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Winter tires Nexen Winguard Spike: owner reviews, test, sizes

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Winter tires Nexen Winguard Spike: owner reviews, test, sizes
Winter tires Nexen Winguard Spike: owner reviews, test, sizes

Winter tires from foreign manufacturers are often valued higher than domestic models. This is due to the increased control in foreign factories, thanks to which the quality and overall performance of tires are significantly improved. One such model is the Nexen Winguard Spike. Reviews about it show that the Korean manufacturer sought, if not to achieve the ideal, then at least get closer to it. In order to understand why drivers love this rubber so much, you should take a closer look at its main features.

Basic information about the model

When developing this rubber, the manufacturer primarily relied on regions where winters are quite hard and harsh. This is evidenced by massive tread elements, spikes installed over the entire surface, as well as an aggressive pattern of the drainage system. The team of chemists did not stand aside either, making changes to the formula of the rubber compound during the development process, thanks to whichshe gained the ability to maintain performance regardless of weather conditions. The result of the collaboration of different teams of professionals was the Nexen Winguard Spike WH62 tire, which is suitable for installation on most types of passenger cars and feels good in the Russian climate.

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Enhanced Options

In addition to the main model line, limited editions were produced, designed to be installed on heavier and larger models. This tire is called Nexen Winguard Spike XL. In addition to the fact that the tires from this series have a significantly larger inner diameter, their main feature is a more reinforced structure. When building a tire of this class, a larger amount of cord is used, which allows it to withstand high loads arising from the large mass of the car itself and more powerful engine torque. This approach of the manufacturer allowed to expand the range of cars whose drivers can use this rubber, almost to infinity. The general list now includes not only simple sedans, coupes, station wagons and minivans, but also pickups, crossovers, SUVs, minibuses and even small trucks with suitable diameter and load parameters.

nexen winguard spike 205 55 r16

Tread pattern

Developing the Nexen Winguard Spike 20555 R16 tire, the manufacturer took the experience of the past years as a basis and modified the classic design in accordance with modern trends. So, the central edge is madenot in the form of a monolithic straight line, but consists of separate massive blocks. This approach made it possible to increase the total number of working edges that provide reliable grip on the road surface. However, the main task of these blocks is to maintain directional stability during high-speed traffic and ensure the strength of the tire structure.

The asymmetric arrangement of individual blocks improved the quality of adhesion to the road surface and made it possible to more efficiently accelerate the car and stop it in the event of an emergency. Omnidirectional edges on the side blocks protect the vehicle from side skid and ensure safe maneuvering at high speeds.

nexen winguard spike xl

Studding according to new standards

Relatively recently, the manufacturers of the Nexen Winguard Spike faced a situation where they had to make a choice - either to abandon the spikes altogether, or to reduce their number. This is due to new regulations that have been adopted in a number of European countries. In the case of the model under consideration, it was decided to leave the metal elements, but reduce their number and arrange more rationally.

The result of this approach is a stud that creates several separate rows and ensures efficient operation at any stage of the wheel revolution, since there is always at least a pair of metal teeth at the point of contact with the track. In order to achieve this effect, both a series of computer studies and testing of experimental variants onspecial testing grounds by conducting special tests Nexen Winguard Spike, proving the effectiveness of the spikes.

Micropump technology

Another distinctive feature was the innovative development, which made it possible to create some kind of suction cups on the surface of the tread blocks. Their task is to remove moisture from the point of contact of the block with the road surface by passing it through special holes. Thus, the operation of the drainage system itself is improved, which makes it possible to more effectively combat the effect of aquaplaning and get rid of excess moisture. When choosing tires for the winter, do not forget about thaws, during which protection against rubber "floating" will be very useful. A side effect was the additional ability to exhibit some Velcro properties when driving on icy surfaces, which, together with the existing spikes, increased traffic safety.

nexen winguard spike wh62

Tube formula modification

As mentioned at the beginning of the article, in order to achieve efficient operation of the tire during frosts, it was necessary to make changes to the already existing formula, according to which winter tires were previously made by the Korean brand. As a major change, it was decided to use more synthetic components and silica, which could provide increased elasticity during frost.

Natural rubber, which increases the strength of rubber and protects it from damage, did not stand aside. Forto improve the bond between natural and synthetic components, a common technique was used to use silicic acid, which reduces abrasion and extends the life of rubber. According to reviews of the Nexen Winguard Spike, the development team was able to make a tire that could perform well in extreme cold without wearing out excessively during thaws.

nexen winguard spike test

Increasing controllability

In winter, you often have to maneuver to avoid danger on the road. It can be represented by a piece of ice that has fallen off from a tractor in front, or an oncoming car struggling with skidding. So that the maneuvers do not lead to sad consequences, the manufacturer has taken a number of measures to increase the side hitch coefficient. One such measure is the location of a cord of synthetic elements in the area of ​​the breaker. This approach significantly increased the stiffness of the tire and allowed it to confidently maintain its shape, which, in turn, ensured reliable control and responsiveness to commands coming from the steering rack.

The second feature is the specially thought-out arrangement of the tread blocks, in which the load is distributed evenly and does not allow neighboring blocks to close together, which would lead to the closing of the edges and reduce their efficiency. Interacting with each other, the blocks align the direction of the load, which allows you to avoid the breakdown of the car into a skid.

nexen winguard spike manufacturer

Positivemodel reviews

In order to put together the most complete picture, you should consider the reviews left by ordinary drivers. They will help to see how the rubber behaves not at the training ground, but in the conditions of real domestic roads. Among the main positive aspects in reviews of the Nexen Winguard Spike, the following are most often noted:

  • High coefficient of adhesion to the surface even in severe frosts. According to the drivers, even at temperatures overboard below 15-20 degrees below zero, the rubber retains the ability to work with maximum efficiency and show its dynamic characteristics.
  • Acceptable softness. The level of elasticity is calculated by the manufacturer in such a way that the rubber does not “double” in the cold, but at the same time retains its shape during strong thaws.
  • Reliable fastening of spikes. As practice has shown, this model requires almost no off-season maintenance, since even with an aggressive driving style, the studs are almost never lost.
  • Nice appearance. The tires in question can be an ornament to any car, as they have a non-trivial design and can express the mood of the vehicle owner.
  • Maximum noise reduction. The manufacturer tried, despite the use of spikes, to reduce the level of hum and other unpleasant moments that arise due to the contact of the rubber working surface with the road surface. Thanks to this, it can be used even on cars with mediocre sound insulation.

As you can see from this list, the modelturned out to be very successful. However, before you make the final decision on its purchase and complete the selection of tires for your car, you should also familiarize yourself with some of the disadvantages.

nexen winguard spike price

Negative qualities

Among the main disadvantages, many drivers primarily note the high softness during extreme thaws. Therefore, you should think twice before purchasing it for operation in the southern regions, where thaws are common during the winter season. This softness, combined with a rather high profile, leads to reduced handling and can be dangerous. Usually this situation only occurs when the temperature outside rises to 10 degrees Celsius.

The second disadvantage noted in the reviews of the Nexen Winguard Spike is the rather deep location of the spikes, which leads to a decrease in their efficiency. However, it is precisely because of this that they are lost much less often, so this is more a consequence, and not a direct disadvantage.

Otherwise, most drivers are satisfied with inexpensive tires. The price of Nexen Winguard Spike for a set of 4 cylinders starts on average from 11-12 thousand rubles, which allows them to be classified as budget options. And in combination with good durability, choosing this model guarantees good savings, since such an investment will have to be made only once for several seasons.

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