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ZIL-49061: specifications, fuel consumption, load capacity and photo

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ZIL-49061: specifications, fuel consumption, load capacity and photo
ZIL-49061: specifications, fuel consumption, load capacity and photo

Until recently, the secret production of special multi-purpose all-terrain vehicles ZIL-49061 was little studied. In the early 90s of the last century, the manufacturer was transformed into OJSC GVA All-Terrain Vehicle, after which the Blue Birds became the most interesting cars. They belong to emergency rescue amphibians, they are produced in a cargo-passenger or cargo modification. Consumers are offered both petrol and diesel versions.

Photo of the all-terrain vehicle ZIL 49061

General information

The multifunctional all-terrain vehicle ZIL-49061 is one of the latest developments carried out by the Special Design Bureau of the plant under the leadership of V. Grachev. The machine is the result of many years of research and testing. The main purpose of the vehicle is to rescue spacecraft crews and conduct search operations in difficult climatic conditions.

Rescue amphibian was not created from scratch. Behind the shoulders of the designers was a significant accumulation of experience in the development and operation of analogues of the PES and ZIL-4909/49092 types, as well as floating models under the index 135. Taking into account all the negative andpositive results, the developers adopted the main version, which they began to produce in small batches. Y. Balashov was the chief designer, V. Voronin was the lead tester.

History of Creation

The first units of the ZIL-49061 off-road rescue vehicle appeared in the early summer of 1975. They were intended for transfer to the places of deployment by transportation in the cargo compartments of military transport aircraft. Initially, two modifications were developed: "Crane" (unified version with a manipulator) and "Salon" (cargo-passenger version).

ZIL 49061 description

Additionally, the package included a lightweight auger 29061 series with a power unit from a passenger car, transported on a "Crane". The brigade of the rescue squad of the specified vehicle could take this unit with them, if necessary, which made it easier to move through difficult terrain. All vehicles of this line were painted in a special bright blue color, so as not to get lost in the snow or in the desert sands. For this, the technique received the nickname "Blue Bird".

Design Features

The all-terrain vehicle ZIL-49061 was equipped with a power unit with 8 cylinders ZIL-130. The configuration of this motor differed from the standard truck version. All elements of the engine are selected by selection from high-quality blanks and the best castings. Many details were made in the conditions of piece production. This is due to the small production series of the amphibians under consideration, which made it possible to experiment with componentsparts and assemblies.

A reliable and simple mechanical unit with five modes acts as a gearshift box on an all-terrain vehicle. The transfer gearbox ZIL-49061 "Blue Bird" was equipped with an inter-side differential, which provides different speeds of rotation of the right and left wheels, which often helps out when driving off-road. With a "razdatka" it aggregates a demultiplier of a planetary configuration, which serves to control low gears. In addition, propellers were set in motion from the specified node, if necessary, move by swimming.

ZIL 49061 "Blue bird"

Running parameters and bodywork

All three axles of the ZIL-49061 "Blue Bird" amphibian were equipped with an independent torsion bar suspension. The increased ground clearance was provided with the help of wheel gears, and the brake mechanism was equipped with discs. The drive of the car is carried out on the front and rear wheels. Steering - with hydrostatic delay of turning the wheels of the rear axle. In addition, automatic correction relative to the front analog is carried out. Instead of water cannons, a pair of propellers appeared, unlike the predecessor of the PES series.

The frame base and the body of the amphibian in question are built of aluminum profiles and a fiberglass hull. The designers prepared the shape and dimensions of the machine with particular care and consideration. All manipulations were carried out taking into account the fact that the vehicle must not only have good buoyancy, but also be suitable for quick and frequent airlift.

Mainthe technical task was to make the all-terrain vehicle freely fit into the transport compartments of the MI-6/26 helicopters and the An-12, Il-76 aircraft.

All-terrain vehicle ZIL 49061

TTX ZIL-49061

The following are the main features of the vehicle in question:

  • number of seats in cabin/cabin/stretcher - 4/4/3;
  • full weight (t) - 9, 6/11, 8;
  • dimensions (m) - 9, 25/2, 48/2, 53;
  • wheelbase (m) - 2, 4/2, 4;
  • road gauge (m) - 2, 0;
  • clearance (cm) - 54, 4;
  • engine type - carbureted gasoline engine, with eight overhead valve cylinders, placed in a V-shape;
  • working volume (l) - 6, 0;
  • power indicator - 150 hp With. at 3200 rpm;
  • fuel consumption ZIL 49061 (l/100 km) - 50;
  • curb weight (t) - 8, 31;
  • speed limit on highway/water (km/h) - 75/8, 0;
  • additional equipment - rescue equipment, radio navigation devices.
  • Scheme of the car ZIL 49061


In the crane version, the ZIL-49061 amphibian, the photo of which is presented below, received a manipulator with a two-block boom. Side load is identical to that of PES-2. Design features made it possible to make the rear overhang longer, and in the passenger version - to increase the usable area of ​​the cabin.

Well thought out body shapeand many standard lighting elements made the exterior of the car more attractive than its predecessor. A competent combination of the parameters of the nodes and the configuration of the lower part of the hull contributed to the development of speed indicators on the water, more than in previous modifications.

A lot of time and effort the developers have spent on equipping the vehicle with modern navigation and communication facilities. The latest systems used on the Blue Bird since 1984 make it possible to accurately determine the landing sector of wanted vehicles, as well as maintain mutual radio communication with the crews of aircraft.

At modification "Salon" modernized climate equipment. The vehicle in question entered service with the EGASPAS search and rescue service in 1981. Until 1991, the plant produced 12 "Crane" models, 14 "Salons" and five auger mini-all-terrain vehicles. In the future, these amphibians were used by the Ministry of Emergency Situations, as well as the companies Transneft and Centrospas.

Amphibian ZIL 49061


A large part of the ZIL-49061 off-road rescue vehicles is still actively used, despite its advanced age. It should be borne in mind that modifications in terms of the specifics of the operations carried out have no domestic analogues. The existing vehicle fully meets the requirements and is able to solve all urgent problems. In general, Blue Bird is one of the most successful developments in its segment.

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