Snowmobile dimensions, model overview
Snowmobile dimensions, model overview

The widest range of snowmobiles is presented on the domestic market. The dimensions and power of the machines are selected depending on the wishes of the future owner and the intended purpose of the equipment. You can purchase budget domestic modifications or professional versions from the world's best manufacturers. The following is an overview of popular models, among which there are options for long-distance extreme travel, hunting and fishing, competitions and household help.

Snowmobile "Yamaha"
Snowmobile "Yamaha"

Dimensions of snowmobile "Buran AE"

This is one of the most affordable cars. At the same time, it has an attractive modern design, well-thought-out placement of the engine compartment “stuffing”. The main body material is molded plastic, which is not afraid of temperature changes and is resistant to mechanical stress. The equipment is started using an electric starter.

The power unit is a two-stroke "engine" with a volume of 635 "cubes". The maximum power of the unit is 34 horsepower. The motor is cooled by atmospheric masses. Among the design features are a shortened frame, as well as a traction scheme withone ski and a pair of tracks. This configuration ensures ease of maneuvering along forest paths, even for novice users. The model has a high maintainability rate, it can be repaired without any problems in the field. Cons - "gluttony", low degree of comfort and stability.

Dimensions and technical parameters:

  • transmission - automatic transmission with CVT;
  • fuel tank volume - 28 l;
  • weight of towed trailer - up to 250 kg;
  • length (with/without skis) – 2, 45/2, 27 m;
  • width – 0.9 m;
  • glass height – 1.32 mm;
  • curb weight - 0.5 t;
  • speed threshold - 60 km/h.
Snowmobile "Buran"
Snowmobile "Buran"

Dimensions of the snowmobile "Taiga 500" ("Varangian")

Modification is equipped with an oversized steering mechanism, which provides ease of use of equipment in a sitting and standing position. Among the useful options are a seat with two levels, heated gas trigger and handles on the steering wheel, a powerful head light element, and a high windshield.

"Taiga 500" is equipped with a two-stroke power unit for 500 "cubes" with a capacity of 43 "horses". The vehicle accelerates to a top speed of 90 km/h in just nine seconds. The motor is aggregated with a two-mode gearbox with a reduction speed. The average fuel consumption is about 21 l/100 km. The comfort of movement on rough terrain and deep snow is provided by a front telescopic suspension with a travel of 105 mm, as well as a rear analogue with a working travel of 190mm. Reinforced plastic is used as a material for the body, resistant to any deformation.

Snowmobile specifications and dimensions:

  • fuel system - carburetor;
  • brakes - disc;
  • electric starter - missing;
  • fuel tank capacity - 40 l;
  • ski track - 0.9 m;
  • length/width/height – 2, 99/1, 05/1, 38 m;
  • dry weight - 260 kg.

Taiga Patrol

This is a civilian version of a snowmobile that was previously used by military units. Among the features is the presence of a wide caterpillar, which increases the stability of the equipment. The lug height is 22 mm, which is the norm for “utilitarian” modifications. The rear suspension works on the principle of a gas-oil shock absorber, making it easy to maneuver, including in reverse.

The engine is a two-stroke engine with a pair of cylinders. Its power reaches 60 horsepower, which is quite enough to overcome various snow obstacles. Engine cooling - liquid, number of carburetors - two, transmission - two-position gearbox with reduction mode.

Snowmobile parameters and dimensions:

  • fuel/oil tank capacity - 55/2.5L;
  • engine size - 553 "cubes";
  • top speed - 100 km/h;
  • length/width/height – 2, 95/1, 15/1, 46 m;
  • dry weight - 320 kg;
  • caterpillar dimensions - 3, 93/0, 6/0, 2 m.
Snowmobile "Taiga Patrol"
Snowmobile "Taiga Patrol"

Yamaha BR250

Indicatedversion has been produced since 1982. The restyling of the model was carried out in 1992, as a result of which the practicality, functionality and reliability of the car increased. The unit is equipped with a single-cylinder two-stroke engine, the transmission unit is equipped with a variator, and the brakes are disc type.

The disadvantage is the lack of reverse gear, which negatively affects the performance of maneuverability. The power unit starts without delay, which confirms the Japanese quality. Its power is relatively small - 18 "horses", with a volume of 246 cubic centimeters. Despite this, the model shows good cross-country qualities, confidently accelerates to 60 km / h. Feature - enhanced wind protection and an increased level of comfort.

Main features and dimensions of the Yamaha Bravo snowmobile:

  • cooling - atmospheric type;
  • motor start - manual;
  • frame material - metal;
  • dry weight - 175 kg;
  • fuel tank capacity - 24 l;
  • length/width/height – 2, 95/0, 95/1, 12 m.


This modification belongs to the tourist category and has been produced since 1991. The equipment is designed for operation in the most severe conditions. The "heart" of the machine is a two-stroke engine with a pair of cylinders. At the same time, he creates quite a lot of noise and has an enviable "appetite". The advantages of the "engine" include unpretentiousness in maintenance and reliability. There is enough power to quickly overcome snowy slopes.

It is worth noting that the landing for the passenger is not very comfortable. He has nothing to hold on to buttrunk, which is not very comfortable. Among the advantages - the presence of roomy steps for the legs. The seat is soft but has a sliding surface.

Specifications and dimensions of the Lynx snowmobile:

  • engine size - 431 cu. see;
  • cooling type - air system;
  • power parameter - 46 hp p.;
  • fuel tank capacity - 24 l;
  • average fuel consumption per 100 km - 18 l;
  • speed limit is 110 km/h;
  • weight - 250 kg;
  • length/width/height – 3, 24/1, 08/1, 22 m;
  • track width - 38 cm.
Snowmobile "Lynx"
Snowmobile "Lynx"

Yamaha Viking

The specified version refers to multifunctional utility equipment. The engineers listened to the users and completely changed the front of the car, as well as finalized the lighting elements, seats for the driver and passenger. The provided edges and stampings on the hood effectively divert air and snow flows from the driver. Additional comfort is provided by heated handles and visor.

Reliable protection against snow ingress into the engine compartment is guaranteed by improved grilles and sealing of the specified compartment. A finely tuned variator is responsible for the smooth start, the power of the unit in deep snow is realized due to good depreciation and tracks with pronounced ground hooks. There is a spacious trunk and a compartment under the seat for transporting things.

TTX and dimensions of the Viking snowmobile:

  • volume of "engine" - 535 cu. see;
  • power indicator - 46 hp p.;
  • motor type - two-stroke version with a pair of cylinders;
  • fuel tank capacity - 31 l;
  • dry weight - 316 kg;
  • length/width/height – 3, 05/1, 19/1, 35 m.
Snowmobile "Yamaha Viking"
Snowmobile "Yamaha Viking"

Polaris Widetrack

This model is considered the most popular among utilitarian representatives. Fame is due to the reliability of the design and high build quality. Among the advantages, they also note the confident start of the motor, which is able to work effectively at critically low temperatures. The two-stroke “engine” guarantees the required thrust indicator, does not overheat at high speeds, since the liquid cooling jacket functions. Other advantages include ease of maintenance and operation of most nodes.

Engine power is 85 "horses", two cylinders are equipped with a separate carburetor. Lubrication system - separate configuration. Good control is ensured by the front link suspension, which behaves well even at a speed of 100 km/h. The rear counterpart is a torsion bar shock absorber.

Snowmobile parameters and dimensions:

  • engine size - 488 "cubes";
  • transmission - CVT with low gear and reverse;
  • towed trailer weight - 300 kg;
  • dry weight - 278 kg;
  • length/width/height - 3, 25/1, 10/1, 29 m;
  • caterpillar dimensions - 3.45/0.5 m.
Snowmobile "Polaris"
Snowmobile "Polaris"

Ste alth Frost

UniqueThe snowmobile has a modern design and decent technical characteristics. The equipment provides only one ski, with a reference to the northern regions of the country. This technique is available in two versions, the parameters of which are identical to each other. The difference lies in the extended base and weight (320 and 295 kg).

The car is driven by a two-stroke engine with a pair of cylinders with their own carburetors. The ignition system is developed on the basis of special programming; the unit is protected from overheating by forced atmospheric cooling. Reinforced steering column - adjustable configuration, handles and throttle trigger are heated. The hydraulic brake is responsible for stopping. The driver's seat is soft, comfortable, non-slip. The modern hood has special holes that serve to redirect the air flow to the motor.


Parameters and overall dimensions of the snowmobile "Moroz Ste alth":

  • working volume - 564 "cubes";
  • power rating - 49 hp p.;
  • transmission unit - CVT with reverse;
  • suspension - elliptical springs at the front and spring dampers at the rear;
  • start - electric starter;
  • maximum speed - 80 km/h;
  • length/width/height – 2, 7/0, 91/1, 33 m;
  • fuel tank volume - 28 l.
Snowmobile "Ste alth"
Snowmobile "Ste alth"

Ste alth Ermak 800

This modification has replaced the morally and technically obsolete Buran. Ermak has the same weight, but much better dynamics and equipment. Peculiarityplacement of the gas tank (between the driver's legs) eliminates the possibility of damage by branches. The equipment is protected from stumps and logs from below by an aluminum shield.

The car is driven by a four-stroke engine with a power of 67 "horses". The average fuel consumption is about 20 l/100 km. The tank holds 50 liters of fuel. Gas handle and steering wheel are heated. The special lens configuration on the light elements guarantees good illumination.

Characteristics and dimensions of the snowmobile "Ste alth Ermak 800":

  • suspension - telescopes in front, linkage independent block in the back;
  • transmission - automatic transmission with CVT;
  • driver - one caterpillar, 38 cm wide;
  • brakes - hydraulic disc system;
  • length/width/height – 3, 1/1, 02/1, 33 m;
  • lugs in height - 17.5 mm;
  • structural weight - 290 kg.