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Car winter tires Polar SL Cordiant: reviews, tests, sizes

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Car winter tires Polar SL Cordiant: reviews, tests, sizes
Car winter tires Polar SL Cordiant: reviews, tests, sizes

When choosing winter car tires, each driver focuses on certain of its features. For drivers whose main driving mode is trips within the city, as well as on highways, the main indicators of tire quality are patency on fresh snow and handling on a cleared road. It is these properties that Russian-made rubber called Cordiant Polar SL has. Reviews about it confirm the manufacturer's assurances about the high quality and ability to cope with the difficulties of the harsh Russian climate. In order to understand whether it is worth buying this rubber for a particular area or car, you should familiarize yourself with its main characteristics.

Model in brief

Russian car tires are not always of high quality and service life. However, this modelwas able to break stereotypes through the use of innovative techniques in the manufacturing process, based on many years of research. In the process of creating the tread pattern of the Cordiant Polar SL tire, computer simulation technology was used to simulate various situations that may occur on real roads. This made it possible to correct the location of the tread blocks so that their working surface could perform its function as efficiently as possible.

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Among the main advantages of this rubber is good handling on snowy or icy roads, as well as cross-country ability when driving on loose snow. Thus, it can be used in almost any climate zone.

Main sizes

During the development of the model range, the manufacturer clearly showed the main intended purpose of these tires - use on small and medium-sized passenger cars. That is why on sale you can find tires with a diagonal of 13 to 16 inches, and no more. Each size of the Cordiant Polar SL PW implies the possibility of choosing the required width of the working area and the height of the profile in accordance with the requirements of the car manufacturer. Also on sale you can find models with different speed indexes. When choosing the right tires, you should pay attention to them if aggressive high-speed driving is expected.

In total, this model range includes more than 20 sizes of rubber, which can be installed both on the Soviet "classics" and on modern budgetforeign cars. In some cases, installation on small minivans and crossovers is possible.

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Rubber compound features

Since there are no spikes in this model, the entire impact on grip with the road surface, especially during ice, is taken by the working area of ​​the tread. To make the grip of Cordiant tires confident in such conditions, the manufacturer has developed and patented a new formula of a two-component rubber compound called Smart-Mix. According to official tests, it was the use of the created rubber that made it possible to achieve handling under adverse conditions, maintain the necessary softness during severe frosts and prevent premature wear during thaws.

Specific tread pattern

In order to improve the tire's flotation and enable it to better handle loose snow and slush, the classic symmetrical pattern has been redesigned with an improved center rib. While other manufacturers have a central rib made of blocks, in this case you can see the exact opposite - in the center of the tire is a slot surrounded by two rows of small rectangles. This approach made it possible to improve the directional stability of the Cordiant Polar SL PW 404 tire when driving on snow, since its removal from the contact patch with the track has become more rational.

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The side tread blocks, in turn, have become more massive compared to previous models. bigthe distance between them made it possible to easily overcome areas with a thick snow cover after a snowfall, as well as drive along washed-out dirt roads during a thaw.

Drainage system

Among the main advantages of this rubber is a well-thought-out drainage system. Almost all the slots between the tread blocks have a fairly wide width, which makes the removal of a thick mass of ice chips, snow and water a simple task and allows you to maintain grip on the road surface even during thaws. One of the difficulties that the Cordiant Polar SL winter tire does not overcome so confidently is the ice hidden under the snow porridge - this is already affected by the absence of metal spikes. However, with due care, even such areas can be overcome due to the effective removal of moisture.

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These slots also serve as a temporary storage for snow when driving after heavy snowfalls on a rough road. The snow is pressed into the slots until the wheel spins, which creates additional grip points even if the asph alt surface is not reached. The sipes are effectively cleaned as the wheel rotates, allowing the cycle to be repeated over and over again.

Positive feedback about the model

Official tests, as well as information provided by automotive publications, mostly give dry facts. However, in order to understand how rubber actually behaves in real conditions, it is worth reading the reviews of the Cordiant Polar SL,abandoned drivers. Among the main advantages of this model, they note the following:

  • Low cost. Due to the fact that rubber is produced in Russia, its price is lower than that of competitors brought from abroad. This allows it to be purchased by drivers who do not want to invest too much in their car.
  • Good flotation in deep loose snow. The tread and drainage system of the Cordiant Polar tire is well thought out and handles fresh snow without any problems.
  • Confident handling on clean wet pavement. In cities, roads are often cleaned with reagents, so the road surface is wet even at sub-zero temperatures. Rubber copes with this difficulty without any problems, leaving the driver the opportunity to maneuver without problems if necessary.
  • Low noise level. Thoughtful tread design and the absence of metal studs have reduced the noise level during high-speed traffic, increasing comfort, especially on long trips.
  • Optimal softness. Rubber retains the required elasticity even in severe frosts, but at the same time during thaws it does not become too soft, which could lead to poor handling.
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Negative feature of rubber

However, no matter how hard the manufacturer tries to improve his product, there are some negative aspects. Of the main disadvantages noted by drivers in reviews of the Cordiant Polar SL, the most common is not very confident controlon smooth ice. This problem is a direct consequence of the lack of spikes. If desired, to improve grip on an icy road, you can install the studs yourself, but this will lead to unpleasant noise effects.

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The good durability and durability of these tires make them one of the best choices for those looking to buy one set for multiple seasons. According to reviews of the Cordiant Polar SL, some drivers have used them for 4-5 years with quite a lot of mileage.

Rubber copes well with both city roads and country trips. Its versatility is another plus that those who spend quite a lot of time behind the wheel, such as taxi drivers, can appreciate.

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