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Suzuki RF400 motorcycle: a tourist with a sports soul

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Suzuki RF400 motorcycle: a tourist with a sports soul
Suzuki RF400 motorcycle: a tourist with a sports soul

Experts call the Suzuki RF400 motorcycle ambiguous. And to some, it even seems strange. Judge for yourself: a powerful aggressive sportbike heart is imprisoned in a rather mediocre body. Those who had a chance to pilot this bike for the first time often say that the engine is cramped and boring, its rich potential simply cannot manifest itself. And those who managed to fall in love with this bike and ride it for quite a long time, secretly report that it is not without a capricious character and shows temper not only during high-speed rides.

Suzuki RF400

At the same time, the motorcycle is quite popular. It is explained simply: the price is quite affordable, the dimensions are full-size, and the appearance of the Suzuki RF400 is much more pleasant than its performance characteristics.


The engine from the GSX-R 400 migrated to this model in all its glory. Sharp, obedient, skittish, this motor is somewhat depressed in the company of a rather inexpressive running gear. In addition, as the owners of bikes of this model report, sometimes you have to deal with rather high demands. The slightest malfunction in the fuel injection system - and the enginestarts to wobble. If the carburetor gets even a little tired, you can put an end to the candles. They will immediately fill with oil and die, once and for all. Fuel valve seats and needle caps should also always be in perfect condition.

Problems can also arise with maintenance, for example, sometimes in order to remove the generator rotor from the crankshaft trunnion, you have to use a grinder. It is not possible to rip it off using a tool and considerable physical strength.

Nevertheless, the engine is not in vain called the most successful decision that was made in the development of this model.


The operation of the checkpoint cannot be called ideal. She is somewhat vague. Basically, the node is reliable and works flawlessly, but there are minor flaws. For example, between the fifth and sixth gears, the pseudo-neutral slips.

suzuki rf400


The apparatus is built on a steel frame. No innovations and innovative solutions can be found here, no matter how hard you try. Everything is quite normal.

The use of such a budget, but durable material like steel, has borne its expected results. Firstly, this is a good plus for safety, and secondly, it is an equally impressive minus to the amount on the price tag. But there is a side effect: the dry weight of the Suzuki RF400 motorcycle is not small.


Suzuki designers once again proved that they do not eat their bread in vain. The motorcycle turned out really beautiful and stylish. A real sports tourist, with all the characteristic features.

In the design of the plastic body kit, features slip,reminiscent of Ferrari supercars. One of the most memorable and recognizable features of the model are the "gills" through which air is released from the radiator.

The lining also keeps a couple of secrets in the form of glove compartments hidden near the tank. Impressive seat capacity is also good news.


Many owners complain that all suspensions are too soft. This can be felt especially strongly on a long journey.

suzuki rf400rv

True, there is a way to solve this problem. It is worth changing the oil to a more viscous one, as this deficiency will not be felt so clearly.


It should be said that the Suzuki RF400 is a motorcycle that is designed for impressive speed. His class affiliation speaks for itself. In such conditions, absolutely mediocre brakes are bewildering. They work fine, but there is no need to talk about any special merits.

Of the shortcomings, it is worth mentioning the souring of the calipers, which occurs from time to time.

Pilot and Passenger Comfort

Many people know that the landing of a motorcyclist in any sport from Suzuki is peculiar, while the legs are drawn in. If not for this, the motorcycle could be called quite comfortable. Wind protection is impressive, it will help to cope with high speeds. The seat is spacious and soft. The tidy is accessible and reads well.

sports tourist

Passenger comfort is also up to par, as it should be on a sport touring motorcycle. On a long journey, it will be convenient for both.


The Suzuki RF400 motorcycle was produced from 1994 to 2000 and during this time it was not particularly modified. In some series, analog equipment was replaced by digital, but there is no talk of any impressive implementations. From time to time, the manufacturer tried to trick something with painting, offering buyers either one-color or two-color versions. Suzuki RF400RV, which was produced in 1997-1998, did not differ in technical terms, but got a new body color - cherry. Previously, the world has seen only red, blue and black versions of the model.


The table below lists the main performance characteristics of the model.

Engine, see3


Number of cylinders

4, lined up





Torque (max)

38 at 9500

Power, l. s.


Dry weight, kg


Cruising speed, km\h



Customer demand is the best compliment to a manufacturer, and the Suzuki RF400 takes advantage of this demand. And even though it has some controversial features, true connoisseurs of the genre cannot ignore it.

suzuki rf400 motorcycle

Expressive appearance, real sports soul and comfort on a long journey do their job to win the hearts of bikers. And the relatively low price only contributes to the already impressive success in the market.

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