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Kawasaki motorcycles: lineup and specifications

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Kawasaki motorcycles: lineup and specifications
Kawasaki motorcycles: lineup and specifications

Japanese motorcycle company Kawasaki has a rich history. For 121 years of its existence, the company has produced models of motorcycles of all kinds - from touring to cross-country. In its assortment you can find two-wheeled vehicles for moving around the city, for long trips and high-speed races. Absolutely all Kawasaki products are distinguished by high quality and stylish design. You can learn more about the range of Kawasaki motorcycles in this article.

Kawasaki - motorcycles with a worldwide reputation

The longer the history of the company, the more respect it is treated. Kawasaki immediately has two facts for itself: the year of foundation and the country in which it was born. In 1896, a small company was founded in Japan, which produced boats, boats, ATVs and motorcycles. How to train forrelease of various vehicles, in 1960 she released the first full-fledged bike with an engine of 125 cubic centimeters. Next came the 650cc and 900cc bikes.

kawasaki motorcycles lineup

Glorious products of the Japanese brand did not come to Russia immediately. Only in 2006 did official dealerships appear, where you could buy new, not used equipment. Kawasaki motorcycles are loved by Russian drivers for their wide range and excellent value for money.

Types of Kawasaki motorcycles

What are the models of Kawasaki motorcycles?

  • The category "supersport" includes, perhaps, the most spectacular and striking specimens. They have a prominent design and are often painted acid green or orange. The cost of motorcycles of this type starts from 600 thousand rubles for a new copy. Sport bikes are good for racing or racing with the wind on country roads.
  • Road models are designed for trips around the city and on relatively smooth off-road. They are one of the most versatile motorcycles.
  • Bikes like "sport-tourism" will appeal to fans of long-distance travel. There are roomy trunks and a large gas tank for the convenience of the traveler.
  • Choppers and cruisers feature a traditional deep sound, straight fit and attractive design.
  • On crossovers it is good to overcome obstacles and drive on complete impassability.
  • Classic motorcycles are for true enthusiastsenduring values. Naked bikes feature chrome details and high quality.
kawasaki motorcycles

Kawasaki motorcycle lineup

Kawasaki has the right vehicle for every rider. The 2017 Kawasaki motorcycle lineup is represented by 7 models, which include 36 modifications. The cheapest bike can be purchased for 210 thousand rubles (cross-country small-capacity model). The most expensive model in the line is Kawasaki Ninja H2, for which you will have to pay about 2 million rubles.

  • Kawasaki Ninja are fast sport bikes in various configurations.
  • The road bike lineup is much broader: Kawasaki's lineup of motorcycles includes the Z250/300/900/1000 and Ninja 300/250 and 600cc engines.
  • Comfortable touring models include the Kawasaki Z1000SX, 1400GTR ABS and ZZR1400.
  • VN Voyager and Vulcan S ABS are the powerhouses of Kawasaki's chopper and cruiser range.
kawasaki motorcycles lineup specifications


Depending on the model range of Kawasaki motorcycles, the characteristics can vary greatly. For example, the most powerful engines with a volume of 1700, 1400 and 1000 cubic centimeters can be found in cruising motorcycles and sports bikes. Crossovers in comparison with them have rather modest parameters.

Kawasaki ZXR 400 considered downsizedsportbike version. The 400cc engine and excellent high-end traction make this bike a beginner's favorite. But the Kawasaki KLE, on the contrary, is designed for a long and leisurely ride at a speed of 120-130 km / h. Maneuverable and powerful, he confidently shows himself on the road and obediently responds to the slightest movement of the steering wheel. At the same time, a cruise motorcycle has the necessary comfort so that its driver does not get tired on the road. The Kawasaki ZZR400 bike is the most popular model that has been at the peak of popularity for more than one year. Versatile and dynamic, it's perfect for city driving and long hauls.

The range of Kawasaki is so large that it is impossible to cover all models in one article. But, regardless of the purpose of the purchase, any Kawasaki motorcycle will be a real gift for a road lover.

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