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"Nissan Leopard": history, characteristics, features

"Nissan Leopard": history, characteristics, features
"Nissan Leopard": history, characteristics, features

At the end of the last century, the main Japanese automakers produced many mid-size models in various classes. The following is one of these cars - the Nissan Leopard.

General Features

This model is a luxury mid-size car. It was produced in four generations from 1980 to 1999. The following is a description of the Nissan Leopard for all generations.

Nissan Leopard


The first generation (F30) was introduced in 1980 as a luxury model of the middle class and an analogue of the second Toyota Chaser. It was updated in 1982.

Leopard F30 coupe

The Nissan Leopard was built on the R30 Skyline platform and featured coupe and 4-door hardtop bodies. Their dimensions are 4.63 m long, 1.69 m wide, 1.335-1.355 m high. The wheelbase is 2.625 m, the curb weight is approximately 1-1.3 tons. Some design elements were borrowed from the Fairlady Z. In general, the Leopard strongly resembles the Toyota Soarer. The version for the domestic market is distinguished by mirrors on the wings withwipers.

Leopard F30 hardtop

5 engines were available for this model. Initially, it was equipped with three atmospheric options, later turbocharged modifications were added.

  • Z18E. 4-cylinder two-carburetor engine, 1.8 liters. He develops 104 hp. With. and 147 Nm.
  • L20E. Inline 6-cylinder engine, 2 liters. Its performance is 123 liters. With. and 167 Nm.
  • L28E. This is an engine of the same layout, 2.8 liters. Develops 143 liters. With. and 212 Nm.
  • L20ET. Turbocharged version of the L20E. Its power is 143 hp. s., torque - 206 Nm. Used since 1981
  • VG30ET. Turbo engine V6 from 300ZX, 3 liters. Develops 230 hp. With. and 342 Nm. Used on the 1984 Turbo Grand Edition

Nissan Leopard is rear-wheel drive. It was equipped with mechanical and automatic transmissions. The initial motor was equipped with a 4-speed manual transmission, the rest - with a 5-speed and 3- and 4-speed "automatic" optionally.

Salon Leopard F30

Suspension features McPherson construction at the front and a trailing arm axle at the rear. Brakes - disc on the front axle and drum on the rear.


The second Leopard (F31) replaced the first one in 1986. From 1989, with the creation of the Infiniti brand, it was delivered to the USA as the M30. The car still competed with the Soarer.

Leopard F31

It was built on the C32 Laurel platform, which was also used by the R31 Skyline and A31 Cefiro. In this generation, only the coupe was left. Its length is 4.68 or 4.805(for versions with 3 liters since 1988) m, width - 1.69 m, height - 1.37 m. The wheelbase is 2.615 m, the curb weight is approximately 1.3-1.5 tons. The car was issued in European style, reminiscent of the BMW 6.

Nissan Leopard F31

Only V6 was used in this generation.

  • VG20E. Motor - 2 liters. Develops 113 liters. With. and 163 Nm.
  • VG20ET. Turbo option. Its power is 155 hp. with., torque - 209 Nm.
  • VG20DET. Turbocharged modification with a DOHC cylinder head. Its performance is 210 liters. With. and 265 Nm. Launched in 1988
  • VG30DE. DOHC motor - 3 liters. Develops 185 hp. With. and 245 Nm.
  • VG30DET. Turbocharged version with 255 hp. With. and a torque of 343 Nm.

The initial version was equipped with a 5-speed manual before restyling and an optional 4-speed "automatic". After restyling, only automatic transmission was left. All other options were equipped only with "automatic".

Salon Leopard F31

Front suspension - McPherson, rear - on oblique levers. The undercarriage is equipped with a sonar-based automatic adjustment system. In addition, it has several fixed modes. The F31 was equipped with 14-inch 195/70 and 15-inch 215/60 wheels. Brakes - disc brakes on both axles.


The third Nissan Leopard replaced in 1992. It shares a platform with Cedric, Cima, Gloria. Received an addition to the name J Ferie, and was sold in the USA as the Infiniti J30. In this generation, it competed with Toyota Aristo, and in the lineup it was between Primera andCedric.

Leopard Y32

This Leopard is a significant departure from the previous ones. It was presented exclusively in a sedan body. Its dimensions are 4.88 m long, 1.77 m wide, 1.39 m high. Wheelbase - 2.76 m, curb weight - approximately 1.5-1.7 tons. The car received a completely different American-style rounded design, similar to Altima, NX, Bluebird, Fairlady ZX.

Nissan Leopard Y32

The third generation was equipped with two engines, one of which remained from the previous one, and the second is the only V8 used on this model.

  • VG30DE. Moved from the second Leopard. Its performance has increased to 200 liters. With. and 260 Nm.
  • VH41DE. V8 DOHC - 4, 1 l. Develops 270 hp. With. and 371 Nm.

Both motors were equipped with a 4-speed automatic transmission.

Salon Leopard Y32

The front suspension was left with McPherson designs, while the rear was replaced with a multi-link HICAS system.

Due to the large engines, the car turned out to be very expensive to operate, which affected sales.


The last Leopard replaced the third in 1996. It was built on the basis of Y33 Cedric and Gloria.

Leopard Y33

This generation also offered only a sedan. Body dimensions are 4,895 m long, 1,765 m wide, 1,425 m high. The wheelbase is 2.8 m, the curb weight is approximately 1.5-1.7 tons. The fourth Leopard has frameless doors and a folding hardtop.

Nissan Leopard Y33

Nissan Leopard once again received an extensive range of engines, some of which were inherited from the second generation.

  • VG20DE. In this case, the DOHC version was used. Develops 125 hp. With. and 167 Nm.
  • VQ25DE. 2.5L, V6. Its power is 190 hp. with., torque - 235 Nm.
  • RB25DET. 2.5L inline 6-cylinder turbo engine. Its performance is 235 liters. With. and 275 Nm.
  • VG30E. SOHC version of the motor from the second generation. Develops 160 hp. With. and 248 Nm.
  • VQ30DE. 3 l, V6 from a newer series. Its power is 220 hp. with., torque - 280 Nm.
  • VQ30DD. Version with direct injection and variable valve timing. Develops 230 hp. With. and 294 Nm.
  • VQ30DET. Turbocharged modification with a capacity of 270 liters. With. and 368 Nm.

For all engines left 4-speed automatic transmission. This is the only Leopard to have 4WD available (for RB25DET).

Salon Leopard Y33

The chassis design remains the same, but the wheels have been changed to 16-inch 215/55.

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