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Hessol oils: assortment and reviews
Hessol oils: assortment and reviews

Only high-quality engine oil can ensure high reliability of the engine. Proven compositions prevent the risks of jamming the power plant, eliminate the knock of the motor. Often, when searching for the right mixture, drivers base their choice on the opinions of other users. In reviews of Hessol oils, many motorists point to the high performance properties of these materials and an incredibly large range.

A few words about the brand

The presented trademark was registered in 1919 in Germany. The company began processing hydrocarbons and selling gasoline to large dealers. Somewhat later, the brand built its own network of filling stations. Now the company has focused on the production and sale of lubricants. Hessol oils are sold in 100 countries around the world. The brand has been present in our market for 20 years. During this time, he managed to win a lot of flattering reviews from both ordinary motorists and industry experts.

German flag
German flag

Hessol ADT Extra 5W-30 C1

Fully synthetic formulation, rated 5W-30. This lubricant is recommended primarily for use on Ford vehicles. The specified Hessol oil is produced by mixing polyalphaolefins with a package of alloying additives. The composition is highly stable at elevated temperatures. The oil doesn't burn. Its amount remains almost constant.

Hessol ADT Extra 5W-30 C2

This Hessol oil is exclusively synthetic. It is ideal for Citroen, Renault, Peugeot engines. The main distinguishing feature of this lubricant is the abundance of antifriction additives and friction modifiers. In this case, the manufacturer actively uses various organic molybdenum compounds. These substances have high adhesion. They are securely fixed on the metal surface of the parts and prevent their contact with each other. As a result, the efficiency of the motor increases. This oil reduces fuel consumption by 6%. The values are averaged, in some cases the figures may differ both up and down.

Gas station
Gas station

Hessol ADT Plus 5W-40

Multipurpose lubricant suitable for both diesel and gasoline powertrains. This Hessol oil has phenomenal cleaning properties. In its composition, manufacturers have included a large number of compounds of barium, calcium and magnesium.

The use of such components helps prevent the formation of soot agglomerations. Oiltransfers into suspension and already formed soot deposits. The composition is applicable to both old and new engines. This product has been approved by BMW, VW, Mercedes, Porsche, MAN, GM and several other car manufacturers.

Hessol ADT Plus engine oil
Hessol ADT Plus engine oil

Hessol ADT LL Turbo Diesel 5W-40

The presented type of Hessol engine oil is fully synthetic. It was developed exclusively for vehicles with a diesel engine. It differs from analogues in an increased amount of detergent additives. The advantages of the oil include a large number of anti-friction components. Friction risks are reduced to zero.

This oil contains many compounds of sulfur, phosphorus and chlorine. This feature prevents the appearance and spread of rust. It is thanks to this solution that many drivers prefer to use this lubricant in older engines.

Hessol ADT Premium 5W-50

The uniqueness of this Hessol engine oil lies in the fact that it simultaneously features high cleaning properties, fuel efficiency and durability. The specified composition is able to withstand up to 14 thousand kilometers. Extended drain interval obtained through the active use of antioxidant additives.

Hessol ADT Ultra 0W-40

This synthetic oil is excellent for use in the harshest weather conditions. In the presented case, manufacturers use macromolecules with the largest possible number of monomers as viscosity additives. This allowsmixtures to maintain their fluidity at the desired values even at minus 40 degrees. It will be possible to turn the crankshaft and start the engine at minus 35 degrees. Other oils of this brand cannot be used in such frosts.

Polymer macromolecules
Polymer macromolecules

Hessol ADT Super Leichtlaufol 10W-40

Another Hessol engine oil. Semi-synthetics are made from products of fractional distillation of oil with the addition of a package of additives. The specified oil is suitable for productive powerful motors. It is better not to use it during a severe cold snap.

Instead of totals

The range of motor oils is quite diverse. This allows drivers to easily select the right mix.

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