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Replacing the cabin filter "Lada-Kalina"

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Replacing the cabin filter "Lada-Kalina"
Replacing the cabin filter "Lada-Kalina"

Lada-Kalina owners often pay attention to the smell of burning when driving behind a truck or bus. A large congestion of cars during peak hours leads to huge emissions of carbon monoxide into the atmosphere. Having almost the same density as air, it hangs over the road for a long time. A driver who spends a lot of time behind the wheel constantly experiences its harmful effects in the form of poor he alth.

Timely replacement of the Lada-Kalina cabin filter will help reduce the impact of toxic emissions.

Replace filter for maintenance

Each car has different operating conditions. According to the maintenance regulations, the cabin filter on the Lada Kalina is replaced every 10 thousand km. run. However, if the machine is used in southern latitudes, then you have to change it more often due to the largecontent of sand impurities in the air. Conversely, in the northern regions, the air is cleaner, and replacement can be done much less frequently.

maintenance card

Driving in heavy city traffic damages the filter faster than driving outside the city. Nevertheless, whatever the driving conditions, you need to change the cabin filter on the Lada Kalina at least once a year.

Signs for replacement

If for some reason the filter was not changed during maintenance, its failure will make itself felt by the following signs:

  1. Poor windshield blowing. Usually the glass only sweats if the damper that opens the air intake from the street is in the closed circulation position.
  2. airflow switch

    When the air comes in from outside, there should be no fogging. If it occurs, it means that an obstruction to the air flow is created in the form of a clogged filter.

  3. Characteristic smell of burning. It is especially noticeable when driving behind diesel vehicles. The smell of cars running on a propane-butane mixture is also clearly felt. In winter, the stench becomes more noticeable.
  4. Increased noise during operation of the interior heater. This is due to a decrease in airflow. This is especially noticeable in the summer when the air conditioner is running. It works, but the temperature in the cabin drops reluctantly.

Varieties of filters

Cabin filters for the Lada Kalina, manufactured by industry, can be divided into two groups. They differ from each other in cost and in principle.trapping harmful particles.

Paper anti-allergic filters. They are made in the form of a 3-layer rectangle. One layer is corrugated paper, the second is cellulose fabric, and the third is synthetic fiber. Such filters are designed to trap dust particles, rubber, pollen. Sometimes they contain a layer treated with chlorine to kill bacteria. Their advantage is high throughput, as well as low price.

Carbon filters. They retain not only mechanical impurities, but can also neutralize chemically active substances. The first layer stops large particles. The second layer is made of synthetic fabric with fine pores. It attracts small particles up to 1 micron in size, due to static electricity. The advantage of carbon filters lies in the high percentage of neutralization of harmful emissions due to adsorption. Coal well retains nitrogenous compounds, sulfur impurities, substances of phenolic and benzene groups. The disadvantage is the high price.

cabin filter

The type of car body does not affect the choice of cabin air filter. Lada-Kalina - station wagon and hatchback have an identical air purification system.

What you need for self-replacement

To change the cabin filter on the Lada-Kalina, it is not necessary to wait for MOT. It's easy to do it yourself. You will need the following tools:

  • set of “stars” or T-20 screwdriver bit;
  • flat and Phillips screwdrivers;
  • replacement filter;
  • cloth or rags;
  • vacuum cleaner.

Do-it-yourself filter replacement

The passenger wiper blade is installed in the same area where the Lada-Kalina cabin filter is located. Therefore, before starting the replacement, the wipers should be moved to the upper position. To do this, turn them on and immediately turn off the ignition as soon as they reach their extreme working position.

Replacement work takes place in several stages:

  1. With the hood closed, pull out two round plugs, under which there are screws securing the decorative grille. You need to pry them out with a flathead screwdriver. This should only be done on the right side in the direction of the machine.
  2. When the hood is raised, 4 screws securing the plastic lining are unscrewed using the T-20 sprocket.
  3. removal of lining
  4. Grate is taken out. First, the central part is released. It goes under half of the cladding on the right side. The outer part of the grille has latches that cling to the fender of the car. Care must be taken to disengage her.
  5. After removing the grille, a plastic casing will open, which is attached to two screws. They need to be unscrewed with a Phillips screwdriver. Along the way, you need to unscrew the bracket for attaching the windshield washer tube. To remove the cover, slide it to the left, then pull it out.
  6. The filter is fixed with two brackets. Therefore, they must first be unfastened.
  7. cabin filter installation location
  8. The place where the Lada-Kalina cabin filter is adjacent to the air duct must be wipedrags. And it is better to additionally vacuum.
  9. After installing a new filter, reassembly takes place in the reverse order.

Can I keep the old filter

If there is an air compressor on the farm, then the Lada-Kalina cabin filter can be cleaned with compressed air. However, this procedure will not work several times: the pressure will increase the micro-holes in the corrugated paper, and dust particles will begin to pass into the cabin. As for the carbon filter, such a procedure is not suitable for it at all. The adsorbent properties cannot be restored in this way.

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