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Niva-Chevrolet drive: replacement features

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Niva-Chevrolet drive: replacement features
Niva-Chevrolet drive: replacement features

You can learn about the operation of the Niva-Chevrolet drive and the features of its replacement from this article. The car has four-wheel drive, which allows you to transfer power using shafts.

It is quite understandable that when buying a car, every car enthusiast wants to know as much as possible about it. The drive assembly "Chevrolet Niva" is complete.


This is a legendary vehicle, it cannot be compared to a crossover. "Niva-Chevrolet" - a legacy of the Soviet past, improved for the present. This SUV has a roomy interior. The machine is equipped with a power steering pump, front power windows, tinted windows. The headlights are fitted with dark reflectors. All windows in the car are athermal, which protects them from freezing in harsh Russian winters. Stamped type wheels are created taking into account the conditions of domestic roads. There are summer and winter tires.

This vehicle is available as standard or upgraded with painted bumpers and door handles. The trunk has transformation properties. The seats fold almost flat.floor with proportions of 60 to 40. In a roomy trunk, it is quite possible to transport a medium-sized refrigerator - it is so roomy. It is important to note the comfort of the rear seats. Their shape has been perfected. You can choose a model with roof rails and moldings.

Replacement drive "Niva"

Studying the circuit

The Niva-Chevrolet all-wheel drive diagram shows that the torque is transmitted from the engine to the gearbox. It ensures the distribution of forces transmitted by the engine to the wheels. Efforts from the engine are transmitted from a larger to a smaller gear. As the gear increases, so does the speed. Then you can go to the second gear, it will take more effort to rotate the gear. In fifth gear, the largest gear is driven by the engine.

All-wheel drive scheme "Niva-Chevrolet"

How does it work?

Efforts from the gearbox are transmitted to the transfer case. She is responsible for transmitting forces to the front and rear axles using universal joints with a cross or CV joints (balls are used there).

Transferred force from the gearbox to the transfer case. All this is distributed by shifting the gear lever. The Niva-Chevrolet drive is always constant and complete, that is, rotation is transmitted to both the front and rear axles from the transfer case.

Niva's drive contains a transfer case differential. If it is unlocked by engaging a lower or higher gear, both the front and rear axles can rotate. An effortthe engine goes to the wheels. If any wheel is hung out, then in this case all the torque will fall entirely on it. Differentials are designed in such a way that they will not rotate if the wheel is easy to rotate. Then the car will not be able to move. When the lock is turned on, the force will go not only to the wheel, but also to the rear axle.

Car service salon

Drive replacement features

The Niva-Chevrolet drive may require replacement if the cv joints (hinges) play or crunch in it. You will need to remove the rubber bands and replace them with new ones. It is important to guess their sizes here. To replace, you will need to unscrew the wheel, lock nut, tie rod, upper ball joint to move the caliper aside. Then it will be seen whether the shock absorber needs to be removed.

After unscrewing the nuts, you can unscrew the caliper and push the Niva-Chevrolet front-wheel drive CV joints, unscrew the ball joints, remove the steering knuckle.

Remove the retaining ring, washer from the old grenade, gradually shift the bearing. If it is in good condition, then this Niva-Chevrolet all-wheel drive part can be reused. To remove the CV joint, you can use a ready-made puller. A vise may be required to use it.

Automotive differential

Replacing the Niva-Chevrolet drive must be done carefully so as not to damage parts and components. It is important to use lubricant, put on new fixing elastic bands. You need to assemble everything in the reverse order, not forgetting about the retaining ring and pressing the bearing. It is necessary to put a spring andlock washers, boot, put on a plastic lining. Don't forget the duster to put everything together.

Drive "Niva-Chevrolet"

Trust the professionals

Collecting a new grenade consisted of a complete change of CV joints, now everything is new. If the motorist does not have experience in performing such pressing and pressing work, it is recommended to contact the services of a car service. Experienced motorists and specialized craftsmen, returning parts to their place, use a paronite gasket and sealant, add new lubricant. The whole fist returns to its place. After this work can be considered completed, you can start tightening the bearings.

Car repair


This article discussed the issue of repairing the drive of such a widespread vehicle on Russian roads as the Niva SUV. Various configurations of the Niva-Chevrolet were created in order to satisfy the growing demands of consumers. Despite the modernity of the model, its front-wheel drive may fail after some time of operation of the car, then it will need to be adjusted or replaced.

Despite the possibility of studying the instructions for replacing the drive, it is important to remember that the safety of not only the driver, but also his passengers directly depends on the professionalism of such actions. Therefore, in case of problems with the front-wheel drive system, it is better to trust the professionals. Then the car will last as long and productively as possible.

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