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Xenon headlights: benefits and installation

Xenon headlights: benefits and installation
Xenon headlights: benefits and installation

Xenon headlights, unlike others, have two built-in electrodes instead of an incandescent coil. They are located at a short distance from each other in a quartz glass tube filled with metal s alts and gases. Between these electrodes, with the help of a high-voltage pulse, the gas acquires an electrically conductive property and an electric charge occurs. Therefore, xenon headlights are also called gas discharge. The electrons in this action move between the electrodes and charge the gas so that the energy begins to manifest itself in light form. The color of the lamps varies depending on the gas used. Color temperature is a physical quantity that determines the spectrum of radiation, and on which the brightness of the headlights depends. There is a misconception that a lamp will be more powerful at a high temperature, but this is just a model that reports exactly what the temperature of a perfectly heated body should be in order for it to glow in certain colors. The higher it is, the closer the shade of the headlight will be to purple,the lower - to yellow.

xenon headlights


Car owners who have chosen such headlights for their vehicles are well aware of the advantages of their choice. To date, the installation of xenon is the best solution to the issue of light for the car. There are several reasons for this, primarily these:

bi-xenon headlights
  • Xenon headlights are a new level of comfort while driving. The eyes are a little less tired as the driver does not have to strain his eyesight in order to distinguish between the likely sources of danger on the roads.
  • Additional security guarantee. Xenon beams of light have an important characteristic: they do not scatter in raindrops, and therefore no light wall is formed. Accordingly, better visibility, which halogen or bi-xenon headlights cannot provide, reduces the risk of accidents, which is especially important in bad weather.
  • Such lamps are quite economical. Compared to conventional incandescent lamps, they consume significantly less energy and, accordingly, do not increase fuel consumption. In addition, xenon uses the energy received only for its intended purpose and practically does not spend it on air heating. These lamps last much longer than halogen ones, and they cannot burn out.
  • Since its inception, xenon headlights have become an essential attribute of a good expensive car. After all, the sky-blue color is modern, prestigious and simply relevant.
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How to install xenon

Naturally, the process of equipping a car with such headlights is not the easiest, so it is safer and easier to entrust this task to specialists. Installation of such lamps in the service center is a guarantee of high-quality and correct performance of work. The end result is worth the effort and money. Xenon headlights instantly turn night into day, the road itself is much better illuminated, even if it snows or rains. However, you should be prepared for the fact that, getting used to the good, you will no longer want to drive with halogen lighting.

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