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The steering wheel of a motorcycle is an important technical element of a vehicle

The steering wheel of a motorcycle is an important technical element of a vehicle
The steering wheel of a motorcycle is an important technical element of a vehicle

All major controls (throttle handle, clutch and brake levers, turn and signal switches, rear-view mirrors) are mounted on the motorcycle handlebars. Not only the efficiency of performing various maneuvers while driving depends on this detail, but also in many respects the safety of both the motorcyclist himself and other road users.

Varieties of motorcycle handlebars

The dimensions and shape of the steering wheel depend on the motorcycle class. Of course, bike manufacturers install this important technical element in the way they consider the most correct and convenient. And many motorists are quite satisfied with the regular steering wheel installed on the motorcycle during its construction (as a rule, all vehicles are produced, focusing on a person of average height). But there is a sufficient number of motorcyclists who are not satisfied with the installed steering wheel (it either does not fit their dimensions, or does not allow them to take a comfortable fit, or does not satisfy in appearance). And since the steering wheel should be comfortable, and most importantlyto ensure the comfort and safety of the ride, it becomes necessary to replace it.

Today, the market offers a large number of varieties of motorcycle handlebars that can be installed instead of standard products: straight, low, high, H-shaped, universal with height, tilt and turn adjustments and so on.

motorcycle handlebar

Important! When choosing a replacement product, be sure to measure its diameter, otherwise installation difficulties (and sometimes the impossibility of such) cannot be avoided.

Replacement of stock mount

It would seem that such a technical unit as a motorcycle steering wheel mount is difficult to tune. However, manufacturers of biker accessories have developed special devices that allow you to lengthen the regular racks to which the steering wheel is attached. These products are very useful, for example, for people of high stature (that is, when it is necessary to set the stock steering wheel to a higher position). Such inserts under the steering wheel are produced both in a fixed length (from 18 to 50 mm), and with the ability to adjust vertically (up / down) and horizontally (forward / backward).

motorcycle steering damper

The price of such devices from the German manufacturer SW-MOTECH, depending on the size, functional features and brand of motorcycle, varies from 3100 to 8500 rubles.

Steering damper

Irregularities in the road (potholes, pits, tram or railway crossings) transmit significant vibrations to the motorcycle handlebars. This leads to its uncontrolled rocking, thereby reducingbike control and traffic safety. To prevent this unpleasant phenomenon, a motorcycle steering damper is installed. The principle of operation of this device is very similar to the operation of wheel dampers: it dampens unwanted steering vibrations to a large extent and provides the ability to make very quick changes in direction of movement. Structurally, the damper consists of a housing and a cylinder with a movable rod. The body is attached to the motorcycle frame, the stem is attached to the rotating part of the steering system (usually the fork leg or crosshead).

Modern motorcycles (both sports and large road bikes) are equipped with a steering damper already at the factory. However, if your bike does not have this device, then you can make this useful technical tuning yourself. Leading manufacturers of steering stabilizers (HYPERPRO, Ohlins) produce both specific products for specific models of BMW, Ducati, Harley Davidson, Honda, Kawasaki, Suzuki, Yamaha motorcycles, as well as universal ones (of various sizes). The price of original dampers is from 16,000 to 21,000 rubles. Copies from obscure manufacturers can be bought for much less.

motorcycle handlebar mount

Motorcycle grips

Replacing motorcycle handlebars is the easiest and most affordable way to tune your two-wheeled pet. Sometimes it is necessary to do this due to the fact that regular products have worn out or become unusable as a result of a fall. And some riders just want to improve the grip of the gloves on the controls or reduce the vibration transmittedfrom the steering wheel to the hands. Others change stock grips to change the look of the bike.

The choice of such devices is very diverse, both in price and in design and materials from which they are made. So bright red ergonomic Ariete HALF WAFFLE from MX made of polymer plastic can be bought at a price of 520 to 600 rubles, and a set of anti-vibration rubber handles with aluminum inserts HG020 from Rizoma will cost from 1300 to 1400 rubles.

motorcycle handlebars

Fans who like to extend the season as much as possible and ride even in inclement and cool weather can install heated grips on the steering wheel.

Holders for accessories

Using a mobile phone or a navigator while riding, if they are not attached to a motorcycle, is inconvenient, and most importantly, unsafe. To fix these necessary and useful gadgets, special holders on the motorcycle handlebars are designed. They are installed so that they do not interfere with the use of controls, and at the same time are available for use. Usually, the standard set of such devices includes a bracket for easy mounting on the handlebar, and a waterproof case with a transparent top and a quick-release latch that is attached to the back. The choice is quite wide, so you can easily choose the size of such a device, in accordance with the dimensions of a smartphone, navigator or tablet.

motorcycle handlebar holder

Additional motorcycle accessories such as cigarette lighter or battery charger cUSB connector, usually sold with a handlebar holder.

In closing

Any tuning of a motorcycle (whether it be replacing a standard steering wheel, mounting it or installing additional fasteners) should not, first of all, interfere with driving and reduce traffic safety. Therefore, the change of stock products and the installation of additional accessories must be approached carefully and carefully. Choosing a trusted and reliable manufacturer is an important part of this process.

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