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CVT belts - what are they for?

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CVT belts - what are they for?
CVT belts - what are they for?

Sometimes, when studying the technical characteristics of some cars, you can come across the word "variator". A person who does not understand cars, of course, will not understand what it is. Therefore, this article will explain what variator belts are. It will be considered how they are arranged and what they are for.

What are CVT belts?

They allow you to drive the car in a variety of ways. In other words, the speed feed will be automatic (stepless).

Unlike a classic automatic, cars with a variable automatic transmission will have a much higher acceleration rate.

The variator is responsible for a smooth transition from one speed to another and is used in many vehicles. An important feature is a long service life (approximately 50 thousand kilometers of driving).

variator belt replacement

CVT belts are also used on scooters and snowmobiles. They are rubber and very reliable. When worn, they can be replaced with new ones. The replacement process is simple, using a special puller and a wrench.

Variable car beltconsists of steel strips that are covered with wedges resembling butterflies. In order for the variator belts to last longer, you must not slip in the mud, you must not continue to move if the speed sensor is out of order (steel belts will be deformed), you must not hit the curb when reversing, and so on. Careful use of the car is the basis of human safety and the long life of the vehicle.

CVT belt dimensions. How to identify?

To change the scooter variator belt, you need to know its dimensions. Of course, they are written on the belt itself. But it may be that they are erased and not visible. What to do? We wrap the usual measuring tape around the belt and find out the length.

variator belts

Depending on the model of the scooter, the size of the belt is also different. For example, Honda scooter, GYRO model is 14664 (width and length), DIO model is 15650, LEAD 100 is 18.5784 and so on.

Sizes for the same model are standard.

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