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BMW R1200GS - classic "tourist" in its true form

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BMW R1200GS - classic "tourist" in its true form
BMW R1200GS - classic "tourist" in its true form

The BMW R1200GS is an enduro touring bike with a fairly powerful 1170cc engine. This is the model that greatly expanded the concept of touring bikes.

How did you find a compromise?

The BMW R1200GS is a touring enduro that has just been rejuvenated. The Bavarian developers faced a difficult task - to update an archaic model, but in such a way as not to scare off fans of "old school" models and at the same time attract the attention of potential new customers who would love to purchase an "adventure BMW", but technically more equipped competitors "interrupt appetite "".

bmw r1200gs

The solution was found - as a result, the motorcycle remained practically unchanged in appearance, but its filling has undergone significant changes. So, for example, instead of air cooling, the engine received a liquid-oil system, and the intake and exhaust system was changed almost completely.

Power in every situation

The use of a liquid cooling system (similar to the one used by the BMW team on"Formula 1") allowed to significantly increase the power and traction of the engine. As a result, the power of the BMW R1200GS twin-cylinder boxer has increased to 125 horsepower. But an additional cooling system called Precision cooling made it possible to “relieve stress” precisely from those engine elements that were previously subjected to significant load, but could not be cooled by the oncoming flow.

Electronic filling of the updated enduro

The BMW R1200GS Adventure motorcycle is fully packed with electronics. Five engine operating modes - "asph alt", "rain", "dynamic mode" and two versions of driving in off-road conditions; ABS and electronic throttle, as well as cruise control and remote suspension control - all this provides the most comfortable conditions for imposing driving. The BMW motorcycle, whose photo eloquently demonstrates its desire to travel, is equipped with an innovative system called Dynamic ESA - this option allows the computer to analyze the speed of the motorcycle, the condition of the road surface and independently adjust the shock absorbers in Live mode.

bmw motorcycle photo

Who is the BMW R1200GS for?

By combining engine and suspension settings, you can get several engine modes, each with unique characteristics. This in turn means that the beginner will have to experience the motorcycle repeatedly in various conditions. However, the best touring enduro is the BMW motorcycle. The photo clearly demonstrates the harmonious shape of the bike,which slightly resembles the outlines of a bird. Perhaps that is why among motorcyclists he received the name "Big Goose".

In order to master all the subtleties of the engine, you will have to drive more than one hundred kilometers. But it's worth it - sufficient engine power and its responsiveness causes extremely positive emotions from the trip. In any case, a smart computer minimizes the likelihood of gross violations.

bmw r1200gs price

It cannot be said that the BMW R1200GS is suitable for long-distance driving - due to weak protection against the oncoming wind, “rides” for long distances are contraindicated. However, the rest of the qualities are quite consistent with the class "tourist".

Dry facts or basic specifications

The four-stroke boxer engine has a capacity of 125 horsepower and this at a volume of 1170 cc. The air-liquid cooling system is also equipped with an additional one, which greatly facilitates the work of some engine elements.

The steel tubular frame provides sufficient strength to the whole structure itself, and as a result of the modification, it has become even more resistant to twisting, which means that now the motorcycle is more precise in control and more maneuverable. The ground clearance of the new model has been increased by 10 mm, which allows you to get proper control in off-road driving conditions.

The BMW R1200GS, which varies in price depending on the condition of the motorcycle and the year of manufacture, is ideal for lovers of touringtrips. However, this does not mean at all that among sports models it will remain in the list of "outsiders" - BMW will give odds in high-speed competition as well.

bmw r1200gs adventure

Fuel consumption varies depending on riding conditions, motorcycle speed and road surface conditions. So, for example, at a speed of 120 km / h, the bike will “eat” about 5.5 liters, but in conditions of measured and imposing movement (90 km / h), enjoying the beauties of nature, you can not worry about refueling - fuel consumption is only about 4 liters. The maximum speed of the touring enduro is 200 km/h, which is an excellent indicator for bikes in this category.

The BMW R1200GS Touring is the perfect companion for exciting adventures and new experiences. The quality and character of the motorcycle will do the best to ensure that the trip brings only positive emotions.

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