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Drive seal for "Ford Focus 2". Purpose and method of replacement

Drive seal for "Ford Focus 2". Purpose and method of replacement
Drive seal for "Ford Focus 2". Purpose and method of replacement

There is one small but very important detail in the gearbox housing - the oil seal. If this little rubber ring goes bad, the box will break fatally. What is the seal intended for? How do you know if it's worn out? Can I replace it myself? First things first.

What is the oil seal for?

The oil seal is used in all joints of the car, where a tight fastening of moving elements is necessary to prevent leakage of lubricating fluids. Simply put, in the gearbox, the drive oil seal on the Ford Focus 2 seals the junction of the gearbox housing and the drive itself. If it is not there, all the oil will flow out of the box, and it will jam.

ford focus 2 drive oil seal

In addition to retaining grease, the oil seal prevents sand, dirt and water from entering the mount, which is also important. Dirt mixed with the transmission fluid circulating through the system can cause the transmission to overheat.

Signs of oil seal wear

The main and almost the only symptom of oil seal wear isoil leaks around it. If there are any, just in case, you need to check with your hand, is it oil? Rarely, but it happens that these are drops of water (for example, after washing a car or driving through puddles).

ford focus 2 drive oil seal replacement

After making sure that it is really oil, we additionally check the breather. It is designed to ventilate the gearbox and equalize the pressure inside it. The breather is located on the crankcase cover. When this element becomes clogged, the air circulation in the box is disturbed, as a result of which the pressure rises, which pushes the oil through all kinds of connections.

When the conclusion becomes unequivocal that the Ford Focus 2 drive oil seal is worn out, it's time to start replacing it.

Tool set

As it turned out, the right drive oil seal is structurally different from the left drive oil seal "Ford Focus 2". The direction of the marks inside is different (on the right gland it points to the left, and on the left it points to the right). The last digit of the marking of the right gland is 4, and the left one is 5. The right gland is black, and the left one is brown. If they are accidentally swapped, there will be no airtight joint and oil will leak out.

ford focus 2 left drive oil seal

To replace you will need:

  • key at 13;
  • 30 socket wrench;
  • pressing device (metal cylinder);
  • hammer;
  • mount;
  • waste oil container;
  • screwdrivers;
  • new oil seal and transmission fluid (if the oil is out of the boxneeds to be changed).


We drive the car onto a flyover or a pit. In general, it is best to replace the drive seals with the Ford Focus 2 on a lift, because it is easier to remove the wheels from the car on it. But since self-repair is likely to be carried out in garage conditions, we install the car on a support after removing the wheels. Then we start disassembly:

  1. Drain the transmission fluid. We visually assess the need to replace it.
  2. Unscrew the ball joint from the steering knuckle.
  3. Retrieve the drive from the hub.
  4. Use a pry bar to remove the CV joint from the box.
  5. We take out the old oil seal using any metal hook.
  6. Wipe the attachment point with a clean rag to remove oil residue.
  7. Installing a new one, use a little lube.
  8. Here we use the device for pressing. Gently hit them on the stuffing box until it is fully seated.

Assembly process:

  1. To insert the drive, the steering knuckle must be pushed outward.
  2. The outboard bearing is planted to the stop.
  3. Tightening its nuts.
  4. Insert the finger into the ball joint.
  5. Tighten the nut. At the same time, we slightly press the ball joint so that the finger does not scroll.

Pour oil into the box:

  1. Remove the lid and unscrew the neck cap.
  2. Fill transmission fluid with a large syringe.
  3. Checking the oil level.
  4. Twist the cork, put the lid in place.

The process of replacing the oil seal drive "FordFocus 2" is quite simple. The spare part itself is inexpensive and always on sale.

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