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VAZ-2110 wipers: do-it-yourself replacement
VAZ-2110 wipers: do-it-yourself replacement

Anyone who has ever driven a car with broken wipers in heavy rain or snow can tell you how hard and dangerous it is. In order not to get into a similar situation, you need to monitor the condition of the wiper blades and change them in a timely manner.

Wipers VAZ 2110

In this article we will talk about what VAZ-2110 wipers are. We will also look at the design of the windshield wiper mechanism and deal with the most common problems with it.

How the “tens” windshield wiper works

The windshield wiper mechanism of a VAZ-2110 car consists of the following elements:

  • electric motor;
  • trapeze (mechanical drive);
  • control module (mode switching);
  • elements of electrical protection;
  • wiper leashes;
  • brushes.

Electric motor

VAZ-2110 wipers are driven by an electric motor. Its design includes a gearbox and three current-carrying brushes, thanks to which it can operate in three speed modes. The VAZ-2110 wiper motor is located in a special compartment under the decorative grille at the bottom of the windshield.

Trapeze wipers VAZ 2110

Mechanical drive

The wiper blade drive is a system of levers and rods, movably connected to each other in the form of a trapezoid. It is located in the engine compartment under the windshield and is designed to convert the rotational movement of the motor shaft into reciprocating and vice versa. Thus, the trapezium of the VAZ-2110 wipers makes the brushes move synchronously and in the same plane.

Control module

The wiper mechanism is controlled by a separate switch located on the steering column on the right. It has four modes:

  • inactive (the VAZ-2110 wipers are at rest);
  • intermittent (brushes move at regular intervals);
  • fast;
  • very fast.

Security elements

Because the wiper drive is electric, its circuit is protected by a fuse. It is located in the main mounting block and has the designation F-5. If the VAZ-2110 wipers do not work, it is better to always start troubleshooting with it.

Wipers do not work VAZ 2110

The frequency of strokes of the brushes in intermittent mode is regulated by a separate relay. It is also located in the main mounting block and is designated as K-2. In case of violation of the frequency of operation of the "ten" wipers, it must be replaced. Trying to diagnose or repair the relay is impractical, since it costs a little more than 200 rubles.


Wiper leads VAZ-2110- these are elements of the mechanism that transmit force from the trapezoid crank directly to the brushes. In other words, these are rails that, in fact, move the wipers on the windshield. They are attached to the trapezoid with slots and fixing nuts. At the ends of the leashes of the "tens" wipers there is a special fastening in the form of a hook.


Regular brushes VAZ-2110 consist of three elements:

  • frame;
  • of the brush itself;
  • mounts.

The frame of the device is made of metal and has a composite structure, which includes one main rail and two additional rails located on it. The brush is made of soft rubber. In the middle of its working surface there is a longitudinal protrusion (keel), which, in fact, cleans the glass. The brush is attached to two additional rails of the frame, entering their grooves. In order for the wiper to slide easily on the glass, some manufacturers cover its working part with graphite.

Wiper motor VAZ 2110

In the center of the main rail there is a fastening mechanism with which it is attached to the leash. It is a guide for which the hook of the leash is hooked and a plastic latch that fixes the connection.

Frameless wipers

There are also frameless brushes on sale. The main feature of their design is the absence of a metal frame. Its role is played by a plastic pressure plate. Such brushes are distinguished by softness of movement, the absence of creaking caused by loose joints, corrosion. In addition, they do not "whistle" whendriving at high speed.

When to change wipers

The resource of "decimal" brushes is 500 thousand working cycles. If you translate those numbers into the area they could clear, that would be 50 football fields. But, be that as it may, it is recommended to change the wipers once a year. And it is advisable to do this before the onset of cold weather. Naturally, the VAZ-2110 wipers may lose their performance even earlier. This can be caused, for example, by damage due to freezing to the windshield or deformation caused by constant exposure to the sun. In such cases, the brushes also need to be changed.

Replacing wipers VAZ 2110


Standard wipers "tens" have a standard length of 51 cm, and it is the same for the brush located on the driver's side, and for the one on the passenger side. But it is not necessary to adhere to this standard. On the VAZ-2110, you can install wipers of the following length (driver's side / passenger side, cm):

  • 50/50;
  • 51/48;
  • 53/50;
  • 53/51;
  • 53/53;
  • 55/45;
  • 60/50;
  • 63/48.

You do not need to follow any advice when choosing the length of the brushes. If only after installation they did not block the view and did not cling to the protective grille.

Which brushes to choose

Having decided on the size of the wipers, do not rush to buy the first model that comes across. The fact is that the auto parts market today is full of fakes. Having stinted on some 100 rubles, you canpurchase wipers that will work effectively for several days, and after that they will begin to creak and let water through. It is better to give preference to well-known manufacturers, and to carry out the purchase in a specialized store. As for the design, then it’s up to you to decide whether to purchase “frameless” or ordinary ones. The main thing is that the mounts fit.

Replacing wipers VAZ-2110

The process of replacing the wipers on the "ten", as, indeed, on any other car, is very simple, and will not take you more than five minutes. And no tool is required for this. The order of work is as follows:

  • we cover the windshield with a thick cloth to protect it from possible damage;
  • bend the wiper leash from the windshield;
  • raise the latch of the attachment mechanism up, turn the frame 90 degrees around the guide and slide it down, removing the leash from the hook;
  • we put the guide of the new wiper into the mounting hook and drive it into the end of the bend until the latch clicks.

How to care for wipers to prolong their life

To make your wipers last as long as possible, follow these tips:

  • Wipe dirty brushes with a clean, damp cloth or sponge. So you not only get rid of dirt, but also protect the glass from scratches.
  • If the windshield is covered with a layer of dust, and the car washer fluid has run out, do not turn on the cleaner. This will also scratch the glass.
Wiper leads VAZ 2110
  • In winter, especially during snowfalls, do not leave the wipers leaning against the windshield - they will freeze. It is better to raise the leashes so that the brushes are suspended.
  • If the wipers are still frozen, in no case try to tear them off by force. So you will only damage the gum. Start the engine, turn on the heater to defrost the windshield and wait for it to defrost.
  • It is also impossible to knock ice off the frame or brush. Gently bend the elastic until it comes off in small pieces.
  • When replacing wipers, put some thick cloth on the windshield. This will keep him safe in case the spring-loaded leash slips out of your hands.

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