Bas alt oil filters: reviews, quality, characteristics and analogues

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Bas alt oil filters: reviews, quality, characteristics and analogues
Bas alt oil filters: reviews, quality, characteristics and analogues

The oil filter is a device that no modern vehicle can do without. It allows you to clean the lubricant intended for the engine and related parts, as well as extend the life of the engine block. The Bas alt oil filter is similar in design to conventional devices. However, it differs in a different principle of operation. If you install it on a car, when will the effect be noticeable? Just a couple of weeks after using the Bas alt oil filter.


The Samara enterprise of the same name is known in the field of production and development of auto parts, consumables, made using the latest technologies. This is confirmed by numerous certificates and patents. Many works of the company's engineers were highly appreciated at international exhibitions, confirming their compliance with international standards.


Oil filters "NPK Bas alt" were developed specifically to protect engines in harsh environments. Russian winter. They are highly reliable, which is why they are so popular among drivers who care about the long working life of their cars.

How to distinguish from a fake

Unfortunately, in the modern car market you can find not only original filter elements, but also crafts. In order to distinguish real Bas alt filters, you need to know the following features:

  1. Each product has a special marking, it indicates the date of production and the number of the product.
  2. Anti-drain valve is made of durable steel band, which has undergone additional heat treatment. This material is capable of operating at high temperatures up to 200°C.
  3. In the side part there are complex edges that will be needed to install the filter on the car.
  4. The end part of the case is provided with an inscription denoting the trademark of the Baz alt enterprise.
  5. The lid has stamped elements for the O-ring.
  6. The outside of the case is made of sheet iron, which was produced using the cold stamping method.
filter design
filter design

All these signs help to distinguish the original filter from the counterfeit one and thereby extend the life of the power plant. Those who want to provide the engine with a long service life should install a Bas alt oil filter on the car. The photo also shows that it differs from others in structure. First of all, the difference lies in the parallel arrangement of the anti-drainage and bypass valves. During a cold start, the oil will circulate inside a clean filter element without coming into contact with a dirty cavity. All dirt remains in the Bas alt oil filter. Reviews from drivers of foreign cars and domestic cars confirm this.

Working principle

Among motorists, such a detail as an oil filter is commonly called the “engine liver”. It helps to clean engine oil from impurities, soot, rust. In addition, it filters fine metal particles and products resulting from fuel combustion. After oil enters the engine system from the crankcase, contaminants are washed off the surface of the parts - chips and sealant residues. 80-90% of these impurities will settle on the oil pan. Chip particles will remain on the surface of the oil pickup screen.

principle of operation
principle of operation

Any motorist will confirm that when replacing used oil, there are many microparticles in the filter that come into contact with metal parts and make it difficult for the engine to work. That is why no power plant will function without a filter element.

During the start-up in the autumn-winter period, if a simple filter is used, cold oil is driven along with small particles through the vertical filter element. The power unit is not sufficiently protected from dirt and impurities. Therefore, when installing a conventional filter, you have to change the oil much more often.

If the driver installs the Bas alt oil filter, then when the engine is cold started, the bypass valve located at the bottom prevents the oil from passing throughvertical cleaning elements. After the engine has picked up speed and warmed up, the bypass device closes automatically. The heated oil is cleaned and enters the power plant without dirt and harmful impurities.

Where to install

Most often, Bas alt oil filters are used on almost all models on foreign cars. The only exceptions are those where frameless devices are provided. Although the manufacturer recommends the use of such filters on domestic vehicles. They are versatile devices.

Motorists who have used these devices on different car models confirm that after applying this filter, the oil has to be changed less often. This means that the performance of the power plant increases, regardless of the type of motor. This is due to the fact that less various impurities of particles get inside the motor.

In order to establish whether it is possible to use the Bas alt oil filter for VAZ, you need to go to the manufacturer's website and enter the full name of the vehicle. You should enter data in the search bar with the year of manufacture and body type. The Samara firm is interested in positive responses from the clients. Therefore, if the filtering device is incompatible with a particular brand of machine, this will be indicated on a separate page. Then it is better to choose one of the analogues of the Bas alt oil filter.


The device has a more compact size compared to an ordinary filter unit. Comprisesthe following details:

  • durable metal body;
  • bypass valve;
  • anti-drainage or check valve;
  • end piece;
  • filter block;
  • caps.
filter paper
filter paper

In the block designed to filter the oil while the engine is running, there is a dense material made of high-strength fibers. It is assembled in the form of an accordion. The plates in it are arranged vertically. Despite the large size, the throughput of this part of the filter is very high, as motorists using the Bas alt oil filter have repeatedly written about. In the reviews, they emphasize the good performance of this component.

Other stats include:

  • gasket diameter 71.5mm;
  • filter element area – 0.12 sq. m;
  • thread - 3/4″ - 16;
  • case diameter - 75 mm;
  • part height – 65.


As the main advantage of the Bas alt oil filter, the manufacturer indicates the convenient location of the valves - the bypass and shut-off valves do not allow viscous oil to pass through the contaminated cylinder cavity and wash away impurities and chips from the walls. They are located in parallel. Among other advantages of using the Bas alt filter indicate:

  1. Quality materials. For example, the filter paper used in this product is made by the Italian company AHLSTROM, which makes it more durable.
  2. Ability to withstand hightemperature. Even when the motor warms up to 200 degrees, the anti-drain valve continues to function normally.
  3. Small size without compromising superior throughput.
  4. Ability to start the car in cold weather without fear of negative effects on the engine.
  5. Protect the power plant from dust and dirt particles.
  6. Low cost.
filter comparison
filter comparison

Describing the benefits, the manufacturing company always compares its devices with foreign counterparts. They have a higher price, although they cannot boast of such a resource of work. The Bas alt oil filter, according to many motorists, is a reliable and durable device that copes with the tasks assigned to it.


Sometimes, when the engine is running intensively, various problems with the oil filter may occur. Experts indicate the following problems:

  • appearance of dark exhaust;
  • deterioration of engine performance;
  • lower or higher oil pressure.

All of these malfunctions require preliminary diagnosis before it can be established what caused them. Unlike a simple device, the Bas alt oil filter does not clog. This is due to the parallel rather than series design of the valves. In addition, here the shut-off (anti-drainage) element is made of metal, while in ordinary filters there are rubber parts that quickly fail.

If the exhaust pipe startsdark smoke coming out, it's time to change the oil along with the filter compartment. When the oil pressure changes or the engine starts to run worse, this indicates that the oil filter has failed. Then you should disassemble this device, determine the cause of its malfunction and replace it if necessary.

Work resource

The duration of the oil filter "Bas alt" depends on many factors. These include:

  • maintenance intervals set by the vehicle manufacturer;
  • number of kilometers that the driver "winds" daily;
  • owner's driving style;
  • brand of oil used.
adding oil
adding oil

The last item on the list is very important. Be sure to select a lubricant that matches the type of engine and season. Usually, the technical documentation of the machine indicates the brand of oil intended for a particular car model. Using it, the driver extends the life of the engine and filter.

It is recommended to change the oil at the same time as the Bas alt filter after the car has driven 15,000 km. If you follow these tips, then the motor resource increases by 20-30%.


In the modern car market, you can find filter devices from different manufacturers. However, most drivers still give their votes to the Bas alt oil filter. Analogues differ from it in size, structure and principle of operation, although they perform the same function -purification of oil from impurities. Among the companies that produce filters along with this device are:

  • Bosch;
  • Auto-aggregate;
  • SCT;
  • Belmag;
  • Mann;
  • BIG filter;
  • Good Will.

The range of different filter components supplied by Russian and foreign manufacturers is simply huge. There are about 150 types of oil filters on the list. All companies perform a rigorous check of the elements before starting their production. However, the cost of most foreign oil filters (like "Bas alt") is unbearable for a simple consumer.

These devices are valve-in-sequence, so when starting the power plant in cold weather, they will pass chip particles through them, causing engine wear. In addition, they do not allow full lubrication at a time when the oil temperature is less than 80 degrees, so the advantage of the Bas alt oil filter over analogues is obvious.


After studying the messages of motorists who describe their experience, it becomes clear that most of them are satisfied with the results of using the Bas alt oil filter. In the reviews, car owners express their gratitude to the Samara scientists who managed to invent a new device that extends the life of the engine.


Filters from NPK Bas alt, after many years of successful use, have earned the recognition of Russian motorists. beautifulperformance and robust design puts them on a par with world analogues. The device received the best reviews after being used on domestic cars. Oil filters "Bas alt" for "Grants", "Largus", "Priora" and other Russian cars will help keep the engine running longer.