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Nexia speed sensor: self-installation tricks and secrets of its functionality

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Nexia speed sensor: self-installation tricks and secrets of its functionality
Nexia speed sensor: self-installation tricks and secrets of its functionality

It's hard to imagine a control system without a Nexia speed sensor. The breakdown of this spare part does not allow the “steel horse” to correctly perform the movement, therefore it is useful and valuable for every owner of a foreign car to know about this design in order to be able to diagnose problems and contact the service in a timely manner.

Products of the old days were equipped with a speedometer running on a mechanical drive located in the gearbox. The auto industry is making positive adjustments, and gradually injectors have entered the life of motorists. An alternative to the usual speedometers are electronic convenient options that receive a signal from sensors, broadcasting them to the dashboard. The current models are much more comfortable to use, and are based on the principle of the Hall effect with its potential difference.

Nexia speed sensor operation basis

Daweoo Nexia control system
Daweoo Nexia control system

The signal from this element goes to the ECU, the voltage is converted into kilometers per hour. Before carrying out the check, you need to know exactly its position by familiarizing yourself withdocumentation about components from the manufacturer. In the Daewoo Nexia, the control unit is installed on the right side behind the trim panel of the passenger compartment. This is an important element, without which it is impossible to imagine the operation of the fuel system. Its "mission" is to control the complex of components of the motor vehicle. It feeds the sensors with energy and keeps the voltage parameters under control. Where is the Nexia speed sensor located? It is placed on the front wheels, the functions of which are as follows:

  • broadcasting data to the speedometer;
  • transition of the frequency pulse to the ECU in order to maintain constant torque parameters.

The analyzer must be synchronized with the controller.

Nexia speed sensor: diagnostic questions

In the "Daewoo Nexia" control unit
In the "Daewoo Nexia" control unit

The trip computer is performing a primary diagnostic procedure, displaying many trouble codes. Behind the encoding is a specific problem. For the correct diagnosis, it is better not to neglect the instructions of the plant. What errors can the device give?

About analyzer errors

Speed sensor
Speed sensor

The following common Nexia speed sensor error codes can be identified:

  1. The analyzer stops beeping.
  2. The transmitted signal is intermittent.
  3. Controller not working properly.
  4. Engine running at low speeds.
  5. Increased fuel consumption.
  6. Motor does not function as efficiently, power has decreased.

Contact oxides are a common cause of errors. If you have to immediately observe a number of errors generated by the device, you will have to think about replacing or repairing it. You should not attribute errors only to a sensor malfunction: failures in other vehicle systems are not ruled out. It should be remembered: the frequency of the signal from the sensor to the ECU is dictated by the speed of the vehicle. The task of the controller is to control the operation of the engine at idle.

The wisdom of replacing sensors with your own hands

An alternative to conventional speedometers
An alternative to conventional speedometers

When the issue of replacing the Nexia speed sensor is finally resolved, you will have to approach the issue of choice seriously and responsibly, choosing a model for a car. Without resorting to the services of car services, you can independently make a replacement. The main emphasis before the event is to be done on the study of the manufacturer's instructions. How is the work done?

  • First open the hood to allow the engine to recover.
  • The onboard part of the vehicle must be de-energized after the engine reaches the optimum temperature.
  • After detecting the speed sensor, you will have to clean the nearby parts from dirt. The battery needs to be disconnected.
  • Pushing out the mount, the conductors of the device are released.
  • The device is unscrewed counterclockwise. It is necessary to check the stem, wires, the condition of the o-rings, if worn out, it is worth considering their removal. If rod defects are detected, we will talk about replacing the drive.
  • The new device is inserted in reverse order.

Important! When repairing, you need to use a quality tool to avoid damage to the case.

Especially accuracy is important when connecting contacts. Simple actions will restore the working mode of vehicles. Malfunctions are a serious reason to change a worn-out unit, so the only way out for the car owner to ensure their safety and other road users is timely diagnostic manipulations, which does not interfere with listening to your car more often.

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