Auto center "Avto-Admiral": reviews
Auto center "Avto-Admiral": reviews

This salon deserves the attention of even the most demanding customer, because it helps to realize all the dreams of a high-quality and inexpensive car in record time. "Admiral-Auto" constantly confirms its professionalism in the car trade market by painstaking work with customers and attentive attitude to each visitor. A large number of laudatory reviews about "Admiral-Avto" allows the car dealership to take part in presentations and exhibitions. At the moment, the company has been rewarded in the form of prestigious awards in the nominations "Choice of the Year", "Best Dealer of the Year" and "Professional of the Year". All this once again confirms the high level of professionalism of the car dealership.

Feedback on employee qualifications

An indisputable advantage in the work of the salon is the close attention of the management to the professional competence of its employees. The highly qualified, always polite and attentive staff of the salon performs the system of all required services quickly and competently, which helps to greatly facilitate and speed up the process of buying a car.

auto admiral reviews
auto admiral reviews

If the client expresses a desire to make sure the choice is correct, the manager will definitely testcar in operation. Customers in the reviews about "Admiral-Auto" express their gratitude to the employees of the salon and admire their professionalism.

Arriving at the salon, people who have a meager budget for the purchase often ask the manager to pick them up with a small ergonomic car. Buyers say that the manager approaches the task with all responsibility. He provides the client with several options for machines and informs about all the necessary characteristics. For low-budget clients, the manager also offers cars that the salon sells under a Trade-In deal, that is, with mileage. According to customers, it's great that the salon staff helps to easily choose a car, taking into account the financial capabilities of the buyer.

Reviews of employees about work in the salon

At the same time, positive reviews about the Admiral-Avto car dealership are left by both customers who are delighted with the quality of service, and employees. Among the positive aspects, the salon workers name the following: the goodwill of the team, paid meals, decent wages and timely advance payments. Positive feedback from employees about Admiral-Auto lies in comfortable working conditions.

Why buy a car in this showroom

So, you have read general information about the reputation and qualifications of the salon team, and now let's talk directly about the features of the company, the services provided and reviews about Admiral-Auto.

admiral auto reviews
admiral auto reviews

The first thing worth noting is that Admiral-Avto -multi-brand company. Consequently, a huge horizon of possibilities opens up before the client in choosing a car, taking into account the characteristics and cost. The company represents more than 25 modern brands of cars from the world's most famous manufacturers, which makes Admiral-Auto a leader in the industry and guarantees their quality. This approach to work makes Admiral-Avto one of the most influential car dealers in Russia.

Assortment of brands

As follows from the reviews about "Admiral-Avto", in the presence of the salon - cars from the best manufacturers. The buyer can choose almost any of the most famous car brands in the world in accordance with the technical requirements and financial possibilities. Cars of such brands as Kia, Mazda, Ford, Chevrolet, Citroen, Mercedes-Benz, Skoda, Opel, Mitsubishi, Suzuki, Renault, Peugeot, Toyota, Nissan, Hyundai and many others flaunt in the model range of the car dealership.

car dealership admiral auto reviews
car dealership admiral auto reviews

Payment for the purchase of a car is made in cash. It is noteworthy that the prices in "Admiral-Auto" are 25% -50% lower than the prices of official dealers.

What do customers think about the amount of choice?

Reviews about "Admiral-Avto" indicate that customers like a large selection of goods. A positive point, according to buyers about the work of the salon in St. Petersburg, is also the presence of both new cars and used ones. The prices in the salon are very reasonable - much lower than in others in the city.

salon admiral auto reviews
salon admiral auto reviews

Speaking of used cars. The company "Admiral-Auto" provides an opportunity to purchase a used car with mileage at the most loyal price. The client should not worry about the possibility of purchasing a car with technical defects or a “dark past”, because the strictest verification system does not allow such models to be sold. This guarantees the customer a happy purchase.

Salon Technical Center

Auto-Admiral technical center deserves special attention. After all, its employees provide the necessary integrative approach to the car. The salon has been engaged in automotive repair since 2000. The specialists working at the center have considerable experience in the field of repair, which helps them to cope with the most difficult problems.

Employees of the technical center "Admiral-Avto" are certified every year, increasing the level of qualification and quality of car repairs. This is confirmed by numerous positive customer reviews about Admiral-Auto.

Technical Center Capabilities

You have the opportunity to use the following services provided by the technical center of the salon:

  • car diagnostics,
  • inspection,
  • wash,
  • dry cleaning,
  • throttle cleaning,
  • replacement of vehicle equipment (engine, catalyst, windshield, oil, coolant, alternator belt, brake discs, etc.),
  • engine repair,
  • local painting,
  • car polishing,
  • toning,
  • repair of various components,
  • tire fitting,
  • setting the alarm.

All this is done only by high-class and qualified locksmiths and auto electricians of the technical center.

car center admiral auto reviews
car center admiral auto reviews

The following car brands are serviced in the Admiral-Auto center:

  • VAZ,
  • UAZ,
  • GAS,
  • BMW,
  • Alfa Romeo,
  • Chevrolet,
  • Audi,
  • Honda,
  • Citroen,
  • Chery,
  • Ford,
  • Hyundai,
  • Hummer,
  • Infiniti,
  • Land Rover,
  • Jeep,
  • Opel,
  • Peugeot,
  • SsangYong,
  • Renault,
  • Mercedes-Benz,
  • Mazda,
  • Skoda,
  • Kia,
  • Subaru,
  • Toyota,
  • Nissan,
  • Mitsubishi and many more.

Where can I insure my car?

After buying a car or repairing it, you may want to think about its reliable protection. Car dealership "Admiral-Auto" offers car owners the most cost-effective car insurance rates. Many insurance companies cooperate with the auto center, whose reliability has been tested by time. Therefore, this salon also provides services for car insurance and technical inspection in the South Administrative District. Judging by the reviews about the Admiral-Auto salon, customers like this service, because it is very convenient and reliable. Qualified employees will calculate and issue CMTPL and CASCO policies in the shortest possible time, will certainly provide the required support and advise on any arising question regardingauto insurance.

reviews about the car dealership admiral auto
reviews about the car dealership admiral auto

Reviews about the automobile salon "Admiral-Avto" confirm the quality service. Car owners share that before, in order to insure a car, they had to go somewhere. Now everything is much more convenient: you can not only issue MOT and OSAGO, but, as it turned out, now also CASCO. Clients report that they plan to return to Admiral-Avto for reinsurance.

What if the budget is low?

Buying a car is certainly an important event in the life of every person that requires attention. Alas, often the buyer does not have enough funds available, and he is not able to pay the cost of the desired car at first request. That is why the Admiral-Auto car dealership meets the needs of the client and offers over 50 profitable credit schemes. Among this variety, you can easily choose the most profitable and convenient loan program for you. Their participants leave a lot of positive feedback about the Admiral-Auto auto center. After all, in addition to the fact that the legal aspects of the transaction are understandable even to a legally inexperienced person, only two documents are needed to apply for a loan - this ensures the simplicity and transparency of the transaction.

A lot of positive comments can be heard from customers from St. Petersburg. Many of them communicate with each other and share reviews about "Auto-Admiral". Some of them have already visited the car dealership before and decided to come back for a car loan.

Why do clients return to the salon? Because in St. Petersburg is a well-known dealer operating in many areas. And the cars bought in "Admiral-Avto" do not cause claims for quality.

admiral auto staff reviews
admiral auto staff reviews

There are often positive reviews about "Auto-Admiral" in Moscow. Moscow customers in the Admiral-Auto showroom are impressed by the wide choice of cars and convenient service. In addition, customers like the availability of a profitable loan program. The offer of more than 50 loan programs allows the buyer to choose the option that suits him. The process of applying for a loan requires a minimum of documents and time.

car dealership admiral reviews in moscow
car dealership admiral reviews in moscow

Salon cooperates with more than 20 leading banks in the country, offering loyal conditions for car loans. They allow the client to choose the most profitable and affordable loan program for him with an interest rate of 4.5%. Another aspect of the company's work, important for many motorists, is the possibility of lending without a CASCO policy.

How to avoid the hassle of selling an old car?

According to reviews of Auto-Admiral, customers are given the opportunity to use the car loan service when registering Trade-In. And we dare to assure you that the reviews are true. But what exactly is Trade-In and why is it beneficial for you?

Since both new and used cars are sold in Admiral-Avto showrooms, the Trade-In program is active. The car dealership has been using the Trade-in program in its marketing for a long time and quite successfully. Within its frameworkcustomers are freed from the hassle of selling their used car on their own. All that needs to be done is to deliver the car to a car dealership, where an experienced appraiser will inspect it and announce its final price.

How can the Trade-in program help you choose a new car?

Under the Trade-In program, the cost of an old car can be a down payment on the cost of a new car. Agree, this greatly simplifies the life of a car owner and brings him closer to buying a suitable car.

The program is ongoing and will allow you to exchange your own used car for a brand new, modern and reliable car.

In addition, you can apply for the exchange of cars through the form provided on the official website of "Admiral-Avto". After the announcement of the cost of the old car, you will only have to pay the difference from the price and leave the car dealership in a brand new car. A truly profitable Trade-In awaits you at Admiral-Auto!

auto admiral reviews moscow
auto admiral reviews moscow

Reviews about the Admiral car dealership in Moscow confirm this advantage. Here, buyers left their old cars, the estimated cost of which was quite acceptable. This allowed customers to get a new car for a small surcharge.

"Admiral-Avto" is a reliable choice

Company "Admiral-Avto" is a qualified specialist in working with customers. The salon staff does its best to facilitate every step of cooperation, providing additional benefits andopportunities for every client. Here you can buy a quality car at the most favorable conditions.

The doors of the Admiral-Auto dealership are open for you today!