UAZ "Hunter": fuel consumption per 100 km and specifications

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UAZ "Hunter": fuel consumption per 100 km and specifications
UAZ "Hunter": fuel consumption per 100 km and specifications

The progenitor of the Russian SUV UAZ "Hunter", fuel consumption per 100 km will be considered in the "technical characteristics" section, was released in 1972. The first folk "nickname" of the 469 model is "Kozlik". Initially, the car was positioned as a military transport vehicle. In the future, a civilian variation appeared. The main advantage of the SUV of the first series is an increased cross-country ability.

Updated UAZ "Hunter"
Updated UAZ "Hunter"

General information

The modification turned out to be successful in its own way, as evidenced by minimal revisions in the next series under the index 3151. The car with the ZMZ-514 engine turned out to be just as angular, without a hint of comfort. Minimal changes were made to the design. All the shortcomings were brightened up by excellent cross-country ability.

The second and final generation under the name UAZ "Hunter" with a fuel consumption of about 11 liters per 100 km, was released in 2003. In fact, the restyled version was a modernized Kozlik. The production of this series has been completed, let's take a closer look at the features and characteristics of this domesticSUV.

Body and dimensions

The car in question was positioned in two body types. The first of these is a five-door station wagon with a metal hard top. The second option is a "phaeton" with a removable canvas top mounted on special arcs.

In the new version of the UAZ "Hunter", fuel consumption per 100 km has decreased, but has not received other significant updates. The dimensions of the car remained unchanged. The length was 4100 mm, width - 2001 mm, height - 2025 mm. Jeep clearance is 21 centimeters.

Dimensions UAZ "Hunter"
Dimensions UAZ "Hunter"


The exterior of the vehicle has changed minimally compared to the predecessor of the 469 series. Chopped cubic shapes and minimalism stand out in the exterior. This approach of designers is attributed to the advantages of a car that is focused on moving on roads that are not subject to other cars. Therefore, extra "bells and whistles" on the body are unnecessary pathos.

Among the distinguishing features of the exterior of the domestic off-road vehicle UAZ "Hunter":

  • a pair of horizontal mesh strips rounded at the edges, playing the role of a radiator grille;
  • circular light elements moving forward, under which "foglights" are installed;
  • turn signals are placed only on the side near the windshield;
  • bumper is a stamped beam with top hooks;
  • no plastic in equipment.

The body part reserved for the salon looks like a glazed box. wheeledarches are formed using protruding body stamping. The door curtains are left outside, but there is plastic trim on the door handles and side mirror housings.


The rear part of the UAZ "Hunter" SUV, the fuel consumption rate of which depends on the modification and type of engine, is placed vertically. The folding fifth door consists of two elements. The "reserve" is fixed on the bottom. Rear lighting includes a pair of block headlights that combine "feet" and "turn signals". Minimalism is often loved by lovers of various kinds of tuning, which is enough in this car.

Engine UAZ "Hunter"
Engine UAZ "Hunter"

Interior fittings

Spartan taste also reigns in the interior of the SUV. Manufacturers have slightly upgraded the seats, making them more comfortable, with headrests. The new UAZ "Hunter" in a new body differs from its predecessor in that the front panel is trimmed with plastic, the central compartment is reserved for the dashboard. All devices - round, analog type, distributed in a row. Under the sensors there is a node of function buttons and keys.

Instead of the central console, an opening was arranged in which the electrical wiring block and heating system passages are visible. The designers considered the window regulators to be overkill, they were replaced by separate windows. To ventilate the interior, one of the halves is simply moved aside mechanically. A pair of levers coming out of the central tunnel is responsible for controlling the transmission. One element is used to control the gearbox, the second - transfer casebox.

Salon UAZ "Hunter"
Salon UAZ "Hunter"


On the first UAZ Hunter cars, only a gasoline engine was mounted. Initially, a variant with a volume of 2.9 liters was installed, with a capacity of 104 horsepower. Then the engine was replaced with a 2.7-liter unit, with a power of 128 “horses”.

Diesel versions:

  1. A car with a Polish eight-valve Andoria engine. Its volume is 2.4 liters, power is 86 liters. s.
  2. Diesel ZMZ-514 (2.2 l, 114 hp).
  3. Chinese power unit F-Diesel 4JB1T with a volume of 2.2 liters and a capacity of 92 "horses".
  4. The latest version is UAZ "Hunter" diesel with a fuel consumption of 10.1 liters per "hundred". Its power is 98 horsepower, volume - 2.2 liters, borrowed from the "Patriot".

Technical indicators

The transmission unit of the car is formed by a five-range manual gearbox and a two-stage transfer mechanism. The SUV wheel formula is standard - 4x4 with a switchable front axle. The machine is not designed for high-speed driving, the maximum rate is 130 km / h, the dynamic parameters leave much to be desired.

The high cross-country ability is due to a good "appetite". On the gasoline version of the UAZ Hunter, fuel consumption per 100 km is 13.5 liters. Diesel models require 3-3.5 liters less fuel. These parameters are given taking into account the movement on a hard surface, off-road consumption increases significantly.

Interior of UAH "Hunter"
Interior of UAH "Hunter"

Packages and prices

The model in question has been discontinued from mass production, although modifications without mileage can still be found at official dealers. The machine cannot boast of a we alth of equipment. For example, the basic equipment of the Classic series includes:

  • Hyundai gearbox;
  • alloy wheels;
  • metallic color.

In the top configuration "Trophy", the SUV is additionally equipped with protection for steering rods and transmission unit, exclusive wheels and several body colors. A special final modification of the "Hunter" was released for the celebration of the 70th anniversary of the Victory. Among the features: an army color with musical airbrushing, a souvenir set (cloak-tent, entrenching tools, bowler hat). Along with high cross-country ability, the domestic jeep has a low cost. The average price of the basic version starts from half a million rubles.

How to reduce fuel consumption on the UAZ "Hunter"?

After purchasing the modification in question, many people think about saving fuel. To begin with, you should change the fuel pump, filters, and also check the compliance of the real parameters of the machine with the declared technical characteristics. You can also install a special gas-cylinder unit to reduce fuel costs.

A few recommendations for saving fuel and lubricants:

  1. When starting a cold engine, accelerate the SUV gradually.
  2. Get up to speed slowly, upshifting as early as possible.
  3. Maintain the required tire pressure.
Tuning UAZ"Hunter"
Tuning UAZ"Hunter"

Important, when idle for a long time in a traffic jam, turn off the power unit in advance to avoid excessive fuel consumption and engine overheating. With excessive consumption of gasoline, malfunctions or wear of the gas distribution mechanism appear. It needs to be cleaned and checked first. Also follow the correct adjustment of filters, wheel rolling, which will ensure economical and safe trips off-road, as well as over long distances. Also, use the type of fuel recommended by the manufacturer. This will extend the life of the engine and reduce fuel consumption.