Best compact crossovers

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Best compact crossovers
Best compact crossovers

Crossovers - all-wheel drive vehicles that have the design of an SUV, they have increased ground clearance. Compact crossovers, motorists call them "SUVs", usually up to 4.6 m long. They are now at the peak of popularity, because they combine the practicality and economy of family cars with the capabilities of SUVs. In this article, your attention will be offered to compact crossovers that were introduced in 2013, and those that are still being prepared for release to the market. These models are officially sold in Russia. So explore and choose!

2013 compact crossovers

Introducing some of the best crossovers of 2013:

compact crossovers 2013
compact crossovers 2013
  1. "Toyota RAV4". The appearance has been updated, however, among the fans of this model, the new body has caused controversy. Improved aerodynamics, the trunk has become more spacious.
  2. "Mitsubishi Outlander Sport". The most affordable SUV on this list. Economical fuel consumption.
  3. "Honda CR-V". Quite spaciouscar showroom. The crossover has an extensive and comfortable range of settings, with excellent brakes.
  4. "BMW X1". The smallest crossover from the "BMW" series. 5 seat SUV. Combines traditional BMW qualities: handling, comfort and economy.
  5. "Skoda Yeti". It is a competitive unit in the compact and budget crossover segment due to its appearance, excellent engine, decent interior and affordable price. In the basic configuration, the motorist will receive air conditioning and power windows.
  6. compact crossovers
    compact crossovers
  7. "Mazda CX-5". This is the first car of this brand, which has absorbed all the components of the new efficient technology "SKYACTIV". The high efficiency of the car is combined with its fashionable style, excellent performance and environmental friendliness. Among the advantages it should be noted the excellent handling of the car, a spacious interior.
  8. "Nissan Qashqai" and "Nissan JUKE" are compact crossovers that are top sellers in Europe. They combine avant-garde style, efficiency, 4-cylinder engine. And all this is complete with an all-wheel drive system. The main distinguishing features of the "Nissan JUKE" are a memorable design inside and out, good handling, high efficiency.
  9. "Subaru FORESTER". This is the fourth generation, has evolved from an all-wheel drive station wagon to a compact crossover. Under the hood is a two-literturbo engine. In the car, it is worth noting the excellent fit of the driver and the spacious interior.
  10. "Ford KUGA". This model is built on a new platform, equipped with an "EcoBoost" motor.

2014 compact crossovers

The French concern "Renault" is preparing to release an updated model of the "Duster" crossover on the Russian market in 2014. This model is one of the best budget options for compact crossovers. The company took into account all the complaints of motorists, improved the appearance, interior design and technical characteristics.

compact crossovers 2014
compact crossovers 2014

Mitsubishi will present three new developments of compact models in Tokyo. The model line of crossovers is completely updated. There will be some changes in the style of the external and internal design, the latest technologies will be used. According to Automotive News, the American company plans to release a subcompact crossover next year. The new JEEP is Wrangler inspired with a Multiair turbocharged engine.

Compact crossovers are one of the most popular and fastest growing segments in the automotive market both in Russia and around the world.