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Central locking with remote control - convenience and security

Central locking with remote control - convenience and security
Central locking with remote control - convenience and security

Central locking with remote control is an electronic-mechanical system responsible for locking and unlocking all vehicle doors, including the trunk and fuel cap. In addition to the function of simultaneously unlocking all doors, the device also has a decentralized system that allows you to open and close only those car doors that are needed at a particular moment.

How does remote central locking work?

central locking with remote control

In the configuration of absolutely all locking systems, a central lock with remote control is provided. It includes several mandatory elements, namely, special mechanisms that receive and respond to a signal; central lock control unit; sensorexit.

Much more convenient when the system is equipped with a common control unit responsible for each individual door. The central locking remote control unit receives a signal from the remote control, processes it and opens the doors. The input sensor, consisting of switches built into the doors, microswitches and mechanisms, transmits information to the main control unit through the unit for different doors and lock elements, which, in turn, gives a signal that turns the action of actuators (actuators) into an electrical signal of a mechanical movement. If the limit switch fails, the owner of the car will not be able to perform any actions with the doors.

Mechanism functions

central locking remote control

A DC motor and a small gearbox are responsible for the operation of the actuators. For the manufacture of gearboxes, the most durable plastic is usually used. The signal coming from the main control unit drives the engine, and the gearbox causes the lock elements to turn on. The operation of this control system is based on the following principle: a microtransmitter is built into the key (trinket), from which a signal is sent to the main unit equipped with a radio antenna. The central locking with remote control is able to interact with the key fob at a distance of up to 15 meters on average. After the intentional action signal is detected, the main unit transmits a special signal to the units responsible for opening / closing each door, after which it turns onmechanism.

Central locking remote control system

central locking remote control system

Remote opening / closing of different doors is carried out after pressing a special button located on the key or key fob. After the door closing function is triggered, actuators (actuators) are turned on, which complete the specified process. At the same time as the central locking with remote control closes all the doors, the lock is activated and the alarm system starts. The anti-theft alarm system has feedback from the remote control, which can signal the car owner about an attempt to unauthorized opening of the car. However, please note that the alert radius is small.

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