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What changes will the updated Priora surprise motorists with?

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What changes will the updated Priora surprise motorists with?
What changes will the updated Priora surprise motorists with?

The Russian consumer follows the modernization of cars of the Lada family with special attention and awe. In the fall of 2013, the domestic manufacturer pleased with the restyling of old models. The updated Priora was presented to the public. The changes affected not only the appearance: the interior of the cabin has improved, as well as a number of elements in the mechanics of the car. In order to understand all the innovations, consider the proposed model in more detail.

updated Priora

Exterior changes

Both bumpers of the Lada were transformed. The front part used the original design solution. The updated Priora has acquired a modern look, and its features have become more recognizable. The rear bumper received an improved aerodynamic shape. This improves the direction of air flow from under the rear of the machine and reduces the amount of lift exerted on the rear axle. In addition, the bottom of the bumper was painted in a practical dark color. The appearance was completed by the addition of additional lighting equipment.The updated Priora received daytime running lights, which now work in accordance with international standards, automatically turning on when the ignition key is turned. The rear lights have also been changed. LEDs appeared in the design of side lights and brake lights. All the exterior modifications have certainly had a positive effect on the overall safety of the car, as well as improving itsvisual appeal.

updated Lada Priora 2013

Salon Interior

In the instrument panel, a special soft-look finishing material is used. Its plastic base looks like soft leather and has increased scratch resistance. At the top of the panel is a liquid crystal touch display. It displays all the supporting information needed by the driver. The updated Lada Priora of 2013 received new seats in the cabin. Many drivers note that their embossed surface provides good body support. Position adjustment can now be carried out in a larger range due to the increase in the longitudinal travel of the seats. Due to the use of new materials in the door trim, the soundproofing of the cabin has been improved. The designers did not forget about safety by installing reinforced stiffeners in the doors. In general, the reworking of the interior turned out to be very significant and will appeal to many fans of the VAZ lineup.

updated Prior wagon

Changing dynamics

The new engine was the result of the modernization of the intake tract 126 motor. As a result, the capacity of the unit was increased to106 l. With. Models completed by him now have a five in their index. The updated "Priora-station wagon" is designated as 21715, sedan and hatchback - 21705, 21725, respectively. Experts who tested the Lada claim that it behaves noticeably “faster” when starting from a standstill and maneuvering. Apparently, the increased torque in the low rev range affects here. Therefore, the updated Priora is able to give its owner a certain feeling of comfort on the road. Such a car will surely find its buyer. The beginning of the price range is at around 347,600 rubles.

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