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The best hybrid wipers: review, device and reviews
The best hybrid wipers: review, device and reviews

What could be easier than buying wipers for your car? It is enough to go to the nearest car shop, choose something prettier and pay. But in most cases, everything is not as simple as it seems. Today there is a wide range of brushes on sale - winter, frame, frameless, as well as popular hybrid wipers. It is hybrid brushes that are most often bought by motorists. Let's see what makes them so popular.

hybrid wipers


Any wiper blade has three main components. The janitor consists of a rubber brush, which cleans the glass from snow, dirt, water. The rubber band is fixed on a special holder. Also in the design there is a holder with which these parts are fixed on the wiper arm.

During operation, the windshield wiper experiences the influence of three forces - this is pressing, moving and twisting. In this case, the last two forces act especially strongly. For example, it is like a piece of wire bending, unbending, and also unwinding and twisting.

At the same time, the wiper blade should provide the most uniform pressing force throughoutlength, even though modern windshields have a complex shape. In addition, aggressive weather conditions act on the brush - rain, low temperatures, anti-icing agents. Cars move at high speed - so that the wipers do not dangle, they must have high aerodynamic characteristics.

What are hybrid wiper blades?

Manufacturers unanimously claim that these are brushes of the most modern design. More recently, they were installed only on premium car models. Now this innovation has become available to everyone - they can be freely purchased at retail stores or at service stations.

Denso hybrid wipers were first produced in 2005. This brand is well known to motorists. The brush surface is closed, and together with the lever, this accessory features an advanced design. The design is refined, and the mechanism itself is almost invisible.

There are special levers on the brush body, this allows the hybrid wiper to fit as closely as possible to the windshield surface. Hybrid wipers are very efficient thanks to a special fixed rubber insert, which is additionally covered with a layer of graphite coating.

Denso hybrid wipers

Design Features

Hybrid brushes are the most ordinary brushes, the design of which combines the advantages of frame solutions and a system of rocker arms and hinges. There is also a spoiler.

And if framed and frameless wipers cannot be considereduniversal, then hybrid wiper blades are now the most versatile due to the frame, which regulates the optimal force of pressing the brush to the glass. The compact housing protects structures from dust and moisture, while the special aerodynamic shape further increases downforce and reduces lift.

The price is justified

This solution will work if the casing is split, made of moving parts. This system combines elements of frame and frameless brushes.

As you can see, this novelty has many advantages - there is only one drawback. Many motorists complain about the high price, but it is fully justified by the huge service life. Manufacturers use only the highest quality materials. This means that even after a year of active use, hybrid wipers will not lose their original shape.

Rubber bands for hybrid wipers

Advantages and disadvantages of hybrid solutions

So. Motorists, not without reason, believe that such wiper blades are the most reliable. The case is made of the highest quality, the materials are durable. These designs are not afraid of any mechanical influences - any damage is excluded, and backlash will never manifest itself. What can fail is rubber bands for hybrid wipers.

A huge number of domestic motorists prefer this type of wiper blades even in winter: they are easily cleaned of ice and snow with an ordinary scraper, and if not, you can use a simple brush. Another significant advantageis silent operation.

The body of the brushes is completely enclosed, yet very strong and modern. It is resistant to all types of pollution. The rubber part of the brush is reliably protected from UV radiation.

Hybrid wipers have standard mounts, allowing them to be versatile and provide a great fit to any windshield. It is also very easy to fix this design on the lever, and a special adapter is integrated for installation. Thanks to the rigid insert, which has a graphite coating, glass cleaning is more efficient and gentle.

But what are the disadvantages of hybrid wipers. Owner reviews report that there is poor performance in the winter: snow and ice easily accumulates under the plastic lining, and it is not easy and quick to remove it from there.

hybrid wipers reviews

About correct operation

So, hybrid car wipers are quite expensive, so it is important to know how to use them in such a way that they can work effectively for as long as possible. Here are a few simple tips to help you use these brushes for longer.

It is highly recommended not to run wipers on dry or icy glass as this may damage the rubber wiper insert. Also, do not try to remove snow from the glass surface with a brush, this will put a heavy load on the wiper motor. First, the snow must be removed with a scraper or brush, and only after that you can start the wiper.

Also notit is recommended to leave the brushes near the glass in severe frost, this will prevent freezing. It is necessary to regularly clean the brush of dirt, this will eliminate the risk of scratches on the glass and corrosion on metal parts. Wiper hinges should be lubricated regularly.

denso hybrid wipers


So far, there are not many manufacturers on the market that produce these accessories. However, products from several companies are presented in Russia at once, which allows you not to feel a shortage.


Denso hybrid wipers are one of the first to appear on the market. Also, these products are supplied to factories where premium cars are assembled. The design of hybrid wipers is the most advanced engineering solution.

Product features a special low profile, matte black finish, versatility, resistance to external influences. Brushes from this manufacturer are presented in all sizes, which makes it possible to choose them for any car.

Denso Wiper Blade

These are the number one wipers in any rankings. They have a stylish design, a powerful frame. The design is reliably protected by a plastic casing. The brushes are made of wear-resistant materials, and the belt is made of natural rubber. There is a graphite coating.

This product is distinguished by its design and is suitable for those who consider their car at least a work of art. The frame is housed in an elegant casing. Every millimeter of this brush effectively performsits function right down to the tips.

These are the best hybrid wipers on the market today, backed up by professional and consumer reviews.

hybrid wiper blades

Trico Hybrid

If we analyze the reviews of those who have already used these products, we can distinguish high manufacturability, the use of natural rubbers, the presence of a graphite coating, efficiency even at speeds of 190 km/h and above.

Trico is a manufacturer with a worldwide reputation. In this model of brushes, all the shortcomings that competitive products had were taken into account. Without any doubt, we can say that this product is really high quality. There is a graphite coating, a natural rubber tape, silent operation. This is a great choice.

hybrid car wipers

Sparco SPC-10xx

Car enthusiasts appreciate this model's universal mount, high performance all year round, maximum efficiency and quietness.

These brushes are also a great choice. They are of high quality and can remove even a layer of clay from glass.

Heyner Hybrid

The distinguishing feature of these brushes is acceptable quality and affordability compared to other brands. The company also produces all consumables for windshield wipers - this is a big plus.

Heyner brushes have a high level of corrosion protection, the cleaning tape is made of natural rubber. According to reviews, these products are distinguished by fairly quiet operation and goodclamp. The universal attachment makes these brushes suitable for all vehicles.

best hybrid wipers


As you can see, the hybrid brush is really quite an interesting and promising product. These windshield wipers have many advantages, are distinguished by versatility and a high level of operation. The price is higher than the cost of frame and frameless solutions, but it is fully justified by manufacturability and a lot of pluses.

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