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Photo and review of the technical characteristics of the car GAZ-322173

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Photo and review of the technical characteristics of the car GAZ-322173
Photo and review of the technical characteristics of the car GAZ-322173

Practically everyone knows the cars called "Gazelle". These cars have been produced in Russia since 1994. Now there are several dozen of their modifications. These are both cargo and passenger vehicles. In our article, we will consider one of the models - GAZ-322173, technical specifications, photos and features of this car.


This minibus was built on the basis of the 2705 van. In terms of design, this car is identical in appearance to its predecessor. The front is still the same plastic bumper, metal grille and drop-shaped headlights, which can be made of both glass and plastic. Plastic headlights, as noted in the reviews of drivers, very quickly become unusable. The coating becomes cloudy over several years of operation, which worsened not only the appearance, but also the brightness of the lamps.

The appearance of the car GAZ-322173

The body as a whole has the same problems as the 2705 van. Often owners complain about corrosion. If on trucks"Gazelles" 3302 only doors and arches rust, then in the passenger version the entire body can deteriorate completely. This is especially noticeable on specimens that are used in large cities, where s alt and chemicals are sprinkled on the road in winter. The hood and grille of the radiator are also covered with rust on the car.

If the vehicle in question does not have the defects described above a few years after the start of operation, this means that it is not used in difficult climatic conditions. Another reason for the satisfactory condition is that the owner very carefully monitors the body, regularly treats the metal with Anticorrosive.


Let's move inside the GAZ-322173 car. The interior here is the same as that of all Gazelles that were produced in the 90s of the last century. Of the pluses, drivers note the presence of a good stove.

Interior of the car GAZ-322173

The passenger version provided for two heating devices. Also in the car is good visibility and comfortable mirrors. The rest of the car deserves criticism. The plastic is hard everywhere and scratches easily. The seats are shapeless. The driver gets tired of them quickly. Noise isolation is practically non-existent. The engine runs very loudly, and on fairly well-maintained specimens, the box begins to howl. In winter, heat quickly leaves the cabin, so you have to constantly turn on the engine to warm the stove.

Characteristics of GAZ-322173

The passenger side of the car is separated from the cab by a smallpartition. The design capacity of the car is up to 11 passengers. Some owners install additional seats. Due to this, the capacity is increased to 14 people, but at the same time the comfort for passengers is greatly deteriorating.


GAZ-322173 is equipped with only one gasoline engine (other engines were also installed on 2705). Under the hood is a four-cylinder 2.5-liter unit from the Zavolzhsky Motor Plant. This is the 405th motor. It is an improved version of the 406th carburetor engine. The 405th has a distributed fuel injection, it has the best technical characteristics. So, its power is 133 horsepower, and the torque is 214 Nm. Owner reviews say that this motor is "riding". To get enough traction, it has to be twisted up to 4 thousand revolutions. It is at this time that the entire torque of this unit is revealed.

GAZ-322173 fuel consumption

What is the GAZ-322173 fuel consumption? The car consumes about 17 liters per 100 km in the city. Therefore, many install gas equipment. Among the common problems of the GAZ-322173 are the risk of engine overheating and high oil consumption. This is due to the use of a cooling fan that does not fit.

Gearbox for GAZ-322173 five-speed, mechanical. The resource of the passenger model is slightly larger than that of the cargo one. Transfers are included quite clearly. In general, the box raises no complaints. In terms of maintenance, the checkpoint only needsoil change. It needs to be changed every 90 thousand kilometers.


The car has the same chassis design as the 2705 van. So, the front of the car has a pivot beam with springs. Behind - the bridge, which is also suspended from the frame by springs. Additionally, a stabilizer bar is installed. The brake system has a hydraulic drive and two independent circuits. Front disc brakes, rear drum brakes. The steering is of the "screw-ball nut" type. Additionally, there is a hydraulic booster. Vehicles under 2010 were fitted with ABS from the factory.

The chassis of the car is quite reliable and simple. However, on the go, it does not cope with bumps. The car often jumps on the pits. This is especially noticeable in the rear passenger seats.


We examined what a minibus GAZ-322173 is. This machine has several advantages. It is low price and good maintainability. However, the car has an unreliable body and has a not very comfortable interior. However, these factors do not affect the popularity of the machine. It is quite common in many regions of our country.

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