than six thousand varieties of motor vehicles. Since 1962, the company began exporting goods to the United States. At that time, she was already the first in the production of the Moto GP series. And since 1967, the company began to expand, factories were built in Thailand, and soon in India. Suzuki, together with the Indian company Maruti Udyog, occupied 50% of the local car market in 2008. Also, the manufacturer was in an alliance from December 2009 to September 2011 with the German company Volkswagen Group. They were working together to produce eco-friendly cars.

Today, Suzuki supplies the market with all-terrain vehicles, a car of any class and motor vehicles that have proven themselves in the market with quality, reliability and affordable pricing.

The history of the motorcycle

The history of the Suzuki TL1000R began with the improvement of its brothers in 1997. The desire of the company to enter the class of two-cylinder sports motorcycles led them to release such models. Also, the reason was the need to win over the rival company Ducati. Moreover, the Suzuki brand copied the design of the bike from this manufacturer. The new model was equipped with a motor and other equipment that were developed by the companySuzuki. And so, in 1997, one of the most sophisticated and first-class bikes, the Suzuki TL1000S, came out.

Suzuki TL1000R ride confidence

To tell the truth, the first series of bikes of this model began to give small but unpleasant malfunctions during operation. In the course of their identification, the company in a very short time eliminated all the shortcomings and established high-quality production. However, the motorbike has already gained a reputation for being unreliable.

But be that as it may, the experience gained in creating this motorcycle for the company was invaluable. Modified and tuned engines of the TL1000S bike were soon installed on the Suzuki SV1000 and Suzuki V-Strom 1000.

Thus, the TL1000S motorcycle was a road version with comfortable fairings, which was produced until 2001. And the Suzuki TL1000R was already a sportier, modified and more reliable version, with a new powerful engine and different suspensions.


It is worth highlighting the technical characteristics of the Suzuki TL1000R. The produced model since 1998 has been endowed with a 2-cylinder four-stroke engine (V-shaped 90 °). In the manufacture of the frame, aluminum was taken as the basis. Engine displacement was 996 cc.

Suzuki TL1000R photo

Cooling is liquid, which prevents the bike from overheating. The cylinder has 4 DOHC valves. An injection type fuel supply system with SDTV 2 is also installed. Fuel type is gasoline. The volume of the tank is up to 17 liters. Average fuel consumption is 6.02 litersa hundred kilometers.

The maximum power of the unit is 135.0 hp. With. (99.3 kW) at 9500 rpm. The torque in this unit is 106.0 Nm at 7500 rpm. The gearbox is six-speed. The braking system is solid, with two 320mm discs and six piston calipers.

The rear brake has a single disc (220mm) and two piston calipers. Front fork (43 mm) 12-speed adjustable. Rear suspension swingarm with monoshock absorber, 26-speed. The model has a chain type drive. The front tires are 120/70 (58W) in diameter and the rear tires are 190/50 (73W). The maximum speed of the machine is 267 km/h.


Size, the aggregate is massive. This can be seen from the photo of the Suzuki TL1000R. Its length is 2100 mm. And the models that are released in Germany and Switzerland have a length of 2145 mm. The motorcycle is 740 mm wide and 1120 mm high. Seat height reaches 825 mm. Wheelbase - 1395 mm. The designers designed the minimum ground clearance at 120 mm. With a dry weight of 197 kg, the machine feels like driving a monster on the road.

Pros and cons

No matter how hard the designers of the motorcycle tried, but based on the review of the Suzuki TL1000R, one can single out both the pros and cons of this model.

Suzuki TL1000R review

The positive qualities include comfortable and obedient control of the motorbike. Also reinforced rear swingarm, great 320mm disc brake system,six-piston front calipers make it reliable and safe. A good rotary oil rear shock with the widest shifting aspect is also a plus.

Of the shortcomings of bikes that have been released since 1998, it is worth noting that unsuccessful injector settings have been recorded several times. There were jerks at low revs. But after additional adjustment, no shortcomings were noticed with the Suzuki TL1000R model.

Parts and repairs

When buying any type of vehicle, consumers always wonder if it will be expensive to maintain, if they can easily find parts for the purchased vehicle.

Suzuki TL1000R specifications

It is not difficult to buy spare parts for Suzuki TL1000R, as there are many dealerships that can get the right part at the factory price. Moreover, this model is quite common, which makes it possible to easily find the necessary components in motorcycle stores, as well as order the necessary components on the Internet.


Since this model was discontinued in 2003, it is almost impossible to find it in new condition. As for the pricing policy of the model, it all depends on its technical condition and year of manufacture. A used motorcycle of the TL1000R series can be purchased from 120 thousand rubles to 230 thousand rubles.


Given the characteristics of the Suzuki TL1000R, it is safe to say that the motorcycle deservedly received its recognition amongusers. It is a good transport for both city driving and high-speed movement on the highways. Owners often highlight its excellent braking, fast acceleration. They claim that just the soul is left behind, and the sound of V2 makes you forget about everything. Traction is just power, as if you are controlling a beast. Due to its relatively low price, this motorcycle can be purchased by almost everyone without much difficulty. The presented model enjoys a good reputation among motorcycle enthusiasts in our country.

Suzuki TL 1000R

Having considered the features of the presented bike, it can be noted that it deservedly enjoys high popularity. The build quality is high. If necessary, it will not be difficult to carry out repairs. At the same time, the feeling when driving can not be expressed in words. This is a reliable, comfortable, well-controlled car, which is recognized by bikers in our country.

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