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"Mini Cooper": owner reviews of the model
"Mini Cooper": owner reviews of the model

What is the first car that comes to mind when we talk about a fast, fashionable, compact car? Most people will answer without hesitation that this is a MINI Cooper, another 10 percent will answer that it is "Smart". But it's hard to call Smart fast if it's not a Brabus. Therefore, it is only worth recalling "Cooper", as the respondents will immediately change their answer.

After all, it is "Mini" that attracts all people with its cute appearance. It has excellent handling, constantly urging the driver to put pressure on the gas, because after all, the "Mini" is a "BMW". Any "Cooper" will appeal to girls not only with its appearance, but also with its interior. The salon of even an old copy cannot be called boring. At Mini meetings, you can always see completely different people with completely different cars.

Moreover, many owners are members of clubs dedicated to this brand. They often greet each other on the road by blinking their headlights, greeting gestures even if they don't know each other. And every country in the world has its own army of Mini fans. "Mini" is loved even by grandmothers andgrandfathers! But is everything so good with the reliability of this nimble "Mini Cooper"? Owner reviews vary greatly. But now let's figure it out!

mini cooper specifications and owner reviews

Mini Cooper features and owner reviews

It should be noted right away that all "Mini" are very similar in technical terms. This applies to all cars manufactured since 2001. For example, MINI Cooper differs from MINI ONE only by boosting the engine. Other models differ in the number of doors, size, interior, engine and the presence or absence of all-wheel drive. Even different generations of the same model rarely have big technical differences.

You must know: a 1.4-liter engine should immediately be excluded when searching. It has all the problems of older motors, plus it has its own shortcomings, but does not give absolutely any dynamics at the same time! You won't be able to save on fuel consumption either. And if the car is also with a machine gun, then during acceleration you can confuse the tachometer with the minute hand of the clock, the speedometer with the hour hand. Fortunately, there are few such machines on our market. In recent generations, this motor is generally absent. Probably, the manufacturer decided to feel sorry for his customers a little. Below we look at the characteristics of the "Mini Cooper" and the reviews of the owners.

Mini Cooper

When you read the reviews of the owners of the "Mini Cooper", one question arises. Which one? Why are the reviews of the owners of the "Mini Cooper S" so different from the usual "Coopers" orONE? It's all about the power of the motor. Often "S" is taken by guys who do not know how to properly maintain the car, but just want to drive. And since with a greater load on the car, more care is required, which is not there, problems appear. So when looking for an "S" model, pay attention to the owner. If he knows everything about his car, talks about any routine maintenance for 10 minutes, then this is exactly the fan who serviced the car correctly.

Engines and transmissions

mini cooper owner reviews

Of the problems of gasoline engines 1, 6, both atmospheric and turbocharged versions, one can note the pump (sometimes fails after 50 thousand mileage), oil consumption, which occurs due to improper maintenance. Oil should be changed every 7500 kilometers, a maximum of every 10 thousand on atmospheric engines. Once every 5-7, 5 thousand on turbo versions. Do not turn off the engine immediately after actively driving a motor with a turbine. Let the oil cool down a bit. This will extend the life of the turbine and the motor as a whole.

In no case do not believe in fairy tales that oil consumption of 1 liter per thousand kilometers is the norm. Even with aggressive driving, this only happens with dead engines. The motor is not the most reliable, the resource is about 200-300 thousand kilometers. It also has not the most reliable timing chain drive. It is worth monitoring the oil level so that the chain does not knock earlier than the regulations prescribe. Sometimes, due to a gasket leak, the oil starts to burn on a hot engine. Then the smell of burning will be felt in the cabin. However, this is one ofhallmarks of old Minis and BMWs.

Pay attention to the temperature of the motor, overheating will end in sad consequences. For prevention purposes, you can replace the thermostat every 1.5-2 years. In recent generations, take a closer look at the one and a half liter engine. Engineers saved him from the problem with chain stretching, and the power is even higher than that of 1, 6. Diesel engines are slightly more reliable than gasoline ones, but there are few of them in our market. Most with twisted runs and in a very sad state. Boxes are automatic and mechanical.

According to the reviews of the owners of the "Mini Cooper", the five-speed mechanics does not cause any complaints, except for the wear of the synchronizers. This usually happens due to aggressive driving and inexperience of the owners. The variator is highly discouraged on the forums, it is not intended for a daring ride. The classic torque converter has been installed since 2005. It is really reliable, easily passes 200 and more thousand kilometers. Of the problems of the machine, weak cooling can be noted. In hot weather and an active driving style, the machine may simply overheat. The problem can be solved by installing an additional box cooling radiator and / or box oil temperature sensor. The oil in the box needs to be replaced every 60-80 thousand. Do not believe the dealer and the manufacturer, who talk about maintenance-free automatic transmissions.


Front suspension type "MacPherson", rear - independent multi-link. The suspension is very stiff, which gives that notorious karting handling. Frequent replacement on ourroads require stabilizer struts and bushings (20-30 thousand mileage), ball bearings (about 60 thousand mileage). Shock absorbers go for 100 thousand, sometimes more. In all generations, except for the last one, insufficient sound insulation can be noted. As a result, we get a relatively reliable car, which is confirmed by the reviews of the owners of the Mini Cooper after 60,000 km of run. The main thing is proper maintenance!

Charged Version

mini cooper s owner reviews

The apogee of power and drive is the "Mini Cooper JCW" modified by the British studio John Cooper Works. The same engine with a volume of 1.6 liters, but with a fantastic return of 211 horsepower. It was installed only together with a six-speed mechanics. This cooper was produced from 2010 to 2014. He exchanged the first hundred in 6.5 seconds. Produced only in the back of a three-door hatchback. Only power in this case is directly proportional to the number of problems. Absolutely all the same problems as the other motors 1, 6, only occur 2 times more often.

Preferably against the background of this car looks "Mini Cooper JCW", produced from 2004 to 2006. The ancestor has only 1 horsepower less, which had almost no effect on acceleration. This old man will fly at a speed of 100 kilometers per hour in 6.6 seconds! It also has a six-speed manual gearbox. And the curb weight in the new and old body is the same: 1140 kilograms.

True, the new "JCW" is nine centimeters longer than its predecessor. Butthe old man is much more reliable. To increase power, a compressor supercharger was installed on the motor, this gives a smooth, confident traction from the very bottom, unlike turbocharging. In addition, the old generation model has distributed fuel injection. Simpler design - less problems! It is only worth considering the reviews of the owners of the "Mini Cooper". The maintenance of such machines takes more money, by about 20 percent. This 20 percent is due to the good appetite of the machine. In the city, you can safely count on 15 liters with a more or less aggressive ride. "JCW" of the new generation may also require expensive engine repairs at the most inopportune moment.

The indisputable advantage of these modifications is the dynamics and appearance. Wide sills, bumpers and fenders make a real bulldog out of a car. Don't forget that even the regular Cooper is a really tough car, so the almost "furious" John's Cooper isn't for everyone.

Mini Cooper specifications

All "Mini Coopers" with motor 1, 6 have good dynamics. The five-door hatchback of 2001-2004, with a manual transmission and a power of 115 horsepower, accelerates to a hundred in 9.2 seconds, the device from 2014, already with a six-speed mechanics - 8.2 seconds. The same cars, only with the index "S" at 163 and 192 forces will accelerate in 7.4 and 6.9 seconds, respectively. Depending on the driving style, a "Mini" with a 1.6 engine will consume 7.5 liters of fuel per hundred kilometers in the city, up to 5 liters on the highway, withspeed 90-100 km/h. "Mini Cooper" with a three-cylinder one and a half liter engine develops 136 horsepower. Although it is turbocharged, it is really reliable. It will also accelerate your five-door Mini Cooper to a hundred in 8.2 seconds! It has a much more modest appetite than the engine 1, 6, about 8 liters in the city.

If you want a faster "Mini" with less fuel consumption, then check out the three-door hatchbacks. All of them are about a second faster than their five-door brothers. All the characteristics and reviews of the owners of the "Mini Cooper" hatchback can be found on the Internet. Some of them are listed below.

Mini Cooper Countryman

mini cooper countryman owner reviews

Among the buyers and fans of "Mini" there are people who often travel outside the city, travel a lot, like to sit above the stream or are simply tired of the hard suspension of a car. Owner reviews of the "Mini Cooper Countryman" also vary. Some owners want even softer suspension. There are only complaints about ONE, with a 1.6 engine for 90 or 98 horsepower, it is simply not enough for a car with a gross weight of 1735 kilograms. This is evidenced by acceleration to one hundred - 12 and 13 seconds, respectively. The crossover is equipped with gasoline engines 1, 6 for 122 forces, and 184 forces. Diesel engines for 1.6 liters (112 hp) and 2 liters (143 hp).

All-wheel drive can be equipped with all diesel versions and petrol, 184 forces. Moreover, all-wheel drive does not affect acceleration for the worse,as is the case with other crossovers. The front axle is the leading one, the rear one is connected by a clutch with a double-plate electromagnetic clutch, which does not cause any complaints from the owners. Consumption for gasoline versions will be from 11 liters per hundred kilometers. Diesel will help correct this problem by reducing it to 7-8 liters in the city. Better choose diesel engines. Less consumption and no problems with the chain and valves.

If the gasoline engine is not properly maintained (insufficient oil level), expensive repairs may be required already at 100 thousand kilometers. The whole problem is the lack of an oil level sensor, which can be installed additionally. Often, owners of gasoline versions complain about the oil pressure light flashing during acceleration or braking, which means that no more than three liters of oil remain in the engine. And this is with the required volume of 4.3 liters.

We think it's not worth telling what it is fraught with. Another problem is that at low speeds the engine does not have enough oil. This problem is especially relevant on a turbo engine, when the driver presses the gas pedal to the floor before the turbine starts to work. Later, this problem seemed to be solved by replacing the oil pump. When you read the reviews of the owners of the "Mini Cooper" about the model with a gasoline engine 1, 6, you can meet another problem: the chain knocks during a cold start. It's all about her tensioner. It is hydraulic, that is, it tensions the chain with the help of oil pressure. Because of this, for example, in the cold, the oil does not have time to create the necessary pressure. As a result, stars wear out. Increasing chance of slipchains, which is almost always an expensive repair.

Oil should be changed every 7500 kilometers for sure! Wheel bearings fail after about 60,000 miles. The rest of the suspension is relatively reliable. Almost all the first copies of "Countryman" had the thermostat changed under warranty, later the problem was fixed. Many note bad mirrors, the size of which is not enough for this car. There is plenty of room in the back row, but this space is gone from the trunk, which will fit a couple of not very large bags. Some owners had problems with the upholstery of the seats, its dealers fixed it under warranty. These chairs are also not the most comfortable, too soft, but with good lateral support. All characteristics and owner reviews about the "Mini Cooper Countryman" can be found on the Internet. Or rather, on specialized forums.

"Mini Cooper Clubman": owner reviews and specifications

mini cooper clubman owner reviews

It is not at all clear what the marketing department of the "Mini" was guided by when they came up with the name of this model. If we look at the technical description of this machine, we will see the word "universal". But this is far from the classic station wagon that immediately comes to mind. "Mini" made a supposedly practical version of the regular "Cooper", which became 8 centimeters longer. Only here with the doors everything is quite unusual. The station wagon has five of them: two tailgates, two front doors and one hinged rear door. It is located on the right and opens against the direction of travel. Just like inRolls-Royce! The practicality of such a solution is questionable. The trunk will not open if another car has become at the rear bumper, or you have driven too close to the wall. The left rear row passenger will be able to get out of the car only after the right and center ones. Maybe this is such a special British practicality? Here you can find only one plus: the children will not run out of the "Mini" on the road if you forgot to block the doors. True, this is not what the owners of the "Mini Cooper" write about in the reviews. Photos of this car can be seen in our article.

In 2015, the developers showed the next generation of "Mini Clubman", more practical. It already has at least two regular rear doors.

new clubman

Reading the reviews of the owners of the "Mini Cooper Clubman", you see the already familiar problems of gasoline engines. All the same chains, valves, oil consumption. Note weak ball bearings.

Clubman JCW

There was also a truly charged version with a 1.6 liter engine and 211 horsepower. This is the version from the British atelier John Cooper Works. She, like just "Cooper JCW" is even tougher, has an aggressive design, wide sills and fenders. But the main thing is a powerful motor. With him, 6.8 seconds to a hundred are provided to you.

Features and reviews of the owners of "Mini Cooper Clubman" can be found on the Internet.


mini cooper owner reviews after 60,000 km

Common shortcomings in Mini Cooper owners reviews:

  • problems withgasoline engines developed by BMW together with Peugeot-Citroen, 1.6 liters;
  • weak wheel bearings;
  • hard suspension;
  • insufficient soundproofing.

General advantages and reviews of Mini Cooper owners:

  • excellent handling, driving pleasure, excellent or acceptable acceleration dynamics, excellent car stability on the track;
  • reliability of electronics, engine attachments, clutch (with all-wheel drive) and gearboxes;
  • appearance;
  • good body corrosion resistance;
  • compactness, convenience in the city.

"Mini" is, first of all, a toy, a favorite toy. It will not be possible to ride it, changing only oils and filters. We can say for sure that the cars of the British brand will not leave anyone indifferent! The characteristics of the "Mini Cooper" and the reviews of the owners show this perfectly. Each person will be able to find a model to their liking. Do you want a fast, agile car? There is a three-door hatchback "S". Not enough? Get JCW. Do you love convertibles? You can always find a Mini Cooper Cabrio. Need low fuel consumption and just a beautiful car? There is a one and a half liter engine and excellent diesel engines. Or maybe you need a car for an egoist? "Mini Cooper Coupe" at your service! Does the family require not to be selfish? There's always Clubman and Countryman!

auto mini cooper reviews owners

Any "Mini" alwaysattracts attention on the street, but does not forget about its owner. Gives him the most positive emotions from movement both on public roads and on closed ranges or tracks! This is exactly the car, once you ride on it, you will never forget the emotions of driving! You just need to be prepared to spend up to 150 thousand rubles a year on maintenance. However, picking up a really good copy or buying a new car in the cabin, you can safely count on 15 thousand rubles a year.

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