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How much does a Jaguar cost? history of the company

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How much does a Jaguar cost? history of the company
How much does a Jaguar cost? history of the company

English automobile company Jaguar produces luxury sports cars. Cars of this brand are distinguished by stylish design and excellent technical characteristics. Currently, this company is part of the Indian Tata Motors. Cars are produced in England and India. The company plans to build new factories in China and Saudi Arabia.

Jaguar Story

Jaguar XE

The company was founded in the 20s of the last century. The first company name is Swallow Sidecar. It specialized in the production of motorcycle sidecars. Later, the company began to take orders for the manufacture of car bodies. Leading automotive manufacturers in Europe have begun ordering Swallow Sidecar products. The English firm was making good profits and had an excellent reputation.

In 1927, the company began to create its own cars. In 1931 the company moved from Blackpool to Coventry. This made it possible to expand production. Sports models Jaguar SS90 and Jaguar SS100 were especially popular in the 30s of the last century. During the Second World War, automobile factories receivedmilitary orders and suspended automobile production. In 1948, production of the Jaguar XK120 began. This model became the fastest production car of its time. She accelerated to 126 km/h.

How much does a Jaguar cost

Jaguar F Type

In the 1950s, the company changed its name to Jaguar. The former name (SS) was associated with a fascist organization. In 1956, Jaguar founder William Lyons was awarded a knighthood for his contribution to the development of the English automotive industry. In the 1960s, the Jaguar XK150 and XK150 Roadster models conquered the US market. The company expands production and builds a factory in Browns Lane.

In 1993, the first car of the XJ series was released. Under this series, 17 models were produced. In 2000, the Jaguar team makes its debut in Formula 1 sports racing. In 2006, official car sales begin in Russia.

How much does a Jaguar XE cost? It can be purchased for 4 million rubles. How much does a Jaguar XF cost? For it you will need to pay from 3 to 4 million rubles.

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