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3 main features of the qr20de engine from Nissan

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3 main features of the qr20de engine from Nissan
3 main features of the qr20de engine from Nissan

Nissan automaker has always provided fans with a choice of engines, supplying the global car market with high-quality mechanisms, parts and assemblies. A new sample of the motor line left the assembly line of the plant in the "zero" years, becoming a convenient alternative to the "SR" auto collection. The design thought brought the motor to "mind", providing it with an electronic throttle, adding personal ignition coils, upgrading the cylinder head, balancing the shafts and much more.

First Features

3 main engine features
3 main engine features

The cylinder block was made of aluminum, and the gas distribution system was presented with two camshafts. Electronic fuel injection distinguished the qr20de engine from its "relatives". It was installed on most cars, including inexpensive sedans and solid cars. This engineering solution has paid off in practice, allowing drivers to easily maneuver on difficult sections of roads: the traction force on heavy SUVs with running air conditioning compressors has increased, and it has become easier for small cars to get out of the pits.

Powerfulqr20de engine performance ranges from 130 to 150 hp. s.

How to decipher the name?

The plate with information about the qr20de engine is located at the junction of the motor with the gearbox, it is worth sorting out its decoding.

  1. The first two letters indicate the engine series.
  2. The number following them must be divided by 10, we get the result of the engine volume - this is 2 liters.
  3. The designation D indicates the presence of 2 camshafts, 4 valves per cylinder.
  4. The last letters speak of electronic fuel injection.

What technical features will please the unit?

Maintenance of the QR20DE engine
Maintenance of the QR20DE engine

Gamma technical features.

A driver who appreciates moderate driving, with good speed in justified situations, will not regret buying a car with a qr20de engine with a power of 130 or 150 horses. This is a unit with a maximum torque value of 200 NM at 4 thousand rpm. The inline four-cylinder engine performed well in practice. The developers decided to use the DOCH gas distribution type. The system helps the cylinder to receive fuel in sufficient volume, contributes to its complete combustion, making the operation of the unit economical.

As a fuel mixture, gasoline 92 and 95 are used with a consumption of 7.8 liters per hundred, although this figure depends on operating conditions. The aluminum alloy housing lightened the mass of the power unit without sacrificing strength. The clear geometry of the valve cover head differs from the previous version, whichpositively affected the shape of the intake and exhaust manifolds. The inner part of the cylinder block contains oil channels that are synchronized with the main components of the Nissan qr20de engine, and the cooling system jacket. What plays a role in fuel consumption?

Features of the crank mechanism

The power unit "Nissan" qr20de
The power unit "Nissan" qr20de

Sometimes drivers don't understand why fuel consumption increases. An oil channel functions inside the crankshaft, the task of which is to lubricate the rubbing parts, reducing their wear and tear, preventing expensive repairs to the motor unit. Between the cylinder and the piston there is a gap, with an increase in which there is a decrease in compression and due to this, fuel costs increase. The end of the crankshaft is equipped with a flywheel necessary to synchronize with the clutch drive plate. When equipped with an automatic transmission, it is slightly thinner and lighter than manual models.

Timing subtleties

In the design of the gas distribution in this motor, the main part is the chain, which is much stronger than the strap. Her "mission" is to make the camshafts function properly. The hydraulic chain tensioner controls the correct level of marks, the damper reduces vibrations.

Intelligent variable valve timing on the intake shaft, which is responsible for adjusting the valve stroke, reduces fuel consumption and contributes to the rational use of the efficiency of the power unit.

Features of the cooling system

Nissan Premiere with QR20DE engine
Nissan Premiere with QR20DE engine

In order for the engine notoverheated and did not fail prematurely, a cooling system is created. In the Nissan qr20de engine, it is presented in a liquid version of a closed type and has forced circulation. It is important to fill in high-quality antifreeze for its normal operation. What problems do motorists have to deal with?

Main problems

In a car service, you have to solve the problem of stretching the timing chain. The car starts to twitch, floats at idle, and the way out of the situation is to replace the chain. When the piston rings are worn, a high oil consumption of 0.5 liters per 1000 km begins. Choosing between a major overhaul and the installation of a new unit, qr20de contract engines are increasingly choosing to save money.

Some drivers find it difficult to start the engine in cold temperatures below 20 degrees Celsius. Many complain about the short-lived catalyst. This mainly applied to cars manufactured before 2004. In general, the unit is well designed and, like the vast majority of "Japanese", managed to please car owners.

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