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Ford Kuga: dimensions, specifications and overview

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Ford Kuga: dimensions, specifications and overview
Ford Kuga: dimensions, specifications and overview

Ford Kuga is a compact crossover produced by Ford from 2008 to the present. This model is the first small crossover that came off the assembly line of the company. The car was released in two generations. The second generation was presented to the public in 2011 in the US city of Detroit. The main advantage of the Ford Kuga is its dimensions, thanks to which the car is both compact and roomy.

Short description

The car is available in both front-wheel drive and all-wheel drive versions. The main competitors of this model are the Chevrolet Captiva, Toyota RAV4, Nissan Qashqai and many other compact crossovers. The car is available with three transmission options: a six-speed manual and automatic, as well as a five-speed automatic transmission. Ford Kuga dimensions: 444 × 184 × 167 centimeters, which is an excellent indicator for this car.

ford kuga white


The first generation was equipped with three engine options:

  • 1.6-liter petrol engine with 150 and 182 horsepower;
  • 140 horsepower 2-litre diesel engine;
  • 2.5-liter petrol engine with 197 horsepower.

This generation was equipped with three transmission options: a six-speed manual and automatic, as well as a five-speed automatic transmission.

The second generation was equipped with four engine options:

  • 1.5-liter petrol with 148 horsepower;
  • 1.6-liter petrol with 180 horsepower;
  • 2-litre petrol with 239 horsepower;
  • 2-litre diesel with 138 and 178 horsepower.

After restyling, the car was equipped with only a six-speed transmission (manual and automatic). After restyling in 2016, the car got a 1.5-liter engine with 120 horsepower, which turned out to be the most economical in its lineup.

ford kuga on the road

Vehicle review

Review of this model should start with its appearance. The car turned out to be very attractive, especially the front LED optics. The large air intake fits perfectly into the exterior of the car, it houses the license plate. The shape of the fog lights is not similar to any headlights. They have an oblong shape, thickened towards the outer border of the body.

The most noticeable rear element is the 2nd generation Ford Kuga size lamps, which have a nice design. By the way, the samewere in the first generation. Replacing a second-generation Ford Kuga size bulb begins by turning the small gray connector one-quarter counterclockwise, then you can remove the bulb. Insert a new one into this connector and turn the connector clockwise. Suitable bulbs in addition to the 168th are 2825, 158 and 194.

The most attractive element of the car is its interior, which has acquired a large touch screen. The location of the climate control deflectors is still controversial: why are they located not horizontally, but vertically? Riddle.

The dashboard is an unusual design decision. Each element is separated by plastic plates. There are four such elements in total: speedometer, tachometer, fuel level and oil temperature, as well as an on-board computer that displays tire pressure, gear stage, range, open / closed doors, average fuel consumption and many other indications.

ford kuga saloon


Thanks to the release of this model, the company increased sales of its products on the Russian market by as much as 33 percent. The Ford Kuga is one of the company's top three best-selling vehicles due to its design and performance.

Since the release of the second generation, the dimensions of the Ford Kuga have not changed, thanks to which the car has retained its dynamics and controllability. The manufacturer also took care of maintaining the main features of the first generation, so as not to completely change its appearance. But design has become muchmore attractive, especially the front optics and rear dimensions of the Ford Kuga stand out.

But not everything is so good. The car has its own problems. Damage to the dimensions happens quite often, which is why they need to be replaced. Moreover, the replacement of the Ford Kuga dimensions should not be carried out on your own, it is advisable to contact either the Ford dealership or an unofficial service station.

The interior of the car received a large touch screen, equipped with a navigation system, audio and video player and many other functions. Noise isolation is excellent, thanks to which only a quiet hum of the engine is heard even at high speeds.

The second generation has not changed much, which is the disadvantage of this model. Even the replacement of the dimensions of the 2nd generation Ford Kuga is carried out according to the same scheme.

ford kuga dimensions front view


The Russian market is 40 percent full of compact crossovers such as the Ford Kuga. Due to its dimensions, the Ford Kuga is an excellent choice between a passenger car and an SUV, especially since the fuel consumption of this model is close to that of a passenger car. This model is loved by many residents of Russia for its appearance, efficiency and functionality, which over the past three years has been replenished with many elements.

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