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Niva car: owner reviews
Niva car: owner reviews

Even in Soviet times, the domestic auto industry produced the Lada Niva SUV, which instantly won the hearts of motorists. This car was even brought to the global car market. "Lada Niva" to this day faithfully serves its owners to the best of its ability.

Later, AvtoVAZ decided to modify the Niva to American standards and released a new version of it, the Chevrolet Niva. Today, this model is one of the most popular cars on domestic roads. It has the ability to pass where the usual "Lada Niva" or other off-road vehicle cannot pass.

However, no matter how good a car is, there are always some drawbacks. Sometimes they can be subjective, and in some cases they can be objective. The former include such complaints from motorists as the inconvenience of a seat that does not fit the height (too high or too low), seat coverage, interior trim. In other cases, car ownersnote serious shortcomings in the configuration and gaps in the development of the model.

This article will help you figure out which car is better - Chevrolet Niva or Lada Niva, and also understand whether it suits you personally.

History of Chevrolet Niva

"Chevrolet Niva" appeared on the car market, and then on the roads of Russia in 2002. Since then, the model has been modified only once under the supervision of the Italian design studio Bertone. Due to high demand, the release of an improved model of the Chevrolet Niva was planned for 2016, but the plan did not materialize due to certain difficulties in production.

gray chevrolet

As you know, Chevrolet is a foreign car, but the Niva from the Chevrolet brand is a completely domestic car. As planned by the manufacturers, this machine was supposed to replace the completely Soviet Niva, so the development of the new version was approached very seriously and responsibly.

The launch of the newest Niva model was delayed due to the financial crisis in the country.

Chevrolet Niva gets a lot of positive feedback in Russia precisely for its functional qualities: reliability, wear resistance, cross-country ability, affordability and high standard of interior equipment.

Chevrolet Niva features

Most users identify the following:

1. Permanent four-wheel drive is a pretty good drive that allows you to overcome all the bumps and off-road. This feature is extremely in demand among buyers, as we are allowed to talk about reviews.owners of Niv data.

2. Transmission - installation of an interaxle lockable differential. There is a function - forced differential lock.

field in the sand

3. Clutch is one of the strong points of this car. It has a pronounced switching point and is quite strong, which allows it to withstand large drops during “rocking” or even the same towing, which, by the way, can be judged from the reviews of the Niva.

4. Dimensions - a fairly compact car. Very good at maneuvering.

5. The gearbox is a strong, reliable, time-tested five-speed mechanics with an added low range in the transfer case. The peculiarity of this box is its high torque in low gears and enhanced traction.

Chevrolet Niva: configurations

In total, there are currently 6 available configurations: "L", "LC", "GL", "GLS", "LE", "LE+". Of these, as you might guess, the L trim is the cheapest, and the LE+ trim, which has it all, is the most expensive. So, let's look at what features of the configurations AvtoVAZ engineers have prepared for us.

niva chevrolet
  1. Presence of an anti-lock braking system (ABS) on this vehicle.
  2. Built-in air conditioning, which, judging by the reviews of the owners of the Chevrolet Niva, is just salvation.
  3. Driver and front passenger airbags.
  4. Install a snorkel for increased engine performance in off-road conditions.
  5. Presencepower mirrors.
  6. Heated seats.

Gasoline consumption

The manufacturer has approved the following data:

  1. city - 13.3 l/100 km;
  2. highway - 8.4 l/100km;
  3. combined cycle - 10 l/100 km.

It seems that for such a "Niva" the consumption is quite adequate, but after listening to the owners' reviews about the "Chevrolet Niva", you understand that everything is different in life. On average, based on the reviews on the consumption of this car, it seems that the engine eats a lot in the urban cycle. Below are the consumption figures from the Niva review:

  1. city - 15 l/100 km;
  2. track - 9 l/100 km;
  3. combined cycle - 11 l / 100 km.

Where these numbers come from is not known. It remains only to believe in the word. However, it is worth noting that this problem occurs in many car owners.

"Lada Niva": description of the car

Unlike its newest version, Lada Niva or Niva 4x4 does not stand out in any way from the outside, it looks rather modest and practical, in Russian. The body is reliable, strong. Inside the car is very spacious. Many car owners decide to buy such a car for trips with family and friends to nature and large shopping trips, since driving around the city is also quite acceptable.

Still, there are a few "buts":

- the car consumes unreasonably much gasoline;

- the material from which the body is made is very susceptible to corrosion;

- the engine is not very powerful, especially noticeable when climbing steeply with a load;

- publishesvarious noises.

In all other respects, in principle, at first glance, the car is excellent, unless, of course, supported.

Comparison of Chevrolet Niva and Niva 4x4

What is the difference between these two cars, which are produced at the same plant? In fact, not many:

  1. soundproofing - on the "American" "Niva" it is better;
  2. razdatkoy - American type "Chevrolet";
  3. paint finish;
  4. electronics.
niva shniva

And otherwise, these two cars are brothers worthy of each other with the same soul, components and purpose. The only difference is that the Chevrolet Niva is much more modern than the Niva 4x4.

Chevrolet Niva reviews

There are quite a lot of reviews on the Internet about the Niva VAZ, and they are mostly only positive. Motorists agree on almost all the pluses of this car, as well as all its minuses.

Car benefits:

  • The price is perhaps one of the main advantages of this car.
  • High cross-country - SUV.
  • Gearbox - quite strong and not capricious at all, durable.
  • Availability of spare parts - this car is assembled at our own AvtoVAZ, and almost all parts are Russian. So the problem of finding/waiting for them disappears immediately.
  • Inexpensive service - nothing to add here.
  • Dimensions - despite the fact that the car primarily positions itself as an SUV, its dimensions are quite good, which allows you to gracefullymaneuver.
ass cornfield
  • High ground clearance - 220 mm, which is an excellent indicator. The car will pass in many places, the main thing is without fanaticism.
  • Suspension is a bit stiff and easy to maintain.
  • The stove is a good thermal installation, due to which the interior warms up extremely quickly in winter and retains its heat for a long time.
  • Comfortable seats.
  • Good visibility - even the spare tire, which is bolted to the trunk lid, does not interfere with the view.
  • Possibility to install a snorkel - fans of total off-road will love this feature.
  • Air conditioner. Works great, saves in the summer heat.
  • Airbags and anti-lock braking system (ABS). This factor is extremely important to note, since earlier AvtoVAZ produced cars with a weak passenger and driver safety system. Now the safety of life while riding has come to the fore.

This is where the pluses of this car, unfortunately, end, so you should consider all the minuses of the Niva in the reviews of the owners and figure out what you should be prepared for when purchasing this car.

"Lada Niva": reviews

Reviews about the "Niva" provide information not only about the positive qualities of this machine, but also about its weaknesses.

niva auto

Since all the advantages of the Niva 4x4 converge with its modern Americanized version, it is worth considering the disadvantages in more detail.

  1. Bad engine - very weak, much weaker than advertisedmanufacturer.
  2. High fuel consumption, as mentioned earlier.
  3. Poor sound insulation is a problem for most members of the AvtoVAZ family.
  4. Squeaks in the cabin.
field on the road

In general, based on the reviews of Niva, we can say that if you like AvtoVAZ cars or want a cheap SUV with basic functions, then this car is for you. He will serve faithfully and will never let you down with proper care. And it doesn’t matter if the new generation will be the Niva that you buy, or the old one.

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