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Tires Matador MP50 Sibir Ice Suv: reviews. Matador MP50 Sibir Ice: tests

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Tires Matador MP50 Sibir Ice Suv: reviews. Matador MP50 Sibir Ice: tests
Tires Matador MP50 Sibir Ice Suv: reviews. Matador MP50 Sibir Ice: tests

Tires of the Matador brand are incredibly popular among domestic motorists. These tires differ in unsurpassed quality and the democratic price. The presented statement is also typical for the Matador MP50 Sibir Ice model. Reviews about these tires are extremely positive. Motorists do not skimp on flattering ratings.

A little about the history of the brand

The company was founded in 1905 in the city of Pukhov. Initially, the company was engaged in the manufacture and sale of various rubber products. The first tires under this trademark left the assembly line in 1925. In 2007, the German industrial giant Continental AG acquired a majority stake in the company.

Continental Logo
Continental Logo

This takeover had a positive impact on Matador. The Germans carried out the modernization of production facilities, which had a positive effect on the quality of tires. This is confirmed by international certificates ISO and TSI. The company expanded its sales market.

For which cars

Crossover on a winter road
Crossover on a winter road

In reviews of the Matador MP50 Sibir Ice, vehicle owners note that the types of tires presented are great for lovers of measured driving. The model comes in 36 different sizes with fit diameters from 13 to 17 inches. This allows you to choose tires of this class for almost any sedan or subcompact. The presented model is the flagship of the company. The brand even released an analogue for all-wheel drive vehicles. In reviews of the Matador MP50 Sibir Ice SUV, drivers point primarily to reinforced sidewalls. These tires are not afraid of impacts from the side, more resistant to cuts. Naturally, in comparison with passenger analogues, they also differ in an increased load index. These types of tires have the same tread design. They differ from each other only in the structure of the frame.

For what season

car on winter road
car on winter road

Both tire variations are designed exclusively for winter. Moreover, the company's engineers designed them taking into account the difficult weather conditions in Russia and the Scandinavian countries. In principle, this is fully reflected in the name of the model. The compound is very soft. This solution allows the rubber to maintain elasticity even with a serious cold snap. Moreover, the tires are resistant to thaw. At temperatures exceeding +5 degrees Celsius, these tires cannot be used for a long time. When heated, the rubber becomes rolled, resulting in an increase in the rate of abrasive wear. The protector wears out very quickly. This was also confirmed in the reviews of the Matador MP50 Sibir Ice.

A couple of words aboutdeveloping

Tire testing
Tire testing

When designing the presented tire model, the brand's engineers used the most modern technical solutions of the German consortium Continental. First, a digital analogue was created, according to which a physical prototype was produced. He was tested on a special stand, after which they began testing at the Continental test site. According to the results of the experiments, all the necessary changes were made to the model and the tires were launched into serial production. With the help of testing, it was possible to significantly improve the main running characteristics of tires.

Design Features

Tread design determines many tire properties. The presented model received a classic pattern for winter. The symmetrical arrangement of blocks directed at a certain angle to the roadway improves the quality and speed of snow removal from the contact patch.

Tire tread Matador MP50 Sibir Ice
Tire tread Matador MP50 Sibir Ice

The central part of the tire is represented by four stiffening ribs, two of which are completely solid. Such a decision had a positive effect on the reliability of rectilinear motion. In reviews of the Matador MP50 Sibir Ice, drivers note that there is no need to correct the trajectory in any way. Naturally, this is observed only when a number of important conditions are met. First, immediately after mounting the tires, it is necessary to balance them. Secondly, the driver must not exceed the speeds specified by the tire manufacturer itself. In reviews of the Matador MP50 Sibir Ice, owners notice that at elevatedspeeds exceeding a given index, vibration increases. It becomes more difficult to keep the car on the desired trajectory.

The other edges of the central part are made up of small directional blocks. They form a V-shaped tread pattern. With the help of these elements, it is possible to improve the quality of acceleration of the car. The presented arrangement increases the traction performance of the tire. The car picks up speed much faster, there are no drifts to the sides in principle.

The shoulder blocks are responsible for the stability of braking and cornering. It is during these maneuvers that the main load is placed on them. In reviews of the Matador MP50 Sibir Ice, drivers indicate that these tires give the car incredible stability. Uncontrolled drifts are excluded even with sharp turns. The car does not wobble or skid during braking.

Behavior on Ice

The greatest difficulty in winter is movement on an icy road. Friction heats up the ice and melts it. The resulting water reduces the contact area. The reliability of control drops significantly, the risk of accidents increases. To prevent such an outcome, the brand's engineers endowed the presented tire models with spikes. Moreover, the manufacturability of the company was revealed in this case as well.

Drivers noted the reliability of the tires Matador MP50 Sibir Ice FD 195 65 R15 91T. In reviews of the spikes, the owners pointed out the unusual shape of the head of the protruding elements. In principle, this is typical for other sizes of both this model and its counterpart for all-wheel drive vehicles. The head of the spikes is madehexagonal. Moreover, the ribs received a variable cross section. This allows you to maintain the stability of maneuvering in a variety of driving modes. The vehicle does not drift to the sides even when making a sharp turn on an icy surface.

Tires Matador MP50 Sibir Ice have studs with variable pitch relative to each other. This technical solution helps to avoid the rut effect. Improves the quality and reliability of maneuvering.

In order to meet the strict regulations of the countries of the European Union, the studs on these tires are made of a lightweight alloy based on aluminum. With this, it was possible to minimize the negative impact of tires on the roadway.

Riding through puddles

Puddles for winter are rare. They appear only during long thaws and in early spring. When moving along them, the risk of a specific effect of hydroplaning increases. In this case, a water barrier appears between the road and the tire, which reduces the quality of contact between the surfaces. The car loses control, maneuverability drops noticeably. To eliminate this problem, the company's engineers applied a set of measures.

hydroplaning effect
hydroplaning effect

When designing the tread design, the tires were endowed with a developed drainage system. It is represented by a combination of longitudinal and transverse grooves. During the rotation of the wheel, a centrifugal force is created, which draws water deep into the tread. After that, the liquid is redistributed over the surface of the entire tire and removed. At the same time, the walls of the drainage grooves are located at a certain angle to the road, whichimproves the rate of liquid removal.

When formulating the rubber compound, the concern's chemists increased the proportion of silica in the compound. With the help of this oxide, it was possible to increase the quality of grip on wet asph alt. In reviews of the Matador MP50 Sibir Ice FD, drivers note that the tires practically stick to the road. Riding safety increases several times.

Drainage elements have been enlarged. This allows you to increase the volume of fluid that can be removed by drainage per unit of time. The effect of hydroplaning does not occur even when moving quickly through puddles.

Wave-shaped sipes were applied to each tread block. These elements increase the number of grip faces in the contact patch. They also improve the rate of local drainage.

Riding in the snow

The presented tire models proved to be excellent even while driving on a snowy road. The car does not slip, the risk of loss of control is reduced to zero. This was achieved with the help of a directional tread pattern, a large number of grip faces in the contact patch and extended drainage elements.

A couple of words about differences

Matador MP50 Sibir Ice tires differ from the same tire with additional SUV marking in carcass structure. The fact is that the rubber, designed for cars with all-wheel drive, has reinforced sidewalls. Additional metal threads help to avoid the risk of wheel deformation that occurs in a side impact. The rubber is also cut resistant. This is also noted in the reviews of the Matador MP50 Sibir Ice SUV. Nonethere are no other differences between these tires.


Rubber does not lose its performance properties even after 50 thousand kilometers. To increase durability, brand engineers introduced carbon compounds into the compound. With their help, it was possible to reduce the rate of abrasive wear. The tread wears out much more slowly.

The structure of carbon black
The structure of carbon black

An optimized contact patch also helped improve durability. It is stable in any vector and driving mode. Center and shoulder areas wear evenly.


The presented models were also tested by representatives of independent automotive magazines. In the reviews of the Matador MP50 Sibir Ice from "Behind the Wheel", the testers noted the short braking distance of the tires on any type of surface. The experiment also confirmed the reliability of tires during a sharp change from asph alt to ice or snow.


In reviews of the Matador MP50 Sibir Ice, drivers note a good ride. Shaking in the cabin is minimal. The tires are excellent at absorbing excess impact energy.

Drivers attribute only high noise to the disadvantages. In principle, this is typical for all studded tires. This model is no exception to the rule.

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