Installing xenon in lensed headlights: installation features, regulatory documentation

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Installing xenon in lensed headlights: installation features, regulatory documentation
Installing xenon in lensed headlights: installation features, regulatory documentation

Lighting for motorists is part of the security system. Not everyone is satisfied with regular headlights, so they think about all sorts of additional optics. Therefore, to improve, they use xenon and led bulbs, resort to changes - linting the headlights themselves. The most powerful lighting can be achieved by a combination of these methods. Everyone has heard about the use of xenon. But not everyone knows whether it is legal to install xenon in lensed headlights this year.

General information

General information about lensed optics
General information about lensed optics

To own a car with linzovannaya optics, drivers lay out a lot of money. Often, the manufacturer on foreign cars already provides for this option of optics. Xenon is an inert, odorless gas that is safe for humans. You can compare the combustion process with the principle of burning an electric arc in an inert gas.

Tricks of the system

Main parts of flashlights with lenses
Main parts of flashlights with lenses

The main parts of headlights with lenses include the headlight itself, reflector and xenonbulb. The light beam acts directly on the road, this is its main "mission". The driver violates the law if he uses optics without lenses. Appliances can function with automatic adjustment.

On virtues

Lights of this type are functional and durable
Lights of this type are functional and durable

Among the positive characteristics are the following.

  1. Lights of this kind are functional and durable. One thing should be remembered: the installation of xenon in lensed headlights by non-professionals is classified as an illegal procedure. After installation, they must be correctly adjusted, trusting only experienced masters of auto repair shops.
  2. Also successfully used by servicemen during tuning work. Lights look stylish, provide the effect of "angel eyes".
  3. To improve factory lighting. Services for installation work are provided by specialized companies that have a certificate for such manipulations. Professionals will carry out the work competently, the result will last for a long time.

Often, motorists who are interested in whether xenon can be installed in lensed headlights use this to update the style of their "swallow". The use of lenses provides a special light focusing, due to which the beam is directed to certain sections of the road. "Angel eyes" are not only decorative elements of vehicles, they are a whole "palette" of high-quality technical characteristics.

Car Service Offers

Installing xenon headlights
Installing xenon headlights

At the service stationwith experience, a certificate and a well-established reputation, experts offer a choice of installing lenses with halogen and xenon. Most car owners prefer to opt for the second option. This is due to the fact that the power of gas discharge bulbs is much higher compared to their "relatives" from halogen, especially for models with reflectors.

Basic configurations do not provide for the installation of xenon in lensed headlights, a similar prerogative applies to top versions. In factories, designers most often prefer to put halogen to focus the light beam. Installation of lined equipment requires professional equipment. In addition, sensors should be installed in the headlight, thanks to which the light angle will be adjusted. Hella models, Chinese Catz i, PIAA, Philips, Osram have shown their abilities well.

About legal niceties

Self-installation of xenon
Self-installation of xenon

Self-installation of xenon in linzovannaya headlights - an acceptable procedure. At first, it does not hurt to find out if it is possible to change the optics of your “steel horse” in this way and be a law-abiding citizen. A fan of tuning modernization should remember: the slightest intervention, not agreed with the relevant authorities, in the design of the lamps is recognized as an offense. The traffic police officer has all the rights to dismantle the optics, and the owner of the vehicle has incidents during the inspection.

To obtain approval for the installation of xenon in lensed headlights with your ownhands to improve the lighting function, you must resort to the help of a certified organization. You will need to obtain the appropriate paper from the traffic police and complete the replacement of the lights.

On regulations

How to install xenon headlights
How to install xenon headlights

The question of whether it is possible to put xenon in linzovannaya headlights or not, excites many. It is necessary to follow the letter of the law, and it will be useful for the driver to read UNECE Rule No. 99. In their actions, police officers rely on the Code of Administrative Offenses of Federal Law No. 195, guided by GOST R 41.99-99.

Valuable advice

Is it possible to put xenon in lensed headlights
Is it possible to put xenon in lensed headlights

The car owner, wondering whether it is possible to put xenon in lensed headlights, should know: it is not forbidden to install it on vehicles that provide for such changes by the factory. To implement devices on standard optics, you need to pass an inspection and get a diagnostic card. An appropriate mark must be affixed to the transport passport.

Any doubts?

The effectiveness of xenon has been proven by practice. If you want to create a uniform shade of the beam, you can put xenon in lensed headlights, getting a more accurate delineation of space. Devices increase the efficiency of lighting accessories. The higher the Kelvin, the brighter the light. Gas dischargers are not "gluttonous" in relation to energy. This means that the battery will be discharged slowly, compared to other types of headlights, they do not “get old” soon. Clean and bright beam increases comfort on any route,in an urban environment or off-road, reminiscent of sunshine.

Features of Chinese xenon

Car owners have a choice to buy standard cheap products or Chinese optics with high price tags. The latter do their job much better, although not without flaws. Xenon provides beam directivity. Installing it in a standard headlight will cause this property to be smeared and the light to scatter. As a result, the percentage of visibility deteriorates, bright light blinds drivers driving in the oncoming lane. You have to think about an additional relay that acts as a stabilizer that unloads the wiring. It is also put in case of incorrect performance of tasks by a gas discharge lamp during ignition.

From xenon, the engineers expected a soft, directional palette of radiant flux that could illuminate a specific space, which they managed to translate into reality.

Interesting moment! Xenon lights operate on 13V, reducing the need for electricity consumption. Voltage deficiency adversely affects ignition.

Is it possible to put xenon headlights in linzovannaya? This topic is of interest to transport owners who want to achieve a positive effect in this regard. In a certain area, the light is focused on a specific segment of the path. There is no need to scatter light over the entire road track, the area in front of the car is especially brightly illuminated. Xenon is “powered” by the battery, and you will have to spend about $ 100 on its installation, subject to the purchase of auto products from the Middle Kingdom. For near lighting, it is better to select fixtures with a power of 35 W, while overheatingwill not be, because this is the only thing that stops when buying.

Flaws in Brief

Indeed, a quality product will cost the driver's budget at least $500 (32,800 rubles). The device does not reach peak brightness immediately, gradually gaining saturation: within 20 seconds. Gas discharges shine very brightly, which sometimes annoys pedestrians and other car owners if the lights are set incorrectly. Their resource is 200 hours, and again a person is forced to resort to replacement.

Effective do-it-yourself installation technique

The work requires some skills, knowledge of the technical plan, patience. Before independent "shamanism" over linzovannaya headlights for xenon, you should know an important point. You need to write a statement to the traffic police about the procedure done, the number of changes and their nature.

  1. The first stage is dedicated to the preparation of the headlights, they need to be removed, disassembled, cleaned of dirt, washed.
  2. Will have to disassemble to the smallest detail. It is necessary to remove all covers, electrocorrector. To remove it, you need to make circular movements counterclockwise and try to turn it so that the lower part of the collector looks at the driver. It must be moved down to the maximum.
  3. You need to remove the factory ignition unit by unscrewing the three bolts. A Torx T 20 asterisk screwdriver will come in handy. In the absence of standard xenon, you won’t have to dismantle anything. The resulting connector can be closed by any means to prevent moisture and dirt particles from entering.
  4. The next step is to remove the bulb. To do this, you need to snap off the springs holding the device without touching the bulb with your hands. Better put it in a safe place. You can remove the foam cover from the new product by putting it on the old one. Many, thinking whether it is worth putting xenon headlights in lensed, prefer to buy German optics with D2 series socles. Here you can see why the German variants do not blind the “oncoming”: the stock bulb has a coating that fights against “lights”. This makes the beam flow more uniform.
  5. New xenons are removed from the protective cap. If there is a spring holding the halogen version, it needs to be slightly crushed, the xenon wiring is pulled through it and brought out into the engine compartment. It is advised to dismantle the battery in advance, since it will be difficult to get close to it.

When finished, connect the terminals coming from the ignition unit to them. Further actions are reduced to making perforations in the headlight plugs for laying wires. Plugs can be rubber or metal, and depending on their composition, drilling or ordinary scissors are used. The cutter is the best choice for drilling. The hole must be made with a size of 25 mm. The wires should not be stretched, so the place for mounting the ignition unit should be chosen near the headlights. The recommended option is an area protected from moisture, dirt, overheating. Not all manufacturers provide for this. In this position, the block must be wrapped with electrical tape to increase safety.

Then you need to synchronize the wires from the unit with gas dischargedevices and electronics of the machine. For this purpose, an additional wiring is pulled leading to the connector where the halogen was connected. A similar procedure is carried out with the second lamp.

All the secrets of mounting wisdom are known in professional auto centers. With a well-conducted, legal procedure, there will be no problems.