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Winter tires "Kama-Euro 519". Tire Reviews
Winter tires "Kama-Euro 519". Tire Reviews

Motorists choose tires more carefully in winter than in summer. The thing is that with the onset of cold weather, operating conditions become more difficult. The most important factors when choosing are always reliability, safety and durability. Below will be considered tires "Kama-Euro 519", detailed information about these tires. What do motorists themselves think of them? What reviews do they leave for Kama-Euro 519 winter tires?

winter tires kama euro 519 reviews
winter tires kama euro 519 reviews

About tires

The first car tires were created in 1846. Then they were of poor quality and required many changes. At the moment, many manufacturers have created almost perfect tire models. They are presented in 2 options:

  • Radial.
  • Diagonal.

Tires "Kama-Euro 519" - radial. They have a cordacross the tire. Most tires are made of several layers, which include the rubber itself, steel cord and fabric. This provides traction and other characteristics.

What other types of tires are there

Most often tires are divided into summer, winter and all-season. Summer tires guarantee perfect grip on dry pavement, but on wet pavement it already deteriorates. Most often they are solid, and the side part is more massive. They must have additional rigidity in order to ensure safe maneuvering at high speed. Such tires are not suitable for winter, as they begin to harden and lose their properties.

winter tires kama euro 519 spikes reviews
winter tires kama euro 519 spikes reviews

Winter models are made of softer rubber. This is necessary so that they do not freeze in the cold. Also, the soft compound helps to improve grip on snowy and icy trails. It usually contains natural rubber. Most manufacturers install spikes in winter models for safe driving on ice. "Kama-Euro 519" is just a winter model.

It's also not uncommon to find all-season tires. As you might guess, they are designed to operate the car at any time of the year. Such tires do not begin to harden at low temperatures, and under the influence of heat they do not melt. However, their main drawback is poor wear resistance.


The Nizhnekamskshina enterprise is located in Russia. The company is a leader in the production of car tires among othersmanufacturers. The model range of the company is huge, among it you can find tires not only for passenger cars, but also for SUVs, trucks, buses, agricultural and other equipment. According to studies conducted in Russia, Kama Euro tires are installed on every third car. This is due to their quality and low cost.

winter tires kama euro 519 photo
winter tires kama euro 519 photo

Tires are made according to the technology that is used in the production of Pirelli tires. For all the time, about 300 million pieces of tires have rolled off the assembly line of the enterprise. They have also received various awards: "Reliable Supplier", "Leader in Environmental Protection-2012", "Best Manufacturer" and others.

Production technology is often improved. Due to this, tires get better and better all the time. Numerous reviews of Kama-Euro 519 winter tires confirm this. Also due to the high quality tires are very popular among car owners.

Latest technology

The production of all Kama tire models is constantly being improved. They comply with all required standards, including environmental ones. In the production of tires, there is practically no harm to nature. All technologies comply with the requirements of GOST R ISO 14001-2007. Also, attention was paid to where and how to dispose of waste. The company has practically no waste and therefore does not pollute the environment. All available waste is not disposed of, but used in other industries. This is the reason for the low cost of production. The company constantly produces a variety ofunits for winter, summer and all-season operation.

winter tires kama euro 519 test
winter tires kama euro 519 test

Characteristics of "Kama-Euro 519"

Kama-Euro 519 tires are designed for winter. Their rubber composition is soft when compared with summer options. This is necessary so that the properties of the tires are preserved at sub-zero temperatures and they do not harden. Tires are made up of several layers. The top layer is made of rubber. It prevents the rubber from hardening in the cold. In this case, the protector is made in the form of a fan. Tires are equipped with spikes on the tread. This ensures excellent grip on snowy and icy roads. The spikes have an unusual shape, thanks to which they hold tightly. The risk of falling out is greatly reduced. If you look at the photo of winter tires "Kama-Euro 519", you can see that the spikes are arranged in a certain order and all of them are involved during the movement.

Reviews about tires "Kama-Euro 519"

Many motorists after buying these tires express their opinion about them. Reviews of winter tires "Kama-Euro 519" with spikes have information that the tires are of excellent quality and at the same time low cost. Most often, the reviews are only positive. They note the following advantages:

winter tires kama euro 519 r16
winter tires kama euro 519 r16
  • Great grip on almost any type of surface. Thanks to the presence of spikes and a special rubber compound, the tires overcome snow and ice without problems.
  • Reliable and safe operation. itachieved through excellent traction.
  • Pronounced side part. Thanks to this, the car becomes more predictable. Also, such a side part allows you to make sharp maneuvers.
  • Light weight. It is achieved through a modified composition.
  • Comfortable driving. While driving, tires do not create additional noise, so the driver is not distracted by this.
  • Deep tread. This is an important factor in ensuring excellent traction.
  • Low cost. Tires are inexpensive compared to their counterparts.
  • Increased wear resistance. By changing the composition of the rubber and tread, it was possible to increase the resource of tires. For some, they withstood up to 5 seasons with quiet operation.

Reviews on winter tires "Kama-Euro 519" have other information. Some motorists compare this model with foreign tires, the cost of which is higher. At the same time, they claim that the tires are practically no different. The test of winter tires "Kama-Euro 519" showed that the model passes many European standards.

winter tires kama euro 519 185 65 r15
winter tires kama euro 519 185 65 r15

Cost of tires

Nizhnekamskshina is trying to set the lowest possible price for its products. To do this, production costs are reduced, but not at a loss in quality. In the case of this model, its cost depends on the dimension. Winter tires "Kama-Euro 519" R16 - this is the most popular option among owners of foreign cars. Howeverthere are many other dimensions that differ in profile width, profile height, tire diameter, load index and tire diameter.

Thus, winter tires "Kama-Euro 519" 185 60 R14 are popular among owners of old Russian cars. However, there are those who own new cars from a domestic manufacturer. They most often install winter tires "Kama-Euro 519" 185 65 R15.

These tires are available in many car dealerships. Therefore, it is difficult to determine their exact value. However, approximately it is equal to 1900-3300 rubles, depending on the dimension.

Disadvantages of these tires

Unfortunately, there are also negative reviews for Kama-Euro 519 winter tires. Basically, they are left by auto experts who have tested tires as much as possible. They note that the passable properties of the tires leave much to be desired. Also, they are not satisfied with the handling of the car with such tires. They also note that the model is noisy. All this is noted relative to other, more expensive models, so everyone must decide for himself whether to purchase this model or not.

winter tires kama euro 519 185 60 r14
winter tires kama euro 519 185 60 r14

Where to buy

These tires are available for purchase at many auto shops. Also, many online stores offer a choice of Nizhnekamskshina products. The company also has a personal website where you can order any model of interest. Delivery in this case will take the minimum time and will be carried out in any convenient way.


Kama-Euro 519 tires are a good option for installation in a car for the winter period. They have excellent grip properties, directional stability, do not harden in the cold, and at the same time their cost is relatively low. Most motorists speak positively about this model, because the tires have proven their reliability and quality, serving the owners for several seasons, which is often said in positive rubber reviews.

We hope you found all the information you are interested in about tires "Kama-Euro 519" and the article was useful and helped you make the right choice.

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