Three-wheeled scooter: two wheels in front or two wheels in back

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Three-wheeled scooter: two wheels in front or two wheels in back
Three-wheeled scooter: two wheels in front or two wheels in back

Ten years ago, unusual motor scooters suddenly rolled out onto the roads. The three-wheeled scooter had a truly revolutionary design. Two wheels were not located behind, as usual, but in front. Who came up with this first is unknown. But the first models, after the decline of surging emotions, did not cause much enthusiasm among consumers. More attempts are coming.

tricycle scooter
tricycle scooter

The same scooters look much more familiar, but, as expected, with two wheels at the back. Let's talk about some and other models in order.

Three-wheeled scooter

How many wheels to choose for transport, two or three, decide depending on what it is purchased for. For an ordinary driver, a two-wheeled scooter is quite convenient: it maneuvers quite well and easily overcomes traffic jams.

But there is a category of people for whom it will be more convenienta more stable means, which is a three-wheeled scooter. These are the elderly, the disabled, villagers, as well as fishermen, hunters and summer residents.

Of course, first of all, such a vehicle was developed specifically for people with disabilities. A simple design consists of two rear and one front wheel.

However, cross-country fans did not bypass tricycles, preferring it to ATVs and minibikes. The reasons for such a strange, at first glance, choice are prosaic:

  • since the motor is moved back here, it does not interfere with the legs;
  • this transport protects well from dirt;
  • three wheels are more stable than two.
honda tricycle scooter
honda tricycle scooter


Three-wheeled scooter can be walking, sports or transport. For the first, as a rule, weak engines up to 150 cubes are used, and one or two seats.

The cargo scooter has a trunk with which you can carry large boxes, bags and other cargo. Such transport is capable of transporting mainly cargo up to one hundred and fifty kilograms, and less often up to two hundred.

Touring and cargo models can have a roof and glass with wipers. Basically, such models are scooters that run on gasoline. But manufacturers are also working on developing gas and hybrid models. The speed of such transport is up to sixty kilometers per hour.

tricycle scooter reviews
tricycle scooter reviews

Sports models are morepowerful machines. The volume on them reaches 250 cubic centimeters, and in some cases even up to 580. They are represented by four-stroke liquid-cooled units. These models have only petrol engines. Roofs in them, of course, do not happen. But a windshield can be provided.

Depending on the purpose of the vehicle, the three-wheeled scooter has brakes on one or all discs.

Chic or just needed?

The enclosed scooter looks like a cross between a motorcycle and an electric car for driving in warehouses. But when you look at the prices, this transport starts to look like a luxury:

  • rooftop walking scooters start at $5,000;
  • cargo - from seven thousand dollars;
  • sports - from ten to twelve thousand.
  • tricycle double scooter
    tricycle double scooter

The price depends on the technical characteristics of the model. But this transport is clearly not cheap. Although if noble goals are set, then the cost will no longer matter. However, if you wish, you can easily assemble a three-wheeled double scooter or a single one yourself. All accessories for this are sold. All you have to do is find the right bike, put in a little effort, and the vehicle is ready.

This scooter consumes little fuel and is a more convenient and less dangerous mode of transport for road and highway travel. An indispensable tool can be a three-wheeled scooter for fishing, hunting and in the country.

Scooter vice versa

For the first timethese strange vehicles appeared in Europe, and the largest manufacturer of scooters Piaggio began to produce it in several versions at once: Gilera Fuoco 500, Piaggio MP3 400, 250 and 125.

The fact that a three-wheeled vehicle is more stable than a two-wheeled one is absolutely certain. Attempts to launch the production of this type of scooters arose more than once. However, they did not feel warm feelings for them for the simple reason that the feeling of drive disappeared when tilting or turning, and the dimensions increased in width.

Honda Gyro Tricycle

The Japanese decided to cope with people's dislike for such scooters by placing the wheels close to each other with hinges to the main part of the scooter. It turned out that when the driver made a turn, the vehicle leaned over.

Of course, due to its unusualness, Honda's three-wheeled scooter has attracted the attention of many people. But then they began to notice that its stability was not at all good, and the plastic used, when it hit it, left any mark on the road surface.

Breakthrough or failure again?

Experienced motorcyclists and scooters are well aware that skidding on the front wheel is much more serious than on the back. If it happens from behind, then the fall can be prevented by releasing the brake, but it is usually not possible to cope with the skid of the front wheel. Therefore, it turns out that the third wheel at the back does not give much stability. But if, on the contrary, you install it in front, then it is assumed that stability will increase significantly. This required a lot of engineering work. And in the companyPiaggio got down to business. According to the company, they managed to make a revolution and they launched new three-wheeled scooters into production. There are no reviews yet about them. Time will tell if the idea is viable.

tricycle fishing scooter
tricycle fishing scooter

They have two tilting wheels on the front end. The tilter is equipped with aluminum arms, four axles fixed on the center tube of the frame, and two guide tubes at each end, which are connected by ball bearings and suspension arms. When turning the steering wheel, the racks at the ends can warp relative to the frame. Both one and the other wheel in front have their own suspension and brake disc. When the tool is stopped, a block is triggered, but it can also be turned on automatically.

Revolutionary tricycles have engines of 400 and 500 cubic meters, accelerating up to 150 kilometers per hour. The developers claim that such a scheme of work makes this type of transport much more stable, especially when obstacles arise. In Moscow, it can be purchased today in the Piaggio MP3 250 configuration for 7300 euros.