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Oil filters - all about them

Oil filters - all about them
Oil filters - all about them

The oil filter is the most important device, the absence or clogging of which threatens to premature failure of the internal combustion engine. Not a single modern car can do without this spare part. Let's look at what it consists of and what function it performs.

oil filters

Engine oil cleaning process

Every car enthusiast knows that engine oil is a lubricant that ensures the smooth operation of the piston group. Also, this liquid cools all engine parts, cleaning them of small specks and dust, which can cause considerable harm to the motor, up to the point that a major overhaul is required. Therefore, in order for all engine components to work smoothly, special oil filters are used.


Their main purpose is to effectively clean engine oil from foreign objects such as soot, dust and so on. Modern oil filters perform a similar function, but differ somewhat in their design and degree of purification. These characteristics are often reflected in the price - sometimes the difference is inrepeatedly. And before you buy, for example, a VAZ oil filter, you should know its design and principle of operation. It is useful to ask what qualities he should have.

What are oil filters made of?

This spare part consists of a valve system, the filter element itself and, of course, a housing in which all these parts are located. Its design resembles a glass with a large hole in it. The path of oil purification passes through it.

vaz oil filter

Working principle

Despite their simple design, oil filters have a rather complex principle of operation, consisting of several stages:

  1. Engine oil passes through the filter element and then returns to the lubrication system.
  2. The bypass valve allows fluid to bypass the filter element when the filter is excessively dirty. The car starts to move poorly and this is a reminder to change the filter.
  3. The non-return valve prevents engine oil from escaping from the reservoir when the engine is off. This is a very important point, since if this mechanism malfunctions, there is a risk of oil leakage from the piston group. In this case, the effect of dry friction of the pistons occurs. After 3-4 seconds of such engine operation, it simply stops, as almost all of its components are damaged. This is a very serious breakdown, sometimes even a major overhaul is not able to resume the operation of the motor.

Today, all global manufacturers produce oil filters of the followingtypes:

  1. Non-separable type. If it breaks, you need to purchase the whole structure.
  2. Replacement option. In this case, you do not need to buy a new filter - just buy a replacement cartridge (oil filter remover).
  3. oil filter puller

About replacement resource

At the moment, many companies use modern production technologies using the latest materials. High-quality filters withstand an operating life of approximately 35-50 thousand kilometers. Defective or counterfeit goods serve no more than 5-10 thousand km.

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